R.I.P. Republican Party


There is an awakening taking place across the media outlets and more level headed people in this nation calling themselves republican. They have labored under the delusion that they can call themselves the party of Lincoln and it means something. In fact what they say is we are the party of Lincoln and Reagan with an air of pride in the achievements of both, coupled with a failure to understand they were very different politicians from very different eras. In fact it is a lot like saying we are the party of Santa Clause and Stalin with no hint that these things are mutually exclusive.  But as you continue to examine the statement it just gets worse. Many of these republican politicians and supporters still think the party in some way reflects the ideals of Lincoln, which is laughable, and Reagan, which is also somewhat of a joke. reagan’s own son has stated his father would no longer be supported by this current party he is credited with creating, he was too liberal.

Donald Trump, Schlong, GOP, political cartoon

Donald Trump, Schlong, GOP, political cartoon

The version of the republican party that has been floating around since Nixon is the party of drama, fear, reaction. They have courted and won over a base that is, for all intents and purposes, poorly educated. This base counts among its qualities, religious extremism, fiscal insanity, rabid misplaced patriotism, intolerance, isolationism, racism, xenophobia, violence, an unnatural love of the 2nd amendment, and an unending whine about the loss of their white privilege. They may not all possess all these qualities but most possess some I listed and others I did not.

Are all republicans such people? I would love to say I believe they are not. I would love to take my republican friends at their words and actions and say they believe the party is based on good platforms and fiscal responsibility. That they think that, like Lincoln, there should be freedom and rights for all the citizens of the nation. But in order to believe that I have to assume one of two things. Either my republican friends are absolutely blind to the statements and actions and directions of a large base of their party, or, they are lying.

Trump, of the Donald variety, has insulted, bullied, lied, and threatened his way to the head of the party itself. The party died the other day when Paul Ryan, the speaker of the house, endorsed him. At that point the republican party ceased to exist. It is now the party of Trump. It is subject to his whims, his constant lies, his endorsement of hatred, his changing emotional states, and his narcissism which will not let even the most minor of slights pass. Donald will hold no meetings to discuss the direction of the republican party as Ryan and crew see it. He will go in the direction he sees fit. as crazy as that direction may be, because he sees himself as the only source of wisdom and direction available.

4bd32fb30286bca4ecbfbdc888ff0ca6If he does not like the current discourse he tries to change it, pretends it didn’t exist, denies reality. If he does not like someones view of him he assaults them via twitter, or in repeated verbal attacks at his endless stints at the podium. But ask yourself, has Donalds message grown since a year ago? Has he changed in any appreciable way in his message or delivery thereof? I would say no. His only change has been an increase in the attacks and rhetoric. He does not care to speak of policy or platform, mostly because he knows nothing of what they are. He does not think in terms anything but what is good and useful for Donald in any given moment. His attacks are personal not political.

He is not insulting the judge because he feels at odds with the man over policy or politics. The man made a ruling Donald didn’t like and like the 6 year p;d bully he is he insulted him. He instructed his paid mouthpieces to insult the man also. What he did not do was get his lawyers to issue one single piece of paper to ask the judge to recuse himself for some legal reason. Lawyers are many things but they do not waste time with arguments that have no merit in law as they get chastised for it.

This entire fiasco is not just funny, it is sad and dangerous. Trump has performed a coup on the republican party. A successful coup. The party cannot fight back. The shattered remains of the party are now left with one option and that is to support the madman. The obstruction of a moderate judge to the supreme court as proposed by Obama is on their heads now. It is likely the next president will appoint up to 3 judges to the supreme court. They cannot afford for Hilary to be the one to appoint them. Also, if they could deny the racist hate filled base of their parties creation and acceptance before this Trump nomination, they can no longer do so.

