Trump on Parade: Narcissism 101


So a year ago Trump entered the race for the presidency of these United States. A year ago we all laughed. I am not alone in admitting I thought it a joke but, a year later, like herpes, what started off as a mildly enjoyable moment of pleasure remains with us, possibly forever. Trump won the primary season and is now the nominee of the republican party. More than that he has stolen the republican brand in its entirety. He is their message, he is their direction, he is their lone voice.

donald-trump-narcissistHe won the primaries by pandering to a segment of the republican voters that are absolutely the worst America has to offer.  They long for what they recall as days of wine and roses. To them these were days past of open racism, xenophobia, and misogyny. If they can’t spew their pejoratives freely then surely the world is far to politically correct and the white man is being usurped as the true leader. They wallow in ignorance with pride, denying anything resembling facts or useful information. Science is the enemy as it is a tool of liberals to deny God and take dollars from hard working Americans. God and guns are their creed and they will fight the wind if it whispers anything resembling dissent of either.

This is the segment of the republican party that, until these last two weeks, I thought the party elites knew about. I admit that over the years I have been puzzled when seemingly intelligent humans were attracted to the republican brand and defended it so vehemently. I now see them come to microphones in the wake of Trump’s coup, and stand there like the proverbial deer in the headlights. They appear stunned that this man has no use for them. Has no interest in the practice of politics as they understand it. They are stunned he spouts racism and appears to suggest that the president is in league with ISIS and responsible for mass murder on American soil. They, conveniently, forget they spent the last 7 years saying a lot of horrible things about the president also.

downloadStill I see them wonder how this repugnant little ooompaloompa, with a previously undiscovered mammal sleeping atop his vacuous head, has hijacked the party of Lincoln. They fumble about trying to find a way to work with Trump, suggesting if he reigned in his rhetoric and followed a more structured, conservative, approach they could love him. They say the youngster is new to politics and needs to prove to the republicans they know that he is a true representative of conservatism, an ideology they say, without laughing, or any hint of the irony involved, is full of love for the common man, full of hope, and not in any way desirous of excluding people for any of the myriad reasons they invent to exclude people. .

I have taken a perverse pleasure in watching them say these things day after day for the last two weeks as I know what they seem not to know, or pretend not to know. Trump has discovered the true republican party. He has discovered it and stolen it out from under them. Trump knows what the true party wants and he is giving it to them. He has no interest in taking advice from the RNC. It will not happen. He has no interest in conservative values or lies. He never did. He is a narcissist plain and simple. He does what he does to support himself. He wallows in the adulation his speeches bring. The massive echo chamber of “TRUMP IS GREAT” appeals to him like heroin to a junkie, like hatred to a bigot, like manipulating the uninformed to FOX news.

There is no 12 step program for narcissism of this level. You could have a thousand steps and no help lies at the other end. Trump is a sociopath that has found joy in the mirror instead of a dump site in his crawl space. Trump has no understanding of the thoughts and feelings of the average human, he has no need. And because of this the RNC can try, and try, and try again to get him to change his tune, and they will fail, and fail, and fail again to achieve anything but the creation of their own ulcer.


Trump won the primaries going away with a message of lunacy and hate. He feels this message will continue to serve him. He has decided polls no longer reflect the true voting public in spite of his constant reference to them in the primaries. In this moment the polls do not serve him. Narcissism 101 demands that whatever does not serve the narcissist is discarded and vilified.

His rabid voters now appear a small portion of the voter population. I saw one poll where he is even losing the white male vote. This is his bread and butter and he cannot get even them to like him. His polling with women, and African Americans, and Latinos is appalling if you are pro Trump, and his normal tricks are failing him.

a04c71000e0809bf607019fb71d60d37Previously when his polls dipped or another republican challenged him he would step up the crazy. He would hit us with another piece of horror designed to rile up his base and again he would rise. He has been hitting us with crazy left and right since he became the presumptive nominee to no avail. His polls are declining. And now that Bernie and Hilary are winding up their race his polls will fall further and further.

I am not sad to see the republican party have to face this reality. I am amused, delighted, more than happy as it were that the republicans finally have to see the passenger list on this train wreck of a party they have been running. They pretended to notice when Obama won. They did an autopsy on themselves. They pretended they would be more inclusive. Speak to minorities and women. Pretended they would not spend all their time catering to the wealth in this nation. Then, at every conceivable moment, they have chosen not to do any of these things.

Well hello republicans. You created Trump because you created your base. They ignore reality because you do. They ignore science because you do. They live for the notion of God and guns because you feed them this. They are, for the most part, a pox on humanity but you have allowed them in because it served you. It is no longer serving you to wage this war on the middle class. To attempt to thwart every attempt by the people you deem less than to become your equals, or even to become something at all above what they are. You have fought hard to worship the extreme wealth in this nation. Fought to appease them at the expense of the rest of us. I can’t say I am sad to see it bite you right in the ass.

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