The Fallacy of Choice


I have seen a great number of memes and posts regarding the fallacy of choice of late in regards to the current election cycle. The fallacy they refer to is dependent upon the person posting I am sure. If you are a Bernie person the fallacy likely likes in the pretend democratic process of electing the nominee. If you love Trump that fallacy bordered on many issues at many times in the process. At times Trump and his people claimed the primaries were rigged, or being rigged, times when the entire republican party seemed aligned against Trump according to Trump, not to mention the constant flow from Trump and crew regarding his mistreatment in the media and, any other person, place, or thing, that seemed to disagree with even the smallest of his utterances. Certainly Hilary fans feel put upon by the scandal creation wing of the republican party as they have invented so many scandals no one knows if any are real. But to top it off now we have the “I will vote no one in this election” person that seems to feel the entire process is so rigged, so useless, there is no point in participating.

i-have-no-choice-is-a-fallacyI sympathize with this particular group to a great degree. Our political system is bought and paid for by people, and corporations, and entities, that exist in the shadows many times. Some crawl into the light and are proud of their influence like the NRA. Most prefer the darkness as they advertise that they are here to help you, their people, their customers, while they pay off politicians in back rooms to do exactly the opposite.


So yes, the game is rigged, the choice is somewhat false, if you believe the choice is what they tell you that it is. If you believe the choice is between two people with your best interests at heart then you are confused and there is no choice. If you believe the choice is between two parties fighting for your best interests, then yes, the game is still rigged and you have no real choice. If you think you are fighting for a wall on the southern border you are terribly confused and there is no choice for you. Likewise if you think you are fighting for free college, your choice is non-existent, but you are right, you need an education.

The real choice comes in the minutia we can control. That choice is not tomorrow’s change, or even next year’s change, it is much farther down the line. The things no one actually talks about in speeches or to the media on a regular basis is what you vote for, as change is more a long term thing rather than a moment in time.me_463_strawman-1

We point to the fall of the Berlin wall as resounding change but the fall of that wall was at best symbolic of events that were taking place all over eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. We point to the passing of marriage equality as change in this nation and yet these changes have been on the move for a very long time. The Marriage Equality ruling is merely a symbol. The actual change was taking place incrementally every day, in the hearts and minds of young and growing generations.

It is in these subsequent generations where the hope lies. it lies not in the hearts and minds of older people. They, we, have our minds made up. I look around me at my friends, the people I went to junior high school, and high school with, and they are now staunch conservatives claiming they love the pledge of allegiance and God should be in schools. These are names and people I recognize but not actions and opinions. I know these people, have known them long enough to know their hobbies as young men and women. I know the things they now claim to believe are out of fear. Out of a perpetual stream of scare tactics used by the media to drive voters like cattle to a slaughter.

It is the generations of young people that can be educated to make responsible decisions. Change the way a thing is seen. Let a new generation grow in the way it is seen. That thing will change.


We argue that there is to much politically Correct nonsense in this current iteration of America. I do not wholly disagree with that statement. Comedians talk now of no longer playing to college campuses as the students at the show no longer allow anything to be funny. They cannot take a joke lest it violate some PC tenet. But in reality the college campus is often where change is taking place. The minds of the newly educated do not yet have their ideals crushed, their spirit exorcised. They see this new information as issues to take action on, and proceed to do so. This should be no shock to anyone.

The hard part of education is knowing what to do with it. Knowing the Black Lives Matter movement has points regarding the traditional relationship that black people have with the police is one thing. Protesting solely for that aspect of this discussion is another. Likewise the Blue Lives Matter movement and the All Lives Matter ignorance.  There are a lot of factors that come into play in a discussion of this magnitude. There are factions of any organization today that leave the original principles of the movement and strike out with violence, hatred, and ignorance.

It is not really that difficult to understand that a black man laying down, arms raised, and unarmed, should never be shot by the police. Yet this happened. It should not be difficult to understand that petty crimes should not end up in the death of the person arrested. Yet these things happen. It should also be equally easy to understand that police do a tough job. They lay their lives out there daily to protect and serve. They should not be subject to violent, and deadly, retaliation for the behavior of a few bad actors. All of this is solved by understanding both sides are right, and both sides, at times, are wrong. We need to lose the notion that when being arrested for a petty crime, fighting the police, is a plan. Equally though we need to lose the notion that everyone being arrested is a problem requiring the use of deadly force.  Like in society as a whole, the microcosm that is this issue points to the fact that no one wants to address the whole issue. They like screaming for their small understanding of it.


Often battles are between the young, the newly enlightened, and the old and entrenched. The conservatives and the liberals. The old and entrenched see things as they were raised to see things. You have to recognize their position in the context it was acquired. The new generations are just learning these new things in a brand new context. Hence the clash. A 97 year old southern grandpaw may see the oppression of black Americans, and any minority for that matter, as the status quo. He may see this as just as normal as the sunrise because this is the context of his youth. He likely sees the issue just a little nicer than his grandpaw before him who saw the times of absolute horror heaped upon minorities of any type as something to do on a weekend off of work. The new born grankid now sees all these things in the light of the civil rights movement, in the light of a new day and. while some of grandpaw’s old time garbage might sink in there is a chance it will not.

The thing we vote for is to discard grandpaws prejudice. To discard the ways of ignorance and move to the light. I know it is harder for people my age to feel this way. I know because I have only a small number of old school friends, apart from my fiance, that are my age, and hold my views. The conservative ones are entrenched. They may be quiet about it at first but it seems that, eventually, they come out to fight for their ways.

For these reasons I am left to say the vote you hold in your possession counts. regardless of your view, there is something to vote for. It may not be the grand party or candidate of your dreams or of their incessant preaching. It may not be for the nirvana you presume a candidate offers you and yours. It may not be something that directly effects you or this life. But, when you think there is no choice. When you think the candidates are horrible, the elections rigged, the parties a joke. Vote for the future.


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