Days of the Dominoes

When we are young we are immortal. We take risks as we heal quickly, recover well. Our parents are still young and vital. We look to them for answers as they seem, at least to us, to have them all. But as we age, as they age, perspective changes as we march inexorably to the end … Continue reading

The Fallacy of Choice

I have seen a great number of memes and posts regarding the fallacy of choice of late in regards to the current election cycle. The fallacy they refer to is dependent upon the person posting I am sure. If you are a Bernie person the fallacy likely likes in the pretend democratic process of electing … Continue reading

The Republican base knows not how to think, only what to think

I have been trying very hard to summon up some kind of emotion, some kind of love or hatred for politics in the last week or more. I tell you I am exhausted. How many times can one write that Trump is a bag of hot air only to have it fall on deaf ears? … Continue reading

We no longer vote for, but rather against.

The election of not is upon us. This week we romp through the disaster that has been the republican convention and, to no one’s surprise, we have nominated a Trump. We have listened to 2 days of speeches. Speeches normally about policy, normally about why the republican brand is worthy of your vote. We have … Continue reading

Trump on Parade: Narcissism 101

So a year ago Trump entered the race for the presidency of these United States. A year ago we all laughed. I am not alone in admitting I thought it a joke but, a year later, like herpes, what started off as a mildly enjoyable moment of pleasure remains with us, possibly forever. Trump won the … Continue reading

Is Trump a Racist ?

There are many in the republican party joining the chorus of left wingers in their labeling of Donald Trump as a racist in the wake of his recent tirade against a judge of mexican descent. The republicans are terribly late to the party as he started his racist remarks in and around the time he … Continue reading

R.I.P. Republican Party

There is an awakening taking place across the media outlets and more level headed people in this nation calling themselves republican. They have labored under the delusion that they can call themselves the party of Lincoln and it means something. In fact what they say is we are the party of Lincoln and Reagan with … Continue reading

SETI – Are We Qualified For This Search?

SETI is the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, a somewhat spectacular endeavor if I must say so. It presumes a number of things not necessarily accurate for instance. First I would think it presumes we have the ability to define life. I am not certain we do. Sure we can look around at the walking, talking, bags … Continue reading