Zombies at the Gate – Trump and his People


It pains me to type this but Trump is now the republican nominee for president of the United States of America. He has not won this with anything approaching a demonstration of ability to do the job. One would be mistaken however, to dismiss the methods that have gotten him here, and that he will use in his campaign as it progresses.

download (2)Hilary is not equipped for the Trump train. She is not ready for the zombie apocalypse, and make no mistake, the Trump train is the zombie apocalypse. After all a zombie is a half dead human mucking about with no active brain matter. The zombie does not eat, sleep, blink, cough, or breathe, the zombie is without even base autonomic functions, or a need for them. This is the base Trump supporter. In many ways this is Trump himself except for the combover, zombies don’t care about combovers.

Daily he demonstrates for all to see exactly how he gets things done, exactly how he has become what we recognize as Donald trump. And sure, he was given a monster leg up in with daddy money and clout but he made it more I suppose. How he does it is he walks in and tells everyone there he is the greatest, and yes, he believes it. He tells them it will get done. He lies. If any of these things later do not come to pass he makes a new plan that he will assure you he saw coming all along, as he is the greatest.

042916coletoonI watched the talking heads this morning discuss the direction the Trump campaign needs to head in. Embrace the party elite, confront Hilary policies directly, act like a human being. When I finished laughing I changed the channel. I am amazed time and again that these supposed political minds cannot see what is in front of them. Trump will do nothing different than he is already doing. He owns the RNC as he is the nominee. He owes them nothing and will not make peace in any way. He cares nothing about policies and his supporters care nothing for policies. They want to hear him bellow about how stupid everyone is but himself and his people. Trump will give them that time and again. Trump will give them headlines and bombast. They will feed on it like vampires in a blood bank.

Trump’s secret isn’t a secret, has not been a secret for some time. This nation, this world, has a huge segment of humans that love twitter. They love social media, and they grew up on sitcoms on TV. They love the one line comeback. They can listen to a dissertation on the makeup of the universe by Stephen Hawking and if one heckler says “Yeah, Like A Black Holes Man, You Suck!!!” the place will buckle at the knees in an effort to stop from collapsing from laughter. They will ignore everything said by the person in the room with a brain and say, seriously, that “Hawking just got schooled man!”

This is the level of discourse these people are accustomed to. This is the level of discourse they expect from Trump. And this is the level of discourse they will get from Trump because, it is all Trump has to offer them. Put simply we live in an illiterate society. They barely think, barely function, barely exist, and are immensely proud of all of it. Challenge their opinion to hear an insult. Challenge their belief, or the source thereof, and you may get hit.

120315coletoonI watched Trump this morning from in front of some microphone somewhere. He spoke of all the things he was going to do, and some of the things he hopes for. His speech was filled with stuff like “well, you know we have bad people, doing terrible things,” and “you know that there are people, the worst kind of people, that do not want things to move in a direction that is good,” and “we need to make this country, well, you know chuck, there was a time when this country was good and now we have lost that.” Now nowhere in the speech did he say what good was or bad was or who the bad guys are or good guys or anything really. Not one piece of specific information has been passed.

It is like when you read a Stephen King novel. The creature is amorphous enough to allow for your imagination to fill in the blanks. Your imagination is what makes it all work. It is also why, when they make Stephen King creatures into something tangible in a movie they disappoint. The movie makers have to produce a real thing and it doesn’t live to what you had in mind. The same pitfall will eventually befall Trump.

Eventually he will have to actually do something, say something, that is real, tangible, has facts in it. Maybe not until he is, God forbid, elected, but the day will come if that happens. When it does the beast will disappoint. The bad people will not match those the KKK supporters imagined, the good people will not be so, the greatness of America will not be what was imagined by the maddening crowd.

I will say though that till that day comes Trump will garner applause for the dick joke while Hilary is talking about actual things that the government has and can actually do. This is her weak spot in this race. She has a brain and this will not serve her in any way against the Trump supporter.

