No Violence, Just Votes.

Of late we have had the shooting of a republican baseball practice putting more than one republican in the hospital. Democrat Gabrielle Giffords was shot in 2011 in a failed assignation attempt which injured and killed a number of people in an Arizona Safeway supermarket as she addressed her constituents. In London, in the wake of a number of terrorist attacks by Muslims which have injured and killed a number of innocent bystanders, a retaliatory terrorist attack has been made targeting Muslims leaving a Mosque after prayer killing one and injuring others.

Threats of violence for espousing an opposing view are routine now. And I assure you, if you have a point of view, someone out there opposes it, violently. Trump himself is waging war via twitter and firing people as often as he can find a legal or somewhat legal method of doing so for espousing an opinion he finds offensive, or when he views them as disloyal in some manner. When the supposed leadership is setting an example of intolerance and shows absolutely no respect for the first amendment to the constitution then what should we expect?

The nation is fractured in a way I do not recall in my youth. You are loud and extreme right or loud and extreme left or the silent middle and not involved. I know some of the silent middle that take their lack of involvement as a source of pride. They are removed from the petty arguments of the day and see themselves as superior and above the fray. Far be it from me to tell one how to live their life and what to be concerned about but history is ripe with people who remained silent when all was falling apart or changing around them only to be met with the horrors of the outcome and no resource to do anything about it.

On the other hand the extremes are an obvious failure. Far right and far left scream from their pulpits of social media and protest in all manner of methods but their cries fall on deaf ears. When you preach to the faithful you get cheers. The adulation Trump can summon at one of his rallies is evidence enough of that, but the opposing side merely listens to later mock and ridicule you. None of this advances the nation, or anything really, in any useful way.

I would never advocate violence as it is not the answer but for a moment let me explain to my far left friends why some of the proposed methods fail. If you impeach Trump, get him thrown out of office, or, and please do not, but, if you assassinate him. If Trump leaves office, Pence steps in. If you think Pence is better than Trump do a little research. He is just as vile he is merely quieter about it. If you then somehow get rid of Pence guess who is up to bat. Yes, Paul Ryan, and he is a vile little hunk of human also. So there is nothing to do but vote. Vote them out every chance you get. Vote the GOP off of your school boards out of the local government and out of anything and everything up too and including the executive branch of the federal government. This is your only weapon against the agenda of the wealthy. Vote independent, vote your conscience.

An honest discussion of viewpoints is one thing. I can accept a reasonable difference of opinion but this is not today’s world. The vitriol that comes from agenda driven news and talk show hosts serves only to stir the hatred. People like Limbaugh and Alex Jones know exactly who their crowd is and exactly what drivel and false information they want to hear. They dish it out regularly. Others are more frightening as they spout their nonsense because, yep, wait for it, they actually believe what they are saying. The likes of a Kevin Swanson, or Pat Roberson, or even a Mike Huckabee, are lost in their Willy Wonkaesque fantasy land of God’s agenda for liberals and God’s love of Trump. Funny, as a candidate in the primaries I do not recall Huckabee so convinced of Trump’s divine mandate.

Alas, there is nothing wrong with being moderate and espousing viewpoints. I do not vilify all people labeling themselves republican. I will assume some if not many, merely think we need smaller government and a more responsible fiscal path. I do not vilify all Christians on the right as I assume some are reasonable humans who want some of what I stated already. But the far right, the extreme Christians, they want a nation for themselves. Not an inclusive society of varying viewpoints but a nation bent tho their way of seeing things. I cannot let that pass without comment. I can let it pass without violence.

In 2018 and again in 2020 vote. Vote, vote, vote, vote, and vote again. and no not in the same election. Every chance you get to vote out a member of the far right please take that opportunity. Read about the issues so you know both sides of the story and vote as you see fit. But until we as American citizens use the one tool we have responsibly we will not change anything.

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