Bruce Plante Cartoon: Trump takes a hostageTrump owns their base. His promises of deportations, and walls, and detention, and labeling, and overturning of court rulings and amendments to the constitution have given to their base the hope that Trump can do what they have failed to do time and again; stop the liberals from getting their way. They promised to get rid of obamacare, roe V wade, and marriage equality, and failed at every turn. They promised fiscal responsibility and shut down the government and effected the credit rating in the process. They promised safety at home and started two wars, one completely without purpose, sending our young men and women to die.

Trump tells them he is great and will change that. They may or may not believe it, though it seems they do believe, but they do not believe the party elite any longer. Trump is their golden boy for now and until his election occurs and he fails to deliver he will remain so.

I am not sad to see the eyes of the republican elite as they struggle to come to terms with their new reality. They have benefitted from the far right agenda for some time now. They benefitted enough that they refused to shut down the vitriol coming from them. Refused to check their behavior in any way at all. Now that decision has come home to roost. Its name is Trump and he has done what no liberal could have. He has done what no progressive agenda could have. He has destroyed the republican party using its own message and rabid little base. So sorry.

SETI – Are We Qualified For This Search?


SETI is the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, a somewhat spectacular endeavor if I must say so. It presumes a number of things not necessarily accurate for instance. First I would think it presumes we have the ability to define life. I am not certain we do. Sure we can look around at the walking, talking, bags of meat and water and assume them to be the definition of life, but in reality they are, at best, a definition of life. Life itself may have much broader characteristics than we give it credit for. Any casual observation of an episode of Star Trek can start you on that philosophical journey. So rather than get all tied up in what is life let us merely adjust the parameters of our search so it is not all life but merely life we can understand that we search for.


The next obstacle in our journey might be, what is intelligence. After all, like with life, we deem ourselves the very definition of this title intelligent. We deem ourselves intelligent while looking upon nearly everyone we know as less than, I might add. That aside though. What is intelligence? Is a bee intelligent or acting solely on a very basic instinctual need to protect and provide for the hive? Is intelligence defined as an ability to survive or an ability for abstract thought? We commonly think of Einstein as intelligent yet as a youth he struggled with the very metrics we use to gauge this in ourselves, like math. Do we have the right to judge what is and what is not intelligent at all if one of our geniuses, a man that pondered the very fabric of time and space, was thought less than?

If we somehow stumble upon this life, any life, in a form recognizable to us how will we determine if it is intelligent when I cannot discern if my neighbor is? What metrics shall we use? If this life can do the basics of reading and writing and arithmetic, will this be sufficient? Is a fish nonathletic because it cannot climb a tree? Is a tree less than athletic because it cannot swim? At what point do we throw up our hands and say, maybe we don’t really know much of anything? Is not knowing enough to judge reality, and life, and intelligence, a reason not to try? I would say no but there are reasons to question why we should try.download

We often fail to get along with those on our borders. Honestly we often fail to get along with those neighboring our home. Bob is mowing to far onto my property, and Danny thinks he can run that weed wacker at any hour of the day he deems acceptable. We now have a strong desire in this nation to wall off our southern border as we cannot agree with Mexico on certain issues. We are in a few armed conflicts globally. Why then is it a good idea to seek out alien life on other planets? What assurance should we expect that they are indeed 




We must rethink the adjectives we use to define ourselves.

belief3Humans, more often than not, are fighting, not for knowledge, but to validate beliefs, to support knowledge they falsely believe they already possess. In this manner they march out onto the battlefield that is the world of politics, and religion, and so many other subjects we hold dear, and they fall like the broken little soldiers they have been trained to be. One does not often leave their church or their right or left wing political view to strike out looking to see if they are correct. They strike out to prove others incorrect and to amass what they consider evidence that their’s is the one true belief. We are all guilty to varying degrees on various subjects but some are far worse than others.

