What This is About

no more CORNER

I began thinking about doing something like this some time ago. The exact amount I do not know. I just noticed that this rhymes. this will not happen all the time. OK OK .. no more of this Dr. Suess thing, it is too tempting and too dark a path. But alas, why did I begin this blog thing you ask? I am glad you did.

I thought to myself, You like to write. You have opinions. You like to write opinions at times. And you are curious about how this whole blog thing works anyway so why not try and make one. The first few attempts I tried various free Blogs. There are limitations in them and certain aspects of blogging, like any attempt to publicize of make an income that supports the time you put into it, seem more difficult by the completely free route. This time I bit the bullet and paid a modest fee to host this to IPAGE.com and then added wordpress. This has worked very well thus far and there are plenty of options available that are both functional and free to get you started. I fully support paying for things that improve my experience and look and all aspects of this experience but I am cautious about doing so until I see how it all works. For the time being I am very much at the beginning of a steep learning curve and, with all the options available right now it seems hard to know where I would get the best bang for my buck.

Anyway, I think, after writing that paragraph I see a how to blog blog in my future. But that aside. I did this the help the middle. There are two very loud, very vocal, very extreme views in this nation on the far left and the far right. They drown out the middle. Like most people I am probably a little conservative on some views and a little liberal on others but they balance somewhat and I consider myself center. This means that at any given time I can certainly sound  like I drift in either direction because of my disagreement with the opposite wing but that is temporary.

Right now this is an attempt to pass information I happen upon that I feel is interesting or useful in some way. Information that dominates the news and the public discourse will always be here. Hopefully some of this information is interesting to readers as well. If anyone has any ideas that they think should be included please feel free to let me know. I promise to give them thought.

Thank you:

Kevin Hartranft