End the Liberal Whipping Post

Since the dawn of the internet, and the gradual development of what we now call social media the technology, as new tech is wont to do, gets used for the worst reasons humans can possibly find for it. Among the things social media has allowed, even encouraged, are the thought police. This comes in many forms and from many directions with essentially one purpose, my ideas are right and yours wrong and you shall be punished to the extent of my ability for disagreeing with me. One of the places this seems to be at its absolute worst is at the liberal whipping post.

Make a comment, dress a certain way, have an opinion, do nothing wrong at all, and if the liberal police out there discover your comment and deem it in any way offensive, you will be attacked. You will be fortunate to come out of it with some heartfelt apology and the proper contrition about how you were unaware you were offensive or offending and later you will have a PETA member give you 50 lashes with the whip of self righteous love. Those less fortunate may lose a job, may lose a career, dependent upon severity of the nothing you did.

Before I go too far with this I will acknowledge that there are some statements that are racist, some so egregious they should be called out but, we are in the boy who cried wolf era now. So many charges, so many in fear of saying one little thing that is misinterpreted or taken out of context, that it obscures the actual villains.

Bottom line though there are so many celebrity apologies out there, so many famous people apologizing for anything from a costume at a party, to a LOL at a joke deemed unacceptable on twitter, it is actually absurd. The liberals have lost their collective minds. Not everything is offensive, sometimes it is just a joke and we, collectively, need to lighten up and get over it. Move on, nothing happening here. It is so bad out there now that”In an interview with Frank Rich in New York Magazine, Chris Rock said he stopped playing colleges because they are too conservative: “Not in their political views — not like they’re voting Republican — but in their social views and their willingness not to offend anybody.”[1]

“In an interview with Frank Rich in New York Magazine, Chris Rock said he stopped playing colleges because they are too conservative: “Not in their political views — not like they’re voting Republican — but in their social views and their willingness not to offend anybody.”[1]

We now live in a world that seems to be spiraling out of control. It matters little if you are far left or far right in your views as each extreme sees things as, well, extreme. There is no middle ground for these people, no rational center, just kill or be killed, burn the bodies and salt the ground ensuring that nothing shall grow here again. And this seems the stance of the offended, and as Chris Rock put it above comedians, and artists are self censoring their act, or at least their location lest they end up in the stocks of social media.

If anyone should be allowed absolute freedom to offend it is the artist, the comedian, the movie star, the musician, the writer. They are societies mirror, they reflect who and what we are as a people and sometimes that isn’t pretty. Forcing truth to be covered up for fear of hurting someone’s feelings is to deny who and what we are as a people. In fact, it is said in many circles that the first step to fixing the problem is to admit it exists. When I hear a comedian like Sam Kinison, or Bill Hicks, tear up everything we hold sacred I hear someone saying “see how silly this shit is?” George Carlin and Richard Pryor held our nose to our prejudice, our irrational views, and we laughed. Now the social media police state waits, records, takes it viral, and carries out the sentence.

How it has come to this is easy to see, the answer is we allow it, encourage it. For the left they see the football team the Redskins, they leap to the conclusion that it is racist and should be changed and take motions to do so. Not many of them bother to ask any of the supposed victims of this name is they care. If this is an issue worthy of their rage. Is this white man guilt? I am sure there is a part of it in there as some white people often feel that to apologize for the horrors of history we must overcompensate in the present, (more often than not this wears off a lot after they leave college). Is it just that, the moment of enlightenment that college brings where your eyes are opened to the injustices of the past and present seems to demand an extreme penance of yourself and everyone else? I am sure this plays a part also.

And make no mistake the right wing are just as easily offended, they merely pick different subjects. For the right it is a simple women’s rights march calls them out as anyone, anywhere asking for civil rights will offend the right in short order. The right act as if rights are finite and that for me to get some rights means they lost some. This is absurd of course but it matters little as they will pump out the memes explaining the absurdity of caring for the rights of anyone not themselves or the few people or institutions they cherish.

Both sides in this PC war, this I am offended state of affairs, claim certain groups as their own, and often the same groups. Both love to love veterans, and both will stand up for their love of veterans when it suites their needs, their position of the moment, but nether stop to think the actual thing that veterans fight and die for is so that both sides can have an opinion and still exist in this land.

I suppose the principle the left has forgotten was summed up nicely by Bill Mahar when he said on his show that “democrats have forgotten to protect people instead of their feelings.” This could not be more dead on. We have to stop being offended and realize it is a free world and people are allowed to say offensive shit. Fuckers like Ann Colture make a living off of saying despicable, offensive, horrible things. When she says them she laughs because she knows she offended you, she wanted to offend you. Wanted your sphincter to ram closed and shit fly out your ears. And she is not in prison because, she is not doing anything illegal. She does not submit to the whipping post because she does not acknowledge either you or your judgement regarding her perceived offense.

It is time to toughen up little lefties. You will never get anything your way again by being thought police. You have achieved nothing by getting a celebrity to apologized for an imagined slight. The world is the world, pox and all. Now get over it, move on, nothing happening here.


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