In today’s society where do we find the far left wing, tree hugging, pacifist out there in the world attempting to locate the warhawk right wing industrialist to understand the problems that person may face in light of stricter environmental regulations and a more peaceful role the nation may play in global politics? Where is the evangelical out in the world speaking to the gay and lesbian among us trying to understand why it is they feel oppressed in a society telling them they cannot attend the church they want, or marry the person they love, or buy a cake in the local bakery. Where is the atheist attempting to understand the role of God in his neighbors life?

man-is-made-by-his-belief-as-he-believes-so-he-isI imagine that there are some people out there that do do these things but the vast majority of us are simply looking to validate what we already know. If my politics tell me Trump is bad for America, I will pay not one bit of attention to any piece of information that may tell me otherwise. If my religion says evolution is wrong and any scientific information to the contrary is either invented or sent by a demonic force opposing my beliefs. If my ideology tells me climate change is a joke and we need jobs more than increased controls on pollution I ignore that the water isn’t drinkable, and the air is not breathable. Anyone with a view opposing our own is wrong, evil, demonic, stupid.

We ignore the simple understanding we need to make the world work. It is not requisite that you believe what I believe in order to like me. It is not requisite that I follow your God, or buy into your politics that I may see you as a human being trying to sort out the world and find your place in it. It is merely required we drop the pre-conceived notions we carry about one another long enough to understand each others position.

I do not have to be gay or lesbian to understand love. I do not have to be attracted to another man to understand attraction. I understand that I love my fiance and therefore I can extrapolate from this information what my gay friend is trying to relate to me regarding his feelings for the man he loves. My views have changed only in that I have chosen to see this other person as a human being.

ae090f4390f932e17df30ab0a72a1aa3One of my core beliefs is that science has answers where religion does not. I am not even remotely tolerant of religion as a controlling, divisive, misleading entity I believe it to be. I do not see the bible as much more than an interesting historical document. Its value to me ends there. It is not the word of God but rather a collection of books written by various humans in various ancient times, regarding local history, hearsay, and mythology. To this end I probably should strike out at religious, God fearing people as idiots. As Stupid people incapable of thought. I suppose I could as my position is pretty entrenched. But I also find religion, and belief systems terribly fascinating.

It has always been a great curiosity to me that people hear what I hear, read what I read, see what I see, and come to conclusions I cannot fathom. Why then should I alienate the people I am interested in understanding? As I can love my girl and understand my friends desire to love because of it. I can use the information that comforts me, gets me through my day, and understand that someone else has that same desire but chooses a different path to achieve it. There is no real need to ostracize someone over that particular understanding.

That is the key though. Understanding. We can stay within our bubble, stay within the safety of the knowledge we feel we posses. Our gut tells us to do so. Our preachers, leaders, talking heads, and everything we are inundated with tells us to stay there, stay safe, keep the demons at bay. Do not venture into the woods young man as there be monsters about, t’is not safe.

Our leaders have created monsters for us to fear. The religious tell you that LGBT people are an abomination now, where once they rallied support against segregation, and women’s rights, and all manner of evils we now accept in society. The monsters do not exist. The way to defeat the monster is to meet it. See the monster as a person. Know the monster is a human being struggling to get by just like yourself. When we demonize, when we fear, we ostracize the monster but in today’s information age it is far more difficult.

quote-most-people-would-rather-die-than-think-many-do-bertrand-russell-350442Today we have social media, we have more humans, we have varying types of humans. It is hard to be alive and work and function without meeting that which was previously demonized. And once we meet the demons and discover the demons name is Kathy and she is having trouble meeting her bills, and finding employment, and struggling to get through the day with all of the burdens of modern life, we understand Kathy. And if Kathy isn’t the monster she was painted to be maybe a lot of that other stuff wasn’t true either. Remove the bottom cards and the entire structure begins to crumble.

Is this so bad though? I would say it is not. I would say when you break down the falsehoods given to you by others it allows you to rebuild with the information you can now gather for yourself. And while this is a fundamental change in how you may see the world. It is also not demanded that you change everything you once held dear. Maybe just rearrange some of it to meet the demands of new found information.

