Welcome to the New Year 2017 PR (Post Reality)

false-reality-he-1-718x400 It has been awhile since I posted anything here. I suppose shock and depression has set in after the election results but fear not, we shall overcome. As you are most likely aware, this nation, well, the seedy underbelly of this nation, has seen fit to put into the office of President of these United States what is likely the most divisive, fact resistant, truth phobic or  alethephobic, thin skinned, twitter addicted, childish, narcissistic, misogynistic candidate since Caligula was made Ceaser of Rome, which brings us to where we are now.

I just took a casual stroll through my facebook wall where I retain friends and acquaintances that live in the fact free world of the post reality era which, for now, we can call 2017 PR. In this era we have the likes of Kamal Saleem, a former Muslim Terrorist, now right wing speaker. Kamal claims 45% of the common core curriculum is Islamic Indoctrination. I am sure this is accurate as former terrorists turned right wing pundits are often the best source for factual information about the American education system. And before you ask why a former Muslim terrorist is accepted as a speaker by the far right I will explain. This is a right wing tool where they find the one anti black black guy, the one anti Muslim Muslim, the one Judas, and parade them about as if it validates all the hatred and moronic beliefs they adore.


Another post on today’s wall is the normal repeal Obamacare garbage. It matters little to the right that there is no replacement for Obamacare. Matters little that they will remove a ton of people, quite possibly me, from the health care rolls. In their world meds are cheap because the republicans fixed that rising cost of pharmaceuticals thing by being rich, right? It matters little what happens to people with pre-existing conditions because, after all, they are responsible for the high cost of medical attention as they need medical attention and this will not do. Truth is the republicans do have a plan to replace Obamacare they are just afraid if they say it out loud you will all be quite upset. See the plan is mass graves and early death for the weak and poor. Those with pre-existing conditions, well too bad. As Huckabee said you don’t insure a house after it is burned down. Fear not my friends the republicans are perfectly happy to allow you access to medial attention provided you do not need it. Upon your request for medical attention in any way past the normal checkup you are dropped from the rolls of those allowed access to medical attention. This is the truth of the post reality era.

I have heard some of them speak of vouchers, and just today Rand Paul spoke of low cost healthcare which he says is forbidden under Obamacare. He said this in a manner that inferred this was evil and wrong. He didn’t bother to mention why it might exist. See low cost healthcare, say 50 – 100 a month as figures I just made up, requires deductibles that are so absurd as to mean you have no health insurance at all. I mean, think on it a bit. If I am not making enough money to afford decent health insurance and thus forced to buy one with a massive deductible and huge co-pays, then how exactly do I afford the massive deductible and huge co-pays?

nothinkingAlong with these are the standard climate change denial memes, the memes explaining the horror Obama has brought to this nation, the attacks on Obama’s wife, and occasionally the kids, the anti-gay posts ranging from stop them from having civil rights to kill them in a biblical manner, the pro life garbage, the claims that anyone having rights that conservative Christians do not approve of is a violation of said Christians religious liberty, etc. It goes on and on and on. Their hatred and vile beliefs have been tamped down for some time in this society, the Politically Correct one they so loathe. Trump released the pressure valve and we now have a Mt. St. Helen’s like eruption of a veritable Pandora’s box of hatred, and ill will toward their fellow man.

Trump has run on and with this hatred and ignorance. He has used it to fuel his election and is now abiding by his promises by appointing a radical right wing set of people to various positions in his cabinet and other posts. His appointees invariably seem to despise and/or have legal issues with the departments they are being appointed to run. His sec of education is anti-public school, pro-creation, anti-evolution, and seemingly anti-reality. His sec of Treasury and Commerce are from wall street and Goldman Sachs. Jeff Sessions for Attorney General is interesting as he certainly violates a lot of laws and common decency. The list is long and appalling.

The liberals are under some delusions themselves. They spout online about democrats blocking Trump’s agenda. They had their chance to do that on Nov 9th and failed to rally enough humans to do so. Now they must live with the reality that the republicans control the majority of the states, they control the executive and legislative branches of government and will soon control the judiciary. There is no blocking anything. As I type this the republicans are attempting to pass legislation removing the filibuster and making votes pass with a simple majority. At that point there is no need for a democratic presence in Washington at all. They have lost.

Over the next 2 years for certain and 4 Possibly, the republicans will enact an agenda that is decidedly anti-human, very much anti-truth, anti-earth, anti-wages, anti-poor people, but very much pro-pollution, pro-deregulation, pro-wealth, pro-religion (if that religion is Christianity in a form they approve of), and pro-Trump and his holdings. As a person that leans left I see the coming days with a very dismal view. It will be up to people like me and those on the left center to watch and speak out when we see these things occurring.

im-off-the-trzo94No, I do not think America is doomed. I do think the American ideal as I see it is going to take a big hit. I see Trump starting wars through twitter. Just today he claimed that North Korea’s statement about test launching a ballistic missile “…isn’t going to happen…”. What the hell does that mean? No one knows. It is Trump talking garbage like a bully in a schoolyard with no interest in or knowledge of the complexity of that particular situation. It is quite possible that WW3 can dawn on the Korean peninsula. The parties involved have nuclear capabilities and China has a lot of humans to send to war. But just tweet threats like all the other presidents in your wake Trump, that will get headlines and cheers from the morons that have no idea what lies in wait over there.

In a society that has no value for factual information, no respect for science, no desire to have the truth be told to them in any manner, what recourse does one have? You cannot argue or discuss a point with the conservatives as they are not in any reality you recognize. Often they are dumbed down to the point that they think and intellectual retort is “that aint true”, they then type LMAO or something equivalent as they just “schooled you.”

In the land of the blind the one eyed man is King they say. This sounds like a rational old saying. It no longer applies as it suggests that the one in the society with the greatest gifts, the greatest knowledge would be revered. Now it is more like in the land of the single digit IQ the man with the loudest voice and biggest platform is king. The gifts do not exist, the knowledge is unnecessary, all you need is to scream the loudest.

How have we come to this you might ask. I would say the world of right wing news is largely at fault. News is no longer news and the right wing has a great number of voices out there speaking the lies, repeating the lies, driving them home in a manner used in brainwashing. Keep repeating misinformation regardless of opposing voices and you will reach someone. Then decry all media that would disagree as the enemy. Any voice of disagreement is a lost kool-aid filled sheep. They followed the Goebell’s playbook to a tea and it worked.


They told the poor the economy was getting worse when it was improving. A simple google search can show this. They believed. They told the Christians that there was a war on Christians and Christmas. 80% of American’s are Christian so how could that be true? It can’t but they believed. They told them Gay Rights was an attack on their religious freedom. How? No one cared to ask they merely believed. They told them Hilary did all manner of horrific things up to and including being a serial killer, a pedophile, a white slaver, and a traitor. Are there charges or convictions? NO, but they believed. I could continue but it is pointless. In two years we will have a vote. If enough of us are finally angry enough to get off our ass and go to the polls, maybe we can take back a little from the republicans. Two years after there will be another chance to get a little back. We must do so again and repeat the process till we get a nation we can be proud of.




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