R.I.P. Republican Party


There is an awakening taking place across the media outlets and more level headed people in this nation calling themselves republican. They have labored under the delusion that they can call themselves the party of Lincoln and it means something. In fact what they say is we are the party of Lincoln and Reagan with an air of pride in the achievements of both, coupled with a failure to understand they were very different politicians from very different eras. In fact it is a lot like saying we are the party of Santa Clause and Stalin with no hint that these things are mutually exclusive.  But as you continue to examine the statement it just gets worse. Many of these republican politicians and supporters still think the party in some way reflects the ideals of Lincoln, which is laughable, and Reagan, which is also somewhat of a joke. reagan’s own son has stated his father would no longer be supported by this current party he is credited with creating, he was too liberal.

Donald Trump, Schlong, GOP, political cartoon

Donald Trump, Schlong, GOP, political cartoon

The version of the republican party that has been floating around since Nixon is the party of drama, fear, reaction. They have courted and won over a base that is, for all intents and purposes, poorly educated. This base counts among its qualities, religious extremism, fiscal insanity, rabid misplaced patriotism, intolerance, isolationism, racism, xenophobia, violence, an unnatural love of the 2nd amendment, and an unending whine about the loss of their white privilege. They may not all possess all these qualities but most possess some I listed and others I did not.

Are all republicans such people? I would love to say I believe they are not. I would love to take my republican friends at their words and actions and say they believe the party is based on good platforms and fiscal responsibility. That they think that, like Lincoln, there should be freedom and rights for all the citizens of the nation. But in order to believe that I have to assume one of two things. Either my republican friends are absolutely blind to the statements and actions and directions of a large base of their party, or, they are lying.

Trump, of the Donald variety, has insulted, bullied, lied, and threatened his way to the head of the party itself. The party died the other day when Paul Ryan, the speaker of the house, endorsed him. At that point the republican party ceased to exist. It is now the party of Trump. It is subject to his whims, his constant lies, his endorsement of hatred, his changing emotional states, and his narcissism which will not let even the most minor of slights pass. Donald will hold no meetings to discuss the direction of the republican party as Ryan and crew see it. He will go in the direction he sees fit. as crazy as that direction may be, because he sees himself as the only source of wisdom and direction available.

4bd32fb30286bca4ecbfbdc888ff0ca6If he does not like the current discourse he tries to change it, pretends it didn’t exist, denies reality. If he does not like someones view of him he assaults them via twitter, or in repeated verbal attacks at his endless stints at the podium. But ask yourself, has Donalds message grown since a year ago? Has he changed in any appreciable way in his message or delivery thereof? I would say no. His only change has been an increase in the attacks and rhetoric. He does not care to speak of policy or platform, mostly because he knows nothing of what they are. He does not think in terms anything but what is good and useful for Donald in any given moment. His attacks are personal not political.

He is not insulting the judge because he feels at odds with the man over policy or politics. The man made a ruling Donald didn’t like and like the 6 year p;d bully he is he insulted him. He instructed his paid mouthpieces to insult the man also. What he did not do was get his lawyers to issue one single piece of paper to ask the judge to recuse himself for some legal reason. Lawyers are many things but they do not waste time with arguments that have no merit in law as they get chastised for it.

This entire fiasco is not just funny, it is sad and dangerous. Trump has performed a coup on the republican party. A successful coup. The party cannot fight back. The shattered remains of the party are now left with one option and that is to support the madman. The obstruction of a moderate judge to the supreme court as proposed by Obama is on their heads now. It is likely the next president will appoint up to 3 judges to the supreme court. They cannot afford for Hilary to be the one to appoint them. Also, if they could deny the racist hate filled base of their parties creation and acceptance before this Trump nomination, they can no longer do so.

Bruce Plante Cartoon: Trump takes a hostageTrump owns their base. His promises of deportations, and walls, and detention, and labeling, and overturning of court rulings and amendments to the constitution have given to their base the hope that Trump can do what they have failed to do time and again; stop the liberals from getting their way. They promised to get rid of obamacare, roe V wade, and marriage equality, and failed at every turn. They promised fiscal responsibility and shut down the government and effected the credit rating in the process. They promised safety at home and started two wars, one completely without purpose, sending our young men and women to die.

Trump tells them he is great and will change that. They may or may not believe it, though it seems they do believe, but they do not believe the party elite any longer. Trump is their golden boy for now and until his election occurs and he fails to deliver he will remain so.

I am not sad to see the eyes of the republican elite as they struggle to come to terms with their new reality. They have benefitted from the far right agenda for some time now. They benefitted enough that they refused to shut down the vitriol coming from them. Refused to check their behavior in any way at all. Now that decision has come home to roost. Its name is Trump and he has done what no liberal could have. He has done what no progressive agenda could have. He has destroyed the republican party using its own message and rabid little base. So sorry.

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