The dick joke loving, one liner spouting, supporter of Trump cares nothing about the actual role a government plays on a local or national, or international stage. “Bomb ISIS!” “YAAYYYY!!!” “Build a WALL!!!” “YAAAY!!” “The complex nature of the situation in Syria and Iraq, where Isis currently sits, is such that we have to be very careful about how we approach any incursion into that area.” “WHHHAAAATTTTTT?????”

images (4)There are those that claim they love Trump because he “tells it like it is,” but, he doesn’t. When he speaks you might as well be reading today’s astrology report for your sign. Today you will come into money, today you will find love, today we will make America great again. Some say “he is a business man and the government is a business,” but this argument falls short. While I will agree aspects of the government are business like I will add that many are not. Business exists to profit. It exists to generate an income for the people involved in it, a lucrative one if at all possible. Government exists, is supposed to exist, for the good of the people and the nation. Government should be perfectly happy to break even. Government is there for its citizens, maybe not to better their lives but to manage the things in their lives that make society exist and function. This is not the role of a business in any way.

Business is designed to claw, scratch, poison, destroy, to do anything and everything short of getting caught, to generate profit. Business has the ability to fire and hire people involved in it based on their ability to help or hurt the business. Business answers to no one if it is actually good at doing its job. Business buys politics to make way for those horrible things it does. Government is not business though it often acts like it is.

I will admit though I do love the walking dead, I watch it religiously. I think though that people make the mistake of thinking the walking dead are the zombies. I think that, like Trump supporters, the zombies are pylons in a dystopian world. They are mindless drones to step around or destroy. Even if the zombie supporters of Trump vote him in they will never be cognizant of their error any more than the walking dead version is of being permanently impaled. These supporters barely dress themselves and often do so only in an effort to get out of the house to hate their neighbor.

Michael Traynor as Nicholas and Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Michael Traynor as Nicholas and Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The real walking dead on the show, in my opinion, are the survivors, those with still functioning grey matter. They have to watch the horror around them as they die a little every day. They surrender more and more of their humanity in an effort to make the best of the horrible state they find themselves in. This is the Hilary supporter as it is the supporter of nearly every republican candidate other than Trump. The thinking human concerned for information and policies and reality left to gape in horror as friend and family are slowly chipped away by the mindless zombie hoard. The walking dead are the ones left alive by the passing throng of zombies.

The thing I will be watching over the coming months is how Hilary handles the insults, and the garbage rhetoric Trump will throw her way. I mean, while I accept Hilary has not dealt with a Trump before, I also accept that Trump has not dealt with a Hilary before. The republican machine has been insulting, accusing, and dragging her and her family through the mud for decades. She will not collapse because of a few Trumpisms as have the republicans before her. She has seen worse.

Buckle up as we have a lady with a mind against and man with anything but. It is wheel of fortune VS jeopardy. It is Mensa vs reality TV. It is anyone’s guess as to how it plays out. One can only hope in the end that we do not hand the United States over to a reality TV star but Mensa has fewer supporters. .




Do Not Play Politics With 9/11

download (1)One of the things I see as holding our nation back is the desire or everyone to play the blame game and it’s companion the credit game. Liberals love to list all the bad things the conservatives do and the conservatives like to list all the ills perpetrated by the liberals. Another song frequently sung by both parties is the credit version where the parties tout their achievements in the face of their opposition. Some of these may be valid, others not so much, but in the end it gets quite tedious and certainly childish because in the games we play the real point is lost.

We are supposed to celebrate achievements for the nation as a nation, we are also supposed to be upset about failures in the same way, but one small thing gets in the way. What is an achievement for one segment of society is often deemed a failure for another segment of society. There is though, at least one issue where we should be Americans, united in a single cause, a single purpose, and that is 9/11 and the surrounding events.

Today I was confronted on social media on a liberal site when I challenged their desire to take credit for the death of Bin Laden as a democratic/Obama victory. I merely said it is not an issue to play politics with and received polite corrections explaining the vast ills of the republican party and how they would not hesitate to use it politically of they had the ability. In fact they had condemned the administrations handling of the event I was told.

