The Republican base knows not how to think, only what to think


I have been trying very hard to summon up some kind of emotion, some kind of love or hatred for politics in the last week or more. I tell you I am exhausted. How many times can one write that Trump is a bag of hot air only to have it fall on deaf ears? The only thing left to do is to let this go to a vote. Let this entire process wind down and end up as a vote for one of these two candidates. Oh, I forgot to mention, I no longer need type the word presumptive as last night Hilary was nominated and is an official candidate, while last week Trump also achieved that goal.

I have noticed on my social media a ramping up of the vitriol that is coming from those on my lists that consider themselves Trump people. None of it is particularly useful or interesting. As usual it is not based in reality. Mostly it is a steady stream of already proven lies and misinformation.

Mostly I have not commented on much of it because it is just the beginning of a he said she said sort of dialogue leading nowhere. I can only refute the things republicans consider facts, as well as Bernie supporters, so many times before it just gets pointless.

imageedit_285_6536840923HILARY LIES!!”

Please show me where this is proven? She is a politician after all and they are hired by us and paid by us to keep secrets from us, but other than that, where are the lies? Benghazi perhaps? 8 congressional committees designed entirely to attack the future democratic candidate rather than seek any real truth or resolution for the friends and family of the lost men, failed in proving Hilary did a single thing wrong, or lied to anyone. perhaps e-mails and servers are your issue. Once again, investigations by non-partisan agencies and still no smoking gun. Worst I read was she was accused of poor judgement.


It has never been proven that Hilary, or any of the Americans tasked with the defense of the embassy and its people, did anything wrong. The statement most often heard is they did the best they could with the information and resources at their disposal. Contrary to the right wing desire to believe that this was the only embassy and the attack was imminent and unavoidable, it was the exact opposite. Our people are tasked with protecting many embassies all the time, these embassies come under various threats for various reasons all the time. Bush himself had, under his watch, 13 assaults on such places with multiple dead and wounded, because it happens. The right has spent many years painting a very different picture than reality dictates only to be told time and again there is nothing there.


Yes it did. It took possibly up to 25 million over many years from the Saudia Arabian government alone. Hilary was on the board of this organization at various times. Do you know when Hilary resigned from that board? No, you don’t and you likely don’t care but, she resigned her position on that board and with that foundation while she held office as secretary of state and again while she ran for the presidency. She did so to avoid these types of accusations, to avoid violating the law, and to avoid even the appearance of impropriety. Right wingers do not care about reality. They routinely tie these monies to her and her campaign in spite of the facts.


I could keep going with little rational responses to frequent charges against her. It is a waste. Republicans, or at least a segment of the republican party, has resigned itself to ignoring truth. They deny science as a matter or course. It is merely another moment of exhaling for them to say “no science is wrong and the answers are found in the bible.” An incredible majority of scientists point to the reality of global warming. This is something so easy to measure you merely need a thermometer and a piece of paper to write down the results, and yet it is a vast conspiracy according to the right.


I get it of course, there are aspects of this that are silly like carbon credits and carbon tax. They solve no issue but to line someones pockets with money from people stupid enough to pay them. However the basic facts exist. The earth is warmer. It keeps getting warmer. We pollute the earth. We keep polluting the earth. We can argue till we are blue about who caused this and what to do about it but these things are occurring. And the republican response is to call it a hoax and get rid of the EPA. If you do not think humans pollute the earth to the extent that the earth cannot absorb the damage and recover in a useful time frame sans human intervention then I challenge you. Drink the water in Flint MI daily. Shit, drink the water in any metro out of the river before processing plants and filtration have cleaned it to at least some degree. While fishing your favorite local lake reach over the side with a cup and get water for yourself. I challenge you to read the toxicity levels of the fish as measured in your area. There are limitations and recommendations on their consumption, not because these fish differ ideologically from you, but because they are poisoned by human actions.

The republicans also choose to ignore the supreme court routinely of late. Many republicans specifically saying the bible holds more sway than the members of SCOTUS and their rulings. They say the bible is what this nation is based on, placing it above the constitution itself. Insanity indeed for a group that routinely says democrats are horrible because they do not care about the constitution.

Sure they like aspects of the constitution. They love the second amendment but seem not to understand or embrace the first one. Guns are good, religion separate and free away from the halls of government and government institutions is an abomination.

See I can keep writing this stuff for a long time. I can write post after post about the inherent inability of republicans to understand or be aware of hypocrisy in their platforms and beliefs. I am slowly coming to the conclusion though that, while the educated among them, the intelligent among them, surely know they are lying, the base of the party does not. The base of the republican party is a group very much raised on religion. They were told from a very young age you do not question, you do not challenge, you do not research and look for facts, rather you accept what is told to you. This is the way of a Godly person as they see it.

acaA Godly person accepts whatever is told them and disavows anything that would seem to contradict this information out of hand. A Godly woman accepts her man, and the men of God, as her savior as they are closer to God than her and know best what she need do and think. A Godly person is trained thus to accept and not to question. This is the perfect training for the republican party. We are telling you what is, now line up over there and vote for us, then go home and strap yourself to the machines and create a profit for we elite. You are the grist in their mill, and the source of their wealth, and you shall work till you fall then be replaced.

The republicans are then using this obedience to disseminate a series of headlines against Hilary and the liberals. The reason the throng of right wingers out there merely say headlines like Hilary lies is because it is all they know, it is all they need to know, it is all they were told to know. They regurgitate this information at any point where it seems needed and strut around as if they have spoken truth and deserve a treat. Their masters have taught them to do so. Their masters may, or may not, know the truth, I do not know. I know they are men educated in the school systems that they claim turns everyone into liberals. I know they have been exposed to enough information to be able to reach conclusions other than their lies. I also know they continue to lie for profit, greed, power, control, and a myriad other things I am unaware of.

For these reasons I am weary. I am merely wasting time trying to teach the mindless drones of the republican mill how to think. That is my flaw. I want them to learn, I want them to research and find facts. I want them to then apply those facts to their world view. What I should be doing is telling them what to believe as this is how they are trained. This is sad.



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