Koo Koo, not right, Coo Coo, still no, Coup Coup! That’s it

This world is getting just a bit nuttier like every hour don’t you think? I mean, each hour brings new executive orders, new tweets, new responses, new actions by third parties inspired, I am sure, by recent actions at the top. If you had sat and written this all down 2 years ago and tried to sell it as a book or screenplay you would have been laughed at for the absurdity. Alas, here we sit in this absurdity that has become our reality.

Trump and his people are, well, they are playing an old game. They are distracting us. They are answering the prayers and fevered dreams of their base with Muslim bans, and denial of climate change, and the defunding of planned Parenthood, and the like. Their people applaud and salivate while the left protests and cries foul and impeachment. The media tries to keep up never sure what to say or which action to pay attention too. Often the media still seems lost in the notion that there is something about this situation that is normal, some conversation, or opinion, they can put forth about this Willie Wonka boat ride to hell that seems rational.

I watch them grasp for some rock in the rapids with comments like, “well it is the way he has presented this travel ban that is wrong.”  All the while not realizing that allowing the adoption of the term “travel ban” is playing into the boat ride and clown car procession that is the Trump world. They suggest that the courts are more than likely to side with the President as precedent on immigration implies this is how they usually rule. I ask, why try to make this the normal we accept, why allow it to become the normal we accept.

Plenty of people in this nation know what it means to normalize the abnormal. Many of us have lived in a home with abnormal things happening. Be it bad marriages, bad siblings, out of control anger, drug abuse, gambling, whatever the case. In the environment of that home the abnormal becomes the norm and the secret protected. Around authority and visitors everyone puts on the show. Everyone accepts any lie to cover the secret. But in this case the secret it out. The secret is the one outing himself. Trump is the one screaming from the highest perch that he will continue to do insane things until he wants to stop.

While we, the press, the media, continue to jump at each of his insane proclamations, his seemingly endless supply of inane and insane executive orders, like a cat chasing a feather on a stick, he is doing little things behind the scenes and hoping we do not notice.

Among the things very few noticed is that Trump filed for reelection in 2020 already. This is not normal. Most Presidents wait until the year before. Why would this be important one might ask. Basically it means he can act in either of two capacities. He can act as Trump the President or as Trump the man campaigning for reelection. This changes his ability to deal PACs, businesses and other organizations regarding money and his candidacy. He can claim that any of his actions that would be illegal as president are not because he is also running for President. It also shields him from the negative reactions and comments from non-profits like Planned Parenthood because, as a candidate,  if they criticize him, it is considered campaigning against him and this forfeits their non-profit status. It also plays with the notion of a President using his office for financial gain. This is a very slimy move on the part of the administration merely demonstrating his “the rules do not apply to me” attitude.

Basically Trump and his swamp dwelling cast of freaks are the velociraptors of Jurassic Park fame, throwing themselves at the electrified fences in order too find the weakness in the system. Trump and crew are testing the system for weak points. Testing to see who they can threaten, intimidate, what rules they can skirt, what laws they can repeal or bypass, what employees they can buy and which ones they can fire. All the while keeping us distracted with the Muslim ban and the like.

He fired the Attorney General yesterday, which was mostly a symbolic gesture as she was an Obama appointee awaiting her replacement. He fired her because she would not support his Muslim ban. Not happy enough that he could and had fired her he included personal attacks in the statement to the press that she had betrayed something. He said she was weak on border security and weak on keeping Americans safe. But what did she betray? The American people? I think not. Did she betray Trump? Yeah, that sounds more like it. Now he replaced her with a temporary person until Jeff Sessions is confirmed but he made certain the replacement would rubber stamp his garbage first.

What he also did was send a shot across the bow of every single person in that administration that can be fired. He clearly said to them if you stand in my way I will fire you and put in a puppet more to my liking. He has said in this action in no uncertain terms it will be his way, he is the dictator and no opposing views shall be tolerated. This means he is not my President. He is my dictator.

I watched him in a meeting on TV yesterday with small businesses. He explained he would be signing more executive orders getting rid of regulations for business across the board. Regulations that protect worker safety, wages, and the regulation of pollutants a corporation or business entity may emit. He said these regulations stifle growth and starve small business which may be true. He said they no longer would which is almost definitely true. He said he understood that, while large corporations, large business can afford to abide by the regulations, those same regulations kill small business. I say, OK I can accept that as fact, so why not remove or relax these regulations for small business and retain them on larger businesses? Why remove anti-pollution measures across the board? He is using the small business situation to justify a sweeping deregulation so large corporations may now pollute and mistreat workers for profit. And Trump people, can you guess who some of those workers are? I can wait. Well, maybe not as long as it takes you to figure it out though. The workers are you as Americans.

Oh, and let us not forget Trump’s constant war with the media. He is taking the Fox News, far right notions to their extreme end in his battle with the news, or lamestream media. Constantly discrediting any organization that speaks out against him in any way. Taking away their white house press credentials. Bypassing the media with Twitter. Time and again using his time at the microphone to repeat the same tired garbage about how mean they are to him, how they lie, how they manipulate. This is taken right out of the Joseph Goebbels’s book of manipulating the population. Control the media control the crowd.

He has also banned his own agencies from speaking directly to anyone but he and his trusted people. Trump and his people are now the tip of the funnel that supplies all their truth, all their alternative facts, the only information Trump will allow to reach the ears of the nation. He and his select few in those offices are manipulating all the information that is normally open to the press and the people.

This manipulation extends to his own appointees. Department of Homeland Security Chief John Kelly, Sec. of Defense James Mathis, and Sec of State Rex Tillerson were all kept out of the loop on the “Travel ban” (say Muslim Ban). Senior staffers instead wrote the executive order behind the backs of their own bosses and were forced to sign NDAs. They kept Kelly, Tillerson, and Mathis out of the loop they said, “so as not to tip off the terrorists and allow them to make a rush for the border to get in before the order took effect.”

That is like a WOW moment don’t you think? I mean essentially it is saying I just appointed these men to lead these departments integral to the security of this nation and I consider them all potential leaks to terrorist organizations. Not a lot of confidence you might say. Or you might say the true power in this administration actually sits not with his appointees but with his lunatic inner circle.

I do not like the appointments personally of Tillerson, Mathis, or Kelly, but I have heard moderate right wingers speak highly of one or all in varying degrees. This would likely mean that, as possible voices of moderate reason, they were left out of the loop so as not to derail the order. Bannon is not a moderate voice, he is a white nationalist at best, a racist manufacturer of false news is more likely. He is an extremist gathering power in this administration and he has Trump’s ear. Now the same must be said of some of the staffers apparently planted or manipulated in various departments. This is a prime example of where this nation is headed.

We did not just witness a peaceful transfer of power. We witnessed then, and are now, the beginning of a coup. The complete and utter takeover of the government of this nation from the inner circle located in the executive branch. Trump, as businessmen are wont to do, will brook no dissent. He has his Goebbels and he has his Goering and he has his brown shirts. This is not an administration any longer but a power grab. Hold onto your seats it will get strange. Just keep remembering there are actually facts and you can still find them, for now.



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