Most people today seem to resist the urge to venture out. They change only when the monster breaks down their door and makes them deal with it. Evangelical Mom and Dad learn their son is gay and see his struggle. They see him ostracized from the church they always thought would be there for them. Your husband or wife gets ill and you experience the health care system, and the poverty it creates, first hand thus forcing you to use the social safety net you once despised to survive. You’re a skeptic, and an atheist, and confronted by undeniable existence of that which is without explanation by traditional scientific means.

Give-up-the-beliefHowever the change comes, it is often unwelcome and unwanted. It is often eye opening. It is the shattering of long held beliefs. It is the death on that battlefield of your accepted truth when confronted by inconvenient reality. It does not come to everyone. The acceptance of the new reality that is. Many stubbornly hold onto the indoctrinated and inflexible beliefs. They refuse the change because to change is to risk being ostracized by your family and friends. To risk acceptance of new is to abandon the old. Bu for some of us this is the only real option available. It is all that remains.

I have been through some fundamental changes in my time on this spinning ball of rock and dirt. I have come to my share of epiphanies both small and large. Many of them were positive, but not all. My epiphanies did not come from standing in the safe zone but from violating that gut instinct and venturing out to learn new things and meet new people. It is something sorely lacking in our current society, that pioneer mentality. That desire to thrust yourself out into the new and dangerous wooded area full of monsters. It is not safe but it has always proven rewarding.




FEED ME DONALD!!! Little Shop of Horrors running for the White House!!


Trump, to me and many in this world, is a prime example of where thoughts go to die. His mind is the secret burial ground where once elephants passed and now we find the rotting corpses of common sense and decency. His picture appears in the dictionary as the definition for moot as, all that he is, all that he will ever be, defines the word. The white house, were he to occupy it, would become to the world what the “Little Shop of Horrors” became to Audrey II and Seymour; home to an evil as dumb as a plant and insatiable as any hell on Earth you can imagine. However, Trump is also now the presumptive nominee for the republican party. Yes, Donald Trump. The same man that was the presumptive bigot, presumptive misogynist, presumptive adulterer, presumptive liar, presumptive leader of the KKK, presumptive jackass in waiting and is now Seymour in the flesh about to destroy America not for the love of the beautiful Audrey, not even to feed Audrey II, the gigantic venus fly trap he calls his supporters, but, to feed his own narcissism.

His ego will devour the nation, and if his policies are what he says they are, he will take a lot of other people and places down with him but no, I do not think him an idiot. As a matter of fact he has manipulated, and coerced, and forced his way to the head of the republican party. He spurns any notion of allowing the party heads, or anyone else really, any say in how he conducts himself or his run for the white house but then why shouldn’t he? He has gotten this far on his own.

You do have to give credit where credit is due, and I am certainly willing to do that. I credit the Trump for accidentally falling into the cesspool of hate and vitriol planted and then carefully reared by the republican brand. I give him credit for recognizing it and using it as a means to an end, because that is precisely what he is doing. The likes of Fox, and Rush Limbaugh, Ann Colture, and a whole host of radical right mouthpieces have been fertilizing their bed of hateful little roses with misinformation, downright lies, and fear after baseless fear for some time now. It was time to harvest the crop. But ooops, before they got in there to reap their winnings the Donald snuck in and stole it all out from under them.

LittleShop_smHe turned the ravenous little mob of roses into small carnivorous plants akin more to Audrey II from “Little Shop of Horrors” than any bouquet of roses sent to mom this mothers day. The terrible little Audrey II’s turned on their previous masters and followed the Trump without question as they were trained to do by Fox and crew. It goes without saying they brought along their appetite for hate and their inability to grasp even the simplest of actual notions.

FEED ME!!!!! FEED ME DONALD!!! They yelled. And the Donald obliged. First he fed them Mexicans. Rapist, murdering, illegal, Mexicans along with their American relatives, who would naturally have to go as they were probably rapey and murderey and brown and a host of other unpleasant things. It is their way to be born brown and criminal Trump explained. “Horrible people, absolutely horrible,” he said.