The replies were not especially rude but they seemed to miss my point so I explained a bit further my point that there are things that should remain out of the realm of playing gamesmanship and it makes someone no better than their opposition to sink to the level of that opposition.

Again I was chastised politely for failing to understand the low levels the republicans were willing to sink to. It seems that the general feeling was that if the republicans are going to behave thus then the only viable option was to demean ourselves by reciprocating. To wit I reiterated that, while I am quite willing to call the republicans out on a host of issues including their never ending Benghazi committee, the Iraq war, their complete lack of concern for the women, minorities, and LGBT people of this nation, and a list so very long I have no time or desire to create it. I added that this particular one, 9/11, and the capture and kill of Bin Laden, was not one of those issues.

JS003391-PI am not certain if it is because Memorial Day approaches, or because because I grew up in Waterloo, NY, which is the birthplace of Memorial Day as I am told. One I am painfully aware of, the other only marginally so, but one thing I am certain of is this tired game of politics absolutly needs to get shut down on certain issues and this is one.

The planes crashed into three buildings that day. One was a political building house democrats and republicans alike, the other two were places of trade for the world housing all manner of people, some were white, black, asian, latino, I know not the specifics. Many were from other nations as they were world trade centers. Likely some of these people were straight, gay, lesbian, affluent, poor, christian, jew, muslim, in short because too many adjectives are involved, they were humans, and they were Americans or on American soil.

No one shirked their responsibility in an effort to help or save people. No one checked their ID to see of they were the sex they were born with, or what religion they practiced or politics they followed. They saved them if they could. Many they could not.

In the end to play political games with such a thing is a travesty as I see it. It makes a mockery of who we are supposed to be as Americans. I have heard various politicians at various times bring it up for what I deem incorrect reasons. I will not speak to them individually as it is a personal issue for us to deal with as we see fit. I will say I will not use it anywhere because, in a world where I hold very little sacred, this is an exception.

On 9/11 and on the day that Bin Laden was captured and killed in some order, we should all be Americans. Nothing more, nothing less. A task was required and the next man up was going to accomplish it.

Happy Memorial Day – not today but soon ….

We fight so hard for our limitations, maybe we deserve them.

downloadDay in and day out the individual screams to be exactly that. Countless online memes and comments about their particular snowflake like quality, their unique understanding of that which surrounds them, permeate the internet’s vast array of social media outlets. “I am special, I am unique, I am the butterfly emerged beautiful and delicate from the chrysalis!” And yet most of these same people, the snowflakes, the butterflies, whine like colicky infants if one attempts to change their world in even a minor way. They throw their tantrum if one so much as changes the perception they have of the world.

It is an old saying that if you fight hard enough for you limitations, sure enough, they are yours. It is a matter of course that we the people do exactly that. Often the outcry comes from any manner of groups, or entities, saying they have been wronged, their beliefs violated. It happened when this nation abolished slavery. It happened when this nation gave women rights and the vote. It happened during the civil rights movement and when mixed race marriage started to occur with regularity. It is happening now with the LGBT people and their desire to live as normal humans among us without discrimination.

chains_by_live2die69Those opposing fight for their chains though. They cry that to alter their view, their world, their neighborhood, is to violate that which they hold near and dear, the sanctity of the family, the very words of the God they follow. A nation in turmoil ensues as the loudest members of each side take up arms of some kind in an effort to tamp down the change, or support it, as the case may be.

What should be asked is why. Why do we fight so hard as a people to keep that which holds us in place? Why do we define ourselves into corner after corner? Corners leave people with no options, no choices, no reasonable means of escape and yet we choose them time and again.

Society, at its inception, needed to define itself. It needed to justify its existence and create clear boundaries for behavior. When your society is 10 families in a cave in the paleolithic era you likely have some pretty convincing reasons to agree on what those boundaries are. The bottom line is the dawn of social behavior among early humans was the dawn of definition. Even before speaking, and language, and writing, there are certain understandings that must be met in order to promote survival of the social group. Animals do this daily all around us. The group exists solely for the purpose of the survival of the members.


