Tangerine Trees and Marmalade Skies, Welcome to the new reality

When I was a youngin there was nothing that would get you thinking uhoh faster than the red menace, the Godless communists, the Russians. We all grew up under the shadow of THE BOMB during the seemingly endless cold war. I recall in school one day when one of my teachers explained that the Seneca Army Depot, which was like 10 or 15 miles down the road from the house I grew up in, was one of the top 2 nuclear weapon storage facilities in the United States. He added that, were a nuclear war to start, the base was considered a top 10 target for destruction by the Russians. To me this meant, in the event of nuclear war, I was toast along with anyone and everyone I knew and loved.

In conflict after conflict across the decades we were always dealing with Soviet intervention on the part of our enemy of the day. In fairness we did the same to them but, in fairness again, we had to as they were the Godless communists and their spread, their aggression, could not be tolerated. Reagan the Magnificent was credited with removing this menace, ending the cold war, and tearing down that godforsaken wall.

Fast forward to now and we actually have a president elect kissing Putin’s ass in Russia. We have a series of right wingnut patriots claiming Russia did nothing to hack our election and move on kids nothing to see here, and we have those same patriots building our own wall. How things have changed. The world is now upside down or on its axis leaning towards an alternate reality where tangerine trees and marmalade skies are the norm. Now when I drop acid I see reality, well what fun is that?

How did we get here? We got here because truth is dependent upon need. When the world was in the cold war we needed the people to fear communism to support budgets and war efforts and the freedom of those in power to act in our self interests. Now those in power are in need of a different narrative, a narrative of Putin is fine, give him a chance, coupled with the election was not hacked because I need my presidency to be legitimate no matter how many lies it requires.

This is not a new situation, after all the last 8 years the need was to demonize anything and everything that Black guy did in the white  house. I mean think about what an absolutely puritan lifestyle Obama must live that the right wing spin machine never had even a hint of a scandal on the man. Not one. And you know they were trying. Seriously, a group of right wing nuts willing to lie and twist any snippet of information and Obama and the fam walked out clean.

Today’s narrative has changed though to accept the commies. Well I am not there. I was indoctrinated in another era, another narrative. regardless of where we now pretend to stand I will not accept or tolerate Putin. He is KGB, he is undoubtedly old school Russian. He thinks as I think. He thinks America is the enemy as that was his narrative to embrace as a youth. And he is playing nice for a few weeks because he sees a soft ass, often failed,  businessman on the horizon. A businessman that has openly questioned NATO. Openly praised Putin. Openly appointed men with close ties to Russia and Putin himself.

The narrative of the day is forgive. The rednecks will do anything for Trump while they still believe in the wall, the deportation, and banning of Muslims, the deportation of Mexicans, and the promise of jobs. This will fade in time as narratives and campaign promises do. See campaign promises are, as Kansas might say, dust in the wind. More so in this instance. Trump is not a politician. Even now. He has run businesses and in business you fire people that do not do what you want. In politics you slander them, you scandalize them, you humiliate them, but in the end they remain and then return the favor.

Even Trump’s appointees, his inner staff, are having some issues with his Russian narrative. Some of these people are Generals. They served in the military against Russia. Now they are being asked to at best be vague in their comments at worst hypocritical. After all how do you turn your back on a lifetime of animosity because it doesn’t suite the current boss and his desire to lie to achieve, not his goals and policies, but rather to soothe his fragile ego.

It has been said often and not without much variation on the theme that what is happening is unprecedented. In fact it is happening so often, has become so regular, as to make it precedent almost. And I agree with the voices saying we cannot normalize this reality, this alternate dimension. Captain Kirk cannot have a machine in his cabin that vaporizes his opposition and Spock cannot have a menacing goatee. This cannot be real and Scottie needs to get us back to the version of space and time that makes sense.

There is no more sensible space and time to transport to any longer though. Now the narrative of the day is we make the truth up as we go along to suite our needs. There is no longer a need to pretend otherwise. At least in the past they would make an elaborate ruse demonstrating the obvious need to believe as they say in order that we the people get behind them. GW for instance, and his crew of white collar thugs, invented the whole Iraq WMD thing, sold it to the house and senate, sold it to the people, then did as he wished and many in the nation thanked him for saving us from the scary desert man that was about to throw his dangerous sand at us. Now, it is just, Oh I need to do this and you to believe this lie .. and the crowd cheers and it comes to pass for a whole twitter cycle.

If Trump or Kelly Anne Conway show up with a particularly evil looking goatee I am out of here because I know one of them has that vaporizer in their cabin. It is a scary time when tangerine trees are the norm, and marmalade skies the stuff of starry nights. Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly, it is the …. oh damn it is that orange guy and his damn twitter account changing reality again. Today we need to hate everyone that is left handed and shorter than 5’8″, seems we must round them up as they are draining the economy by demanding lifts in their shoes. It is all very confusing, hopefully we will get another tweet soon and .. oh … one is coming in as we speak, they are OK now, more to come I am sure. Where is the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes when you need her?




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