FEED ME!!!! FEED ME DONALD!!! They yelled again as the apatite is insatiable. Feed them he did. This time we are going to ban all Muslims entering the USA. We are going to label all Muslims currently living in the USA, citizens or not. We may even put all the Muslims in detainment camps akin to the mistake we made with Japanese and German Americans in WW2. Again we include American citizens as they are not the right type of American, they are Muslimey and terroristy and must be separated. Oh, and they are also brown and terribly unpleasant he assured us. “The worst sort of people,” he said.


FEED ME!!!! FEED ME DONALD!!! They cried again and again and again. Each time Donald obliged. He fed them Black lives matter, he fed them republican candidate after republican candidate. He amused them by making nicknames for his opponents. Lying Ted he yelled!! Weak and Boring Jeb!! Ugly Carly he proclaimed as he fed them to the little Audrey II’s!! “All dangerous, people, just viscous, nasty people not worth our time,” he stated with an air of certainty.

He fed them ISIS saying he would bomb them, He would eliminate ISIS. The Audrey II’s could have stood and asked the Donald. “How are you going to get rid of ISIS as they are an amorphous entity which does not occupy a single area. Also when you attack them in Iraq and Syria there are other nations, and entities there doing similar things in the same places, so how does this work oh Donald?” But the Audrey II’s were distracted with headlines and anything but desirous of real answers to complex issues that they wouldn’t understand anyway. “ISIS is the worst, the absolute worst,” he said. “I am going to make the biggest military you have ever seen, Isis will not mess with us, I am going to get rid of them once and for all,” we were told.

2-29-16-lil-gop-of-horrorHe fed them Muslims from New York and New Jersey that he claimed cheered the fall of the Twin Towers on 7/11, which we all knew to be 9/11, but the Donald had confused it with a convenience store chain. He fed them Megyn Kelly as she dared challenge the Donald by asking him hard questions and making him look silly. He fed them women wanting and/or in need of legal abortions, saying “they should be punished for such things!” They are “the worst sort of people,” he said. “Dangerous people, a scary group,” he assured us.

He routinely fails to do much more than ignore his followers violence, their bigotry, their hatred. His KKK followers are voicing the notion that Trump is their man in their quest to see Jews wiped from American soil and the planet. The KKK likes his stance against various groups of brown people also. In his rhetoric, in his person, they recognize a kindred soul. But here Trump is less certain that these are dangerous, bad people. He doesn’t cite the KKK as scary, or a threat. Donals assures us the KKK is fine as he does not tell his supporters what to think or say. In fact, he does not require his supporters think at all, and this seems to work for him.

He routinely states that he is sick of the nation being so very Politically Correct in its ways, and its speech. In part I am not so against the statement, but the Donald and I differ on what PC actually encompasses. To me PC limits the ability to talk about real issues by referring to them as they or, or in some cases, referring to them not at all. In Donald’s understanding PC limits his, and his people, in their desire to use hate speech. The Donald wants to say whatever it is he wants to say with absolutely no kickback from society. This will not happen as has been demonstrated by his opposition.

I would love to add a portion to this explaining to Trump lovers that other nations are watching. They see the hate and fear where it will go. I won’t bother because Trump lover’s are not reading this by now for a few reasons, Thus far there are over a thousand words in this piece strung together in sentences and paragraphs as to make and express thoughts and ideas. This is not the environment of the Trump supporter. They crave headlines and excerpts. Paragraphs and complex thought is to them an impenetrable maze, a veritable miasma or things unknowable, unattainable. There may be cheese at the end of the maze but today they starve because to do otherwise is just to hard.

little_shop_of_horrors_by_moon_manunit_42-d30r6z8It may seem I am being mean to Trump supporters. It is the equivalent of making fun of the Amish online, neither will have or desire access to this information, so they will never know. It may seem I am being a little harsh proclaiming all this doom and gloom iif Trump gets into the white house. Maybe so, who knows, the republicans love Reagan and before his run he played with chimps on TV. Will it be the downfall of America we wonder? Well we survived 8 years of Bush and Cheney, barely.

