We must rethink the adjectives we use to define ourselves.

Humans, more often than not, are fighting, not for knowledge, but to validate beliefs, to support knowledge they falsely believe they already possess. In this manner they march out onto the battlefield that is the world of politics, and religion, and so many other subjects we hold dear, and they fall like the broken little soldiers they have … Continue reading

FEED ME DONALD!!! Little Shop of Horrors running for the White House!!

Trump, to me and many in this world, is a prime example of where thoughts go to die. His mind is the secret burial ground where once elephants passed and now we find the rotting corpses of common sense and decency. His picture appears in the dictionary as the definition for moot as, all that … Continue reading

Zombies at the Gate – Trump and his People

It pains me to type this but Trump is now the republican nominee for president of the United States of America. He has not won this with anything approaching a demonstration of ability to do the job. One would be mistaken however, to dismiss the methods that have gotten him here, and that he will … Continue reading

Do Not Play Politics With 9/11

One of the things I see as holding our nation back is the desire or everyone to play the blame game and it’s companion the credit game. Liberals love to list all the bad things the conservatives do and the conservatives like to list all the ills perpetrated by the liberals. Another song frequently sung … Continue reading

We fight so hard for our limitations, maybe we deserve them.

Day in and day out the individual screams to be exactly that. Countless online memes and comments about their particular snowflake like quality, their unique understanding of that which surrounds them, permeate the internet’s vast array of social media outlets. “I am special, I am unique, I am the butterfly emerged beautiful and delicate from … Continue reading

Right Wing Hypocrisy: Bathroom Laws Save Kids While They Defend Hastert

I am hearing from republicans that there is a safety issue in bathrooms in North Carolina. I am told by the right wingers that child safety is paramount as they feel there are scores and scores, possibly more, of transgender people entering bathrooms and locker rooms and harming children. On top of that there are, … Continue reading

The Two Party System Has Worn Out Its Welcome

All kidding aside, what is it America wants for America? What future are we in search of as we stumble, drop, and roll our way through this atrocious election cycle? Most of America seems to acknowledge the candidates are appalling. We all seem to know the game is rigged. We acknowledge a need to remove … Continue reading

Spirituality Can Not Be A Mandate

It is my feeling that each person in this nation should have the absolute right to participate in, create, join, or invent whatever belief system, or lack thereof, makes them happy, as long as this belief system brings no harm, or pain, or oppression, to other human beings. It isn’t a complex feeling so I … Continue reading