We then began to speak and write but more important, we began to define. We began to create a series of beliefs, and ideologies, that may have, at their inception, been guiding lights to civilization. Your job in this time, was to survive. Unemployment was at 0% as dead people do not count on the rolls. No grand concepts of economics, and banking, and investing were in play. You got things, you used things, you had things, that is all really. Likely you owned only what you could carry in a pinch as everything else was expendable.

Gods likely grew out of a desire to explain that which they could not, but also to keep the new society in line. To protect the group a vast array of superstitions and beliefs likely cropped up regarding all manner of things mother nature had to throw their way.

13043453_1323500874357065_5821566647218022750_nHumans are nothing if not enterprising little pains in the rear though. While one generation is pleased with keeping the family safe and fed the next generation will feel foolish if it does not, at least in some small way, add to the understanding of the group. This, in their eyes, adds to the prosperity and safety of said group but it also adds to the mountain of rules and definitions. Long story short, definitions, rules, and ideologies, piled upon definitions, rules, and ideologies. The red tape of humanity abounds.

In time civilizations have risen and fallen, entire subsets and sets of humans have come and gone, each leaving a small amount of themselves and their definitions to subsequent civilizations. Basically the backlog of definitions, rules, guidelines, ideologies, religions, belief systems, is now staggering. The notion that we have absolute original thought in any of these areas is preposterous. That we take from the past and the present and combine old ideas to produce seemingly new ones is likely far more accurate.

If you think of this in terms of what we argue for, what we vent on, what we embrace, and what we exclude, you should begin to see that we have made our own prison, forged our own chains, designed and supported our own limitations, whatever analogy works for you. We have defined ourselves into corner after corner until our flexibility is lost. Our ability to embrace a new system is in question not just because we have difficulty creating new systems but because we cling to our comfortable chains.


Over the years the chains have grown heavy indeed. Where once we awoke to the new day and gathered food, water, wood, ensured shelter, and made little copies of ourselves during the hours of the day when there was light, now we have an economy, we have jobs, and families, and bills, and events to attend, and free time to deal with on a 24/7 schedule loaded with stress. Where once we went to the woods, found an animal, killed it, prepared it, and we were fed. Today we get a job, wait for a paycheck, see the paycheck ripped up by taxes, create a bank account, cash the check to revive money, purchase food, prepare the food, and finally eat. Where once we awoke the next day knowing the woods were there and the animals were within to repeat the previous day’s process. Today we awake the next day to hope we still are employed, check the economy to make sure the money you earn is still worth what it was yesterday, is there a drought in Florida or California effecting food prices and supply, is there an imminent political change effecting the economy as a whole? But, if you break it all down we are still those cave dwellers. We have the exact same goals as we did then.

We still wish to feed and clothe and shelter our family. We wish to make little copies of ourselves. We wish to make them safe in this big bad world. The main difference is we have created a maze, we have defined the corners, we have forged the chains that make our lives frustrating and stressful and intolerable in a misguided effort to make our lives safer, happier, and full of freedom.

monarch-emergingIt is you that chose a political ideology and therefore you that can abandon it or change it. It is you that chose a God, and a religion, and therefore it is you that can change or abandon it. It is you that chose which rules you accepted. Yes, we have been brainwashed since birth to sit up straight, say the right thing, worship the right God, accept the right system, as your parents before you did, as their parents before them also did. Yes these things now seem to be absolute truths. Why would they seem otherwise as you have heard them day in and day out since your creation. It would be silly to deny that the sun exists as you have seen it your whole life, why would you deny these other things as well?

You should deny them because they do not exist. We have people labeled extremists in this country that often say they do not believe we should have to pay taxes. They stop short of the truth, the very economy itself is a fraud. Religion is a fraud, politics is a fraud. The list goes on and on and on. No, I am not saying that there is no such thing as religion or politics, what I am saying is that what we think of as religion and politics is so far from their purpose, their original design and function, that for all intents and purposes they do not exist.

