We no longer vote for, but rather against.


The election of not is upon us. This week we romp through the disaster that has been the republican convention and, to no one’s surprise, we have nominated a Trump. We have listened to 2 days of speeches. Speeches normally about policy, normally about why the republican brand is worthy of your vote. We have heard a lot of anti Hilary rhetoric to be sure but something is missing. If you are new to politics and the conventions you might miss it. Everything seems pro-republican but somehow there is a lack of enthusiasm.

I think what is missing is that, while I listened to some of Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell, and Chris Christie’s speeches I heard a whole lot of why not to vote for Hilary. I heard very little joy in the notion that the only choice left to them was Donald Trump. This election is more about who we absolutely refuse to vote for than it is a glowing endorsement of either candidate.

9I am not terribly in love with my choice in Hilary. I have issues with a lot of her positions, but, as they say in Michigan, if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes. Well her positions seem to have the same predictable unpredictability as Michigan’s weather. The good thing about that, if there can be said to be a good thing about it, is that her positions never stray to far from the social policies I like regarding the democratic platform. The republicans are on far shakier ground in  my opinion.

Trump will change his mind and his opinions during an exhale. The difference between trump and Clinton is consistency. Trump could land on a new position that represents the republicans, or the democrats, even the justice league, or possibly on the side of a triumvirate of villains from the latest Batman movie. No one really knows, not even him.

So while the republican party elite willing to hold down the contents of their stomachs long enough to endorse him dutifully trotted out their kind words and support, they know this is just a crap shoot. They know the Donald may turn his back on them and everything they hoped and dreamed he would do.

And what is the hope they vote for when they pull the lever for Trump? They are voting to avoid a liberal supreme court. They are voting to squash the human rights of LGBT people. They vote to overturn Roe V Wade and to abolish the affordable care act. They hope Donald will pass sweeping tax cuts and privatize social security and the national parks. They vote for the XL Pipeline and increased drilling. They vote to squash the notion of global warming and act to take away regulations protecting our environment and our lives. The list is a great deal longer but essentially the republicans vote not for Trump, not even against Hilary, but to perpetuate their policies that I consider a war on humanity.

Democrats are a little more secure. We know enough about Hilary to know where she stands, or at least the ballpark she will remain in. I disagree on her stance on guns and the 2nd amendment. I disagree on her hawkish style regarding potential military intervention overseas. I disagree with the knee jerk politics the democrats like to play when it comes to media attention on issues. There are other points with which I do not agree with the democrats but I will be voting for them anyway because there are too many points where I see the republicans as pure evil.

undecided-voter-halloweenI used to play kinder and considered the republicans misguided money hungry jerks, but it boils down to evil now. I get the fiscal responsibility and the desire for a strong military. I do not get the desire to gut the rights of humans for no reason other than the fact they can. I do not understand the wanton disregard for the environment. Even if we disagree on the impact of global warming one must be able to see Flint Michigan’s water crisis as reason enough to protect the earth, but no, they do not. Their answer is to get rid of the EPA.

Their answers are equally misguided in other areas. They support the NRA notion that more guns work for safety. They support the idea of privatizing everything from education to health care to social security and all manner of things as they believe the free market will work to right the ship. The free market is run by people, greedy people, that will destroy everything if given the option to profit on the backs of peoples health and savings. They wish to once again allow the banks to be deregulated. We just went through a recession. Nearly destroyed the economy. made a lot of people’s 401k’s disappear and jobs along with it because, in part, the republicans deregulated the banks. But now they know how to do it right I suppose.

The major reason I will never vote in a republican again is that they now have adopted the notion that we are a christian nation and run by the bible and what they perceive as God’s law above all else. They wish to bring religion into schools and government. They wish religion to hold sway in all manner of transactions including health care options and where I may or may not be allowed to do business depending on today’s interpretation of some religious text. This cannot take place. A mere glance at the middle east and their many problems will tell you what happens when religion is mixed inextricably with government and education and business and war.


Basically though I see this election more as the candidate I refuse to back rather than the one I am willing to back. I think a lot of people agree with that statement. I know Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, and Mitch McConnell do. And I think it is a little bit sad. I did not live in the time of JFK, or Lincoln, or Jefferson, or Washington but I like to think the history books are correct when they speak of these men with a degree of reverence and respect. I wish I could say there was one president in my adult life that I could say the same about. I know this election will not bring one.


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