The Dystopian Nightmare You Ordered Has Arrived

What is our future people must be asking. Both left and right have reason to wonder. Those on the right see change. They see a president willing to gut the government and in this they expect change and hope it will be positive. They have taken a jet engine, a functioning jet engine with faults, and they have thrown a very large wrench into it. The engine will explode as engines often do in these conditions but make no mistake, these jet engines are attached to the USA and we are all passengers.

A similar thing happened on the Hudson river some time back. All the jet engines on the plane went down because birds flew into them, these people were lucky in that they had a competent and experienced pilot that calmly landed them on the Hudson river, thus saving everyone. Well people, our jet engines are going down and we do not have a competent pilot at the helm to save us. Instead we have an orange madman tossing birds into the remaining engines.

On the left the passengers are screaming loudly. They warn of a dystopian future devoid of freedoms. After all we have two things to predict the future behavior of this madman president. One is past behavior and this, I assure you, is not a positive indicator of anything. The other possible thing to look to is comparisons to past leaders here and around the world. Unfortunately the leaders that come to mind are dictators, fascists, and those in the world’s past against the very values, morals, and ethics America likes to pretend exist here.

In week one he has signed a number of executive orders. This alone is not troubling as executive orders are a quick way to get things done. It is the content of these orders and the direction it moves this nation that you should find troubling. He has effectively shut down the ability of our government agencies to report useful information, their findings, their data, to the citizens of the USA directly. They are now required to funnel any and all of their information to the President and his staff. This means our lovely dictator in residence has decided to control all information coming from his administration and reaching the public.

Why do such a thing you might wonder. You may simply be doing such a thing because, as his supporters may say, you want what is best for America, and you have to drain the swamp of things like facts to get there. Or you might do such a thing because you are setting up a dictatorship. More likely you might do such a thing because you want absolute control over the information the public hears, so no one in your administration can voice information to contradict your alternative facts, your lies, your misinformation.

In his first week he has proposed and implemented a Muslim ban from 7 nations. Those nations are Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, and Somalia. Noticeably absent from the list are Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, all of which Trump enterprises does business with, all very much Muslim nations, and one of which 15 of the 19 terrorists of 9/11 came from. Is he protecting you or his holdings? This also avoids the facts that not one American death in these borders is attributed to a single person coming in from any of the 7 banned nations. [1] Also ignored is the fact that the vast majority of attacks in America have been perpetrated by white Christian radicals,[2] or have we forgotten, Timothy McVeigh, of the OK bombing, and Jim David Adkisson, a devout Christian and anti-abortion right-winger that killed two and wounded seven children because they were liberals in a liberal church, or all the history of the KKK and white supremacist organizations, the campaign of terror against abortion doctors and others which are too numerous to list, The massacre at Zion Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C where white supremacist Dylann Roof killed 9 parishioners, and just yesterday in TX a Mosque mysteriously burned in the direct wake of Trump’s Muslim ban (still waiting on cause). These are facts in one world but as we know in this new Trump era up is down, left is right, and facts aren’t facts, the new facts are alternative or, as Websters dictionary has so kindly explained, alternative facts are lies.[3]

In his first week he has vowed to get rid of 75% of the regulations corporations are under regarding such things as worker safety, wages, and polluting the planet we depend upon for survival. He did this to increase profit at the cost of human life and welfare. He has imposed limits on the ability of the EPA to do it’s job and report it’s data to the American people. He has erased any mention of climate change from all sources of government information websites. The line to contact the white house with praise or concern is currently down for some reason. The white house website also removed all assistance offered to people with disabilities and the references to rights for LGBT people.

The border wall is now begun, in principle at least, in the first week. I have seen estimates of 20 billion to build a symbol of American fear and ignorance. In a land of airplanes and boats and tunnels we are spending 20 billion or so on a wall. We have a right wing that has inundated social media with desires to save vets before any refugees. OK, seems we have 20 billion sitting around. How about infrastructure repair, I know where there is 20 billion doing something useless. Education? OH WAIT, health care!! I hear that is an issue. Or prop up the failing Social Security system Reagan borrowed from. Make it viable once again. Or we could build a useless wall. Boats and planes folks, boats and planes.