What-is-it-to-be-humanOnce a system is in place for as long as these systems have been in place they actually exist to perpetuate the system. The system itself is a given to those people within it and therefore the system works, and is useful, in their eyes. They will vote, preach, pray, support, and garner followers, to the system. One can argue at this point whether they gather these followers and support these systems for selfless or selfish reasons, I am sure both types exist, along with others. But the system is the true God, the system is the behemoth, and the system is generations upon generations of definitions, rules, ideologies, religions, Gods, and all manner of chains we have invented.

If you combine this with the fact that we are no longer a cave of ten families with the same goals, and same desires of survival. Instead today we are billions strong worldwide and 350 million or so here in the United States. These numbers no longer allow for a single mindset, a single purpose, a single goal. How can one expect 350 million people to agree about a system when 3 people together argue for all day about the toppings for their pizza.

e879da1d1caaa47ee58eb7cda2bd0ae7When I hear people say they want to chuck it all and live in a log cabin by the picturesque lake I wonder if they really mean it. What I think they mean is I want the trappings of this life I enjoy to come with me, I just want to lose the stress. To me that stress though is the trappings. We have created a society so complex, so mind boggling, that we need experts in tiny aspects of it to guide us. We need accountants, and economists, and bankers, and traders, and all manner of various specialties just to pretend to function within the economy. With all this a common and accepted notion is that no one really knows why it gets bad or good, no one really understand the economy as a whole. I have seen the evolution of just such a system firsthand in the computer field.

When I joined the computer industry in the early 90’s it was really just taking off. It was becoming mainstream in households and expanding and changing in the business world. Mainframes were already routine for some time, as were terminals and workstations, but the complexity and possibilities were just launching. What the field required at the time was someone, anyone, that knew how to keep these things functioning. That was where we came in.

We had been using the computers for games mostly but we knew how to build them, repair them, network them, write programs for them. They hired us in droves. Degrees in any particular aspect of this field barely existed and those that did were in programming mostly. Reluctantly they accepted our lack of degrees and signed our paychecks. They were very nice to us as we held their companies data in our hands and minds. However, humans are not good at leaving well enough alone and definitions, rules, guidelines, all needed to be created because that is how humans do things.

Molecular-Clock-74544Specialties began cropping up where once there were very few. An old classified ad looking for a computer guy was almost as plain as that. It might list networking experience needed, or desktop support experience desired and it might add an operating system like windows or OS2 or Unix but the ads were simple. If hired in you fixed whatever plugged into the wall and had buttons, up to and including the coffee pot. To see a classified ad for a job in what is now the IT or IS field is to see a list of minor, picky, unnecessary, specialties. Degrees are the norm now as colleges filled the void and pumped out the “experts.” However colleges were wrong for some time, many still are, in teaching what is actually needed to work in the industry. Bottom line is the system was not there, the job got done, but entrepreneurs that we are the system was created, the definitions cranked out, the field organized. Was it necessary? Not really. Did it make people money and make many more comfortable about writing big checks? Yes it did do that. It also muddied up a situation for the sake of definitions.

The real goal for us in our quest to become these special snowflakes of unique butterflyness seems to me to be the tossing aside of definitions. They hold us down, keep us chained. You do not need a political party to define your politics any more than you need a religion to define your beliefs. Why back yourself into such a corner. If I am a democrat or a republican I am saying I adhere to these definitions. I do not do so. If I say I am catholic, or even simply christian, I am defining myself and identifying with a set of beliefs I do not, and will not, adhere to.

Shuck your chains by avoiding these definitions. Make your own to the degree you can, by cobbling together aspects of what you like and tossing aside that which does not appeal to you. I have been doing such since I was a small child. I have a belief system that would be mostly unrecognizable as a whole to most of my friends and family. Various aspects of that belief system however, would be recognizable to most of them. Politically I am often called liberal and left wing online when I discuss politics, though I do not define myself so but depending on the other person extremist view I have been called a conservative. I admit I lean left on almost all social issues but foreign policy and the economy I am less so. I listen to what people have to say and try to cobble together a position I am comfortable with. I merely come off as one or the other based on the starting position of the person I am speaking to. As George Carlin said “on the highway, everyone going slower than me is an idiot, and everyone going faster than me is a maniac.”