We should keep in mind though that we are an example to the world. At times a good one, at other times not so much. Maybe that doesn’t matter to republicans. They certainly act as if it doesn’t. It should matter to us though. I shouldn’t feel the need to apologize for the ignorance this nation routinely displays in its politics and the supporters of such but I do. I feel the need to explain this ravenous sucking hole that is the Trump support but did Seymour ever explain Audrey II to anyone? Could he have? Or did he just feed it? FEED ME DONALD!!! FEED ME!!!!! Say some more crazy stuff Donald, your plant is hungry.




Zombies at the Gate – Trump and his People


It pains me to type this but Trump is now the republican nominee for president of the United States of America. He has not won this with anything approaching a demonstration of ability to do the job. One would be mistaken however, to dismiss the methods that have gotten him here, and that he will use in his campaign as it progresses.

download (2)Hilary is not equipped for the Trump train. She is not ready for the zombie apocalypse, and make no mistake, the Trump train is the zombie apocalypse. After all a zombie is a half dead human mucking about with no active brain matter. The zombie does not eat, sleep, blink, cough, or breathe, the zombie is without even base autonomic functions, or a need for them. This is the base Trump supporter. In many ways this is Trump himself except for the combover, zombies don’t care about combovers.

Daily he demonstrates for all to see exactly how he gets things done, exactly how he has become what we recognize as Donald trump. And sure, he was given a monster leg up in with daddy money and clout but he made it more I suppose. How he does it is he walks in and tells everyone there he is the greatest, and yes, he believes it. He tells them it will get done. He lies. If any of these things later do not come to pass he makes a new plan that he will assure you he saw coming all along, as he is the greatest.

042916coletoonI watched the talking heads this morning discuss the direction the Trump campaign needs to head in. Embrace the party elite, confront Hilary policies directly, act like a human being. When I finished laughing I changed the channel. I am amazed time and again that these supposed political minds cannot see what is in front of them. Trump will do nothing different than he is already doing. He owns the RNC as he is the nominee. He owes them nothing and will not make peace in any way. He cares nothing about policies and his supporters care nothing for policies. They want to hear him bellow about how stupid everyone is but himself and his people. Trump will give them that time and again. Trump will give them headlines and bombast. They will feed on it like vampires in a blood bank.

Trump’s secret isn’t a secret, has not been a secret for some time. This nation, this world, has a huge segment of humans that love twitter. They love social media, and they grew up on sitcoms on TV. They love the one line comeback. They can listen to a dissertation on the makeup of the universe by Stephen Hawking and if one heckler says “Yeah, Like A Black Holes Man, You Suck!!!” the place will buckle at the knees in an effort to stop from collapsing from laughter. They will ignore everything said by the person in the room with a brain and say, seriously, that “Hawking just got schooled man!”

This is the level of discourse these people are accustomed to. This is the level of discourse they expect from Trump. And this is the level of discourse they will get from Trump because, it is all Trump has to offer them. Put simply we live in an illiterate society. They barely think, barely function, barely exist, and are immensely proud of all of it. Challenge their opinion to hear an insult. Challenge their belief, or the source thereof, and you may get hit.

120315coletoonI watched Trump this morning from in front of some microphone somewhere. He spoke of all the things he was going to do, and some of the things he hopes for. His speech was filled with stuff like “well, you know we have bad people, doing terrible things,” and “you know that there are people, the worst kind of people, that do not want things to move in a direction that is good,” and “we need to make this country, well, you know chuck, there was a time when this country was good and now we have lost that.” Now nowhere in the speech did he say what good was or bad was or who the bad guys are or good guys or anything really. Not one piece of specific information has been passed.