Don’t let me forget health care. The GOP and president moron have figured out how to repeal health care and have signed orders beginning the process already. Not a one among them has a replace option. Eventually I believe they will just start repealing the ACA, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. They will try to privatize as it is the only thing that comes from their mouths on such subjects like the drone of a broken cog in a previously working machine. Privatize is basically them saying we want ourselves, and our rich friends, to profit from screwing you over. Take Social Security. It is a system all working people in this nation pay into and, if you are over 30, expect to get in your waning years. No one is allowed to profit from it as to profit from it would mean somebody or something loses, and that somebody or something is you.

Over time listening to the various models the GOP has proposed for health and health care I very much see that dystopian future, that moment when Reagan’s shining city on the hill is still shining but now guarded from the terrible flaming “Escape From NY” wreckage at the base under the dark shadow of the scarred wreckage of the wall Trump finally did build. Outside the gates come varied chants like  ‘Ayy! Number Onnee! You’re the Trump! You’re the Trump!  You’re the… Trump. You’re… A-number one. Trumpster!! Come out to play, Trumpster!! Come out to play,” bracketed by small arms and machine gun fire from the darkness at the edge of the ragged tree line. Those outside the wall stare at the graffiti, mostly obscene and elaborate, surrounding the charred and broken letters 57 feet tall, no longer golden and shiny, saying T, R, then a space and M, I maybe, or F, or maybe once a P, as it is broken from years of constant fire from all manner of ordinance. A dog barks in the distance, you hear someone’s baby cry. A rat runs down the alley, and a chill runs down your spine, then someone runs across your grave and you wish the sun would shine but it will not, has not for many years. Sure we all tried to warn you but the GOP health plan is Soylent Green. And as Mr Heston tried to tell you, Soylent Green is you.

The republican plan is you work till you grow ill, get sick, die, then they replace you. Let’s get dramatic here, as if we haven’t already gone there. Let’s say I am a conspiracy nut. Let’s connect some dots. Huckabee is republican we agree, and he so thoughtfully proposed the notion that regarding health insurance, insuring a person with pre-existing conditions is akin to insuring a house after it is burned down. And yes the self proclaimed Christian was talking about humans, like us. Anyway, the GOP have expressed a desire to ban abortion, get rid of or restrict welfare, food stamps, basically anything they deem to be entitlements and an aid to those less fortunate in society, like say a young mother that was forced not to abort  but has no money or viable options to survive and care for her child.

OK, you with me so far? The same administration has promised to remove 75% of federal regulations regarding wages, worker safety, and pollution and has severely restricted the Environmental Protection Agency. This is asking for poor workers with no safety net to help and hazardous working conditions in the name of increased profit. It also means more Flint MI water crises, more toxic air, more toxic food, thus severely increasing your chance at injury and illness. Are you seeing what I am seeing? Yes!! Profit increased across the board as they do not have to pretend to care about your sorry ass any longer. They prop you up, make you work till you no longer can. Then they let you die and replace you with the population they increased by outlawing abortion. Eventually, to feed you they will do what we do with cattle. They will turn the fallen work force into a food product and feed it to those still clinging to existence. Soylent Green, Escape From NY, 1984!!!

I know I know, if you are right wing and read this, you are laughing at my insanity, if you are left wing and read this, you might think, OH SHIT we are in trouble. It may never come to that extreme. Probably won’t come to that extreme. But rest assured the GOP platform is survival of the fittest which I find terribly ironic as they do not believe in evolution or its principles. They currently feel it is up to you to survive in this nation; and government should never play a role. Of course they all think this mostly because they and their friends own everything. They have no intention of giving anyone a leg up but rather a shove down. And the poor upon which they depend for votes will likely not wake up and see what is happening.

I am not so dark as to believe everything I just proposed will come to pass. I know much of it is beginning now. It will be up to us to stand against this agenda so we do not see a horrifying outcome but rather a narrow escape. To be a patriot in this nation in the next 4 years will be to stand against these changes, these actions by this administration and this legislature and likely the future court that go against what America stands for. I loathe Reagan, but be the shining City on the Hill and stand for American principles of hope and acceptance. Values are not values if you abandon them when they are not convenient. It is time to save the jet engines people. It is time we take the birds away from the orange madman before he brings us down and him up.






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