My positions tend to share one thing though. They are flexible. I would have it no other way. I strive to avoid definition and therefore I strive to avoid a rigid mindset. Show me I am wrong and I will change, do not expect that to be easy though.

1898236_10152191062185845_2045185651_nThe point of this rant here is not to suggest that we as a society need to go back to our cave dwelling utopia, if indeed that is what it was. Were we to magically shuck the chains we have forged we would merely create new ones. It is what humans do. It is what humans are comfortable with. Almost all humans like a path, a defined set of goals, it gives them a false sense of security and they get very antsy when it is removed. The danger is when the security, the path, the goals, are accepted as absolute reality.

The college degree is important because we say it is. The 20 dollar bill is important because we define it thus. The no parking sign is important because we accept it as necessary. Tax returns must be filed because we believe it so. However, there was a time when the college degree was merely sitting and watching the elders do a thing that they in turn had learned from their predecessors. The 20 dollar bill was a rabbit or some berries collected and traded for some other need of the moment. The no parking sign was merely a tradition accepted for the well being of the collective. Taxes were the portion of your families stores that could not be eaten, used, or saved, and so, rather than go to waste, were distributed among the families of the collective. The only real difference is the chains we now allow, the limitations we now accept and fight for, the mountain of definitions we deem important. Be wary lest you win your fight for those limitations, these definitions.




Right Wing Hypocrisy: Bathroom Laws Save Kids While They Defend Hastert

13092116_1041604602543902_1619056545262698211_nI am hearing from republicans that there is a safety issue in bathrooms in North Carolina. I am told by the right wingers that child safety is paramount as they feel there are scores and scores, possibly more, of transgender people entering bathrooms and locker rooms and harming children. On top of that there are, according to the right wingers, a large group of adult men and women dressing as the opposite sex in order to take advantage of this loophole in bathroom security we have blindly allowed to exist. These right wingers have assured us all that God is wholly against the abomination that is the LGBT community. They have assured us this is clearly printed in the bible and that we need to pay very close attention to the word of God lest God turn his back on this nation and do it all manner of harm.

Some of these same people tell me we need to support Dennis Hastert in his fight against being called a pedophile and a gay man. Of the 40 letters of support Hastert received for his court hearing no voice was more adamant in his defense than former House Majority Leader Tom Delay. Among the things Mr. Delay had to say about his co-worker were, “we all have our flaws, but Dennis Hastert has very few, He is a good man that loves the Lord.” Which is all well and good I suppose but he also loves little boys, which is not good. Mr. Delay added that “I have observed [Hastert] in many different and difficult situations, He has never disappointed me in any way. He is a man of strong faith that guides him, he is a man of great integrity. He loves and respects his fellow man. I have never witnessed a time when he was unkind to anyone. He is always giving to others and helping anyone including me so many times.” Which, I reiterate, is all well and good but Delay apparently never witnessed Hastert’s coaching style as it was exceptionally unkind.

mqdefaultWhy the defense of this man? Why are there 40 letters of support when it is so clear that gay men and pedophiles are such a clear and present danger in our bathrooms? The right wing portrays LGBT people as a clear and present danger by their very existence. The far right christian conservatives routinely blame atrocities like 9/11 and hurricane Katrina on America’s acceptance of the LGBT lifestyle. The far right christian conservative is nothing if not insistent in its collective view that LGBT people and their equality in marriage, being hired, being allowed housing, is dragging this nation into God’s doghouse. They continue, beyond reason, to insist that all manner of destruction on the level of the fairy tale Sodom and Gomorrah is headed our way if we continue thus.

c6f0494d7b5382d3b51725ce4a901ac9If this was the only republican out there violating the edicts of God, as republicans understand them, one might call it an anomaly, but a short google search yanks a list of names I was not interested in copying in full. It starts with a few recent ones like Josh Duggar, Hermain Cain, Newt Gingrich, Ted Nugent but the list is much longer than these God fearing souls. The members of this long list have one thing in common. The republican christian conservative right either forgives them or ignores them. The republican christian right wing forgives and ignores in spite of the perils that they believe will befall this nation for doing so.