It is like when you read a Stephen King novel. The creature is amorphous enough to allow for your imagination to fill in the blanks. Your imagination is what makes it all work. It is also why, when they make Stephen King creatures into something tangible in a movie they disappoint. The movie makers have to produce a real thing and it doesn’t live to what you had in mind. The same pitfall will eventually befall Trump.

Eventually he will have to actually do something, say something, that is real, tangible, has facts in it. Maybe not until he is, God forbid, elected, but the day will come if that happens. When it does the beast will disappoint. The bad people will not match those the KKK supporters imagined, the good people will not be so, the greatness of America will not be what was imagined by the maddening crowd.

I will say though that till that day comes Trump will garner applause for the dick joke while Hilary is talking about actual things that the government has and can actually do. This is her weak spot in this race. She has a brain and this will not serve her in any way against the Trump supporter.

The dick joke loving, one liner spouting, supporter of Trump cares nothing about the actual role a government plays on a local or national, or international stage. “Bomb ISIS!” “YAAYYYY!!!” “Build a WALL!!!” “YAAAY!!” “The complex nature of the situation in Syria and Iraq, where Isis currently sits, is such that we have to be very careful about how we approach any incursion into that area.” “WHHHAAAATTTTTT?????”

images (4)There are those that claim they love Trump because he “tells it like it is,” but, he doesn’t. When he speaks you might as well be reading today’s astrology report for your sign. Today you will come into money, today you will find love, today we will make America great again. Some say “he is a business man and the government is a business,” but this argument falls short. While I will agree aspects of the government are business like I will add that many are not. Business exists to profit. It exists to generate an income for the people involved in it, a lucrative one if at all possible. Government exists, is supposed to exist, for the good of the people and the nation. Government should be perfectly happy to break even. Government is there for its citizens, maybe not to better their lives but to manage the things in their lives that make society exist and function. This is not the role of a business in any way.

Business is designed to claw, scratch, poison, destroy, to do anything and everything short of getting caught, to generate profit. Business has the ability to fire and hire people involved in it based on their ability to help or hurt the business. Business answers to no one if it is actually good at doing its job. Business buys politics to make way for those horrible things it does. Government is not business though it often acts like it is.

I will admit though I do love the walking dead, I watch it religiously. I think though that people make the mistake of thinking the walking dead are the zombies. I think that, like Trump supporters, the zombies are pylons in a dystopian world. They are mindless drones to step around or destroy. Even if the zombie supporters of Trump vote him in they will never be cognizant of their error any more than the walking dead version is of being permanently impaled. These supporters barely dress themselves and often do so only in an effort to get out of the house to hate their neighbor.

Michael Traynor as Nicholas and Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Michael Traynor as Nicholas and Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The real walking dead on the show, in my opinion, are the survivors, those with still functioning grey matter. They have to watch the horror around them as they die a little every day. They surrender more and more of their humanity in an effort to make the best of the horrible state they find themselves in. This is the Hilary supporter as it is the supporter of nearly every republican candidate other than Trump. The thinking human concerned for information and policies and reality left to gape in horror as friend and family are slowly chipped away by the mindless zombie hoard. The walking dead are the ones left alive by the passing throng of zombies.

The thing I will be watching over the coming months is how Hilary handles the insults, and the garbage rhetoric Trump will throw her way. I mean, while I accept Hilary has not dealt with a Trump before, I also accept that Trump has not dealt with a Hilary before. The republican machine has been insulting, accusing, and dragging her and her family through the mud for decades. She will not collapse because of a few Trumpisms as have the republicans before her. She has seen worse.

Buckle up as we have a lady with a mind against and man with anything but. It is wheel of fortune VS jeopardy. It is Mensa vs reality TV. It is anyone’s guess as to how it plays out. One can only hope in the end that we do not hand the United States over to a reality TV star but Mensa has fewer supporters. .