I am not certain what part of this flawed situation annoys me more. On one hand we have christians ignoring the danger their fellow christians pose to children and, well, humanity in general. They are ignoring the problem while at the exact same time screaming from the top of their lungs that we cannot ignore the problem when liberals and progressives do the same thing. But, on the other hand, we have christians doing a very un-christian like thing and behaving like christians by forgiving those that have transgressed. The level of hypocrisy is staggering.

Another example of hypocrisy in this situation is that the far right christian conservatives are demonstrating that they do not believe their own arguments. They do not believe children in bathrooms are in danger or they could not support a Hastert. They do not believe the LGBT existence will bring the fall of all mankind or they could not support a Hastert. They do not believe sexual deviancy as outlined in the bible is important to God in any way or they could not support a Hastert. What they prove is that they will say anything in the moment to get their way, regardless of how it contradicts their last sentence or action.

ultimate computer kirkDecades ago I watched as Captain Kirk was presented with this very issue. He had a computer running his ship that was killing people. The computer was instilled with a moral prerogative it was violating. Captain Kirk forced the computer to confront the hypocrisy in its actions VS its tenets. The computer melted down, smoke emanating from its various parts, lights blinking and beeping as if they tried in vain to justify the actions vs the beliefs within the strange little beast when faced with such a conundrum. Republicans do not shut down when faced with such a situation. They quote the bible and follow it with a string of gibberish demonstrating a lack of reading comprehension skills heretofore thought impossible. They refuse to acknowledge the issue and instead illicit a series of lies they call talking points designed to support whatever position they wish us to accept as either mans law, or Gods. Which matters little as long as they get their way.

I think a true part of the flaw in my view of the christian hypocrisy is my fault. As I passed a small church yesterday and saw a sign saying”goodwill to all” it occurred to me that the problem is not the republican right wing radical christian. I was raised in a christian nation listening time and again to the teachings and bumper sticker philosophies the christian religion puts forth. Love everyone as Jesus would, good will to all mankind, short sayings designed in the spirit of love and forgiveness with an open heart and n open mind as Jesus has taught them. This is the rhetoric they would have people believe they support. My problem is that I believed them.

nature-balances-herselfThe truth of the matter is the religion, like nearly all religions, is designed to hate, and exclude. They have no desire whatsoever in following the tenets they put forth at Christmas time. They do not include the downtrodden unless no choice is given. While they will claim they exclude because of their bible, their teachings, their fear of divine retribution, the truth of the matter is they exclude those they fear. Forgiveness is reserved not even for those they know, but those they know and are famous enough to be able to use properly.

I occasionally hope there is a form of divine retribution awaiting those hypocrites like Hastert as they approach a pearly gates I hope denies them entry. I do not believe in such things, at least not in such terms, but times like this makes it desirous.

Unfortunately I believe Hastert, and his kind, face only a miserable existence here. I believe that the world they have chosen of hate and exclusion and fear is their penalty. The people in their lives will turn on them as fast as a group of sharks at a feeding frenzy will turn on their wounded comrade. In the process however, laws are made allowing them to discriminate at will against any they wish. These laws are touted as a form of religious freedom in spite of the fact that laws about freedom do not exist so that you may inflict your freedoms on me. These laws, if truly about freedom, allow for you to practice your faith without anyone else inflicting things upon you.

!!ueaky-clean-20150531-001Hastert is a gay man, and I do not care one tiny bit. That Hastert is a pedophile is where my concern lies. I know now that he has been sentenced to 15 months in prison. He was sentenced for fraud as he made a payment to one of the youths for his silence. He was not sentenced for the act of molesting children. He could not be as the statute of limitations had expired. Christians have fought to keep the statute of limitations in place in as least one state regarding this crime. In spite of the fact that this crime takes an immense tole on the victim and, those christians tell me, that the entirety of the western United States will fall into the ocean.

Bottom line here, bathroom laws are bigotry laws. If you wish to protect your children as you so loudly proclaim, start by ceasing your defense of the actual problem, pedophiles like Hastert. See there is a difference between imagined crimes and actual ones. On the books you have exactly zero trans assaults on children in your bathrooms. You have real victims of right wing christian sexual deviancy. Try supporting those actual victims.







The Two Party System Has Worn Out Its Welcome

ColeJ20151231_lowAll kidding aside, what is it America wants for America? What future are we in search of as we stumble, drop, and roll our way through this atrocious election cycle? Most of America seems to acknowledge the candidates are appalling. We all seem to know the game is rigged. We acknowledge a need to remove big money from politics to make it useful again in any way. These things and others are pretty common threads when speaking to anyone, anywhere, regardless of the candidate they have chosen to stand by. Why then do we perpetuate the problem?

If we can all agree that what we have is a terribly corrupt system bent on perpetuating itself then why cannot we find a way to blow it up and start fresh? We are not “their people” they are “our government.” We need to reestablish the actual pecking order. Maybe we need to start voting out instead of voting in. When you cannot agree with the people trying to run then is it not time to replace them with viable options?

I know! It seems obvious but, how do we actually do it? Is it possible to rally around a third party candidate and ignore the DNC and RNC? After all these entities are making it abundantly clear they do not intend on listening to the people.

Movements on either side of the table for Trump and Bernie are being thwarted by the powerful among the party elite. Talk of throwing candidates in during the convention that have not even run. People new to the election process think their voice should be heard and are enlightened time and again by party officials and talking heads as to how “the system really works.” When the people cry foul at these frequent epiphanies the elites tell them so much as, “go home, we have this in hand, we never really needed you.”

greenberg-Sanders-Trump-cmykI am personally neither feeling the Bern or willing to vote for Trump but they have done some grand and unintentional things for Americans in this cycle. They have shown the system for what it is. No one ever really got to choose anything. The voting in primaries is merely for show to let us cannon fodder think we have a say in the outcome of our nation. We are but chattel to these elitist, entitled, people running the show from the shadows.

I used to laugh when I went to Oliver Stone movies. Scene after scene with shadow figures never explained hiding in corners of dark meetings on dark issues like the assassination of Kennedy, or the Vietnam war, or the Nixon fiasco. It all seemed a level of paranoia that I was unwilling or unable to partake in but, as they say, “it ain’t paranoia if they’re really out to get you.”

The democrats have their super delegates and the republicans have equally silly methods where some states votes count others not really. The clear message is the shadow in the corner is not your friend. The party will decide who represents it. Such a serious decision can never be left to the people, how utterly absurd you would think otherwise.


Well maybe it is time to exert actual force upon the system. No, I am not speaking of a coup, or a revolution. I am speaking of a movement. It is time to move as a population and take the power back from these parties that control so much of our lives and our future. Remember, the founding fathers created a government for the people and by the people. The founding fathers did not mandate republicans and democrats. We have allowed the system to exist and flourish to our detriment. there is noting written in stone saying we must allow this to continue.

Maybe the Tea Party, with its flawed notion of turn the government of when it bugs me, is something of a blueprint. Maybe if we the people focused more on what we agree on and less on that which we do not, we could accomplish something. Take back the states, and take back the federal government by creating and supporting a viable third party. One not heaped in the money of big business or owing to anything other than the voters themselves.


I have a dream!! I am not so grandiose as to go the MLK route but we have have some answers, especially if we stop the corrupt people in charge from inventing the questions. Bernie and Trump I suppose, have proven to some degree that there is a following out there willing to listen. If we could take those seeds of hope and change and turn them into something useful. Part of the real issue is the seeds are currently diametrically opposed to one another on issues of bathroom ID and marriage equality. They are not opposed at all on the desire to get change. Fix that which is clearly broken. Move in the right direction.

Maybe I will run in 2020, preach some of this. See how it goes. Maybe.