Is Trump a Racist ?


There are many in the republican party joining the chorus of left wingers in their labeling of Donald Trump as a racist in the wake of his recent tirade against a judge of mexican descent. The republicans are terribly late to the party as he started his racist remarks in and around the time he first descended that escalator to announce this travesty of a presidential campaign. Time and again he has played the racist, so much so that he has the full support of America’s white supremacist movement, but, the question remains, is Trump a racist?

vickqUp until now he has operated business’s with varying degrees of success in major metropolitan areas, as well as worldwide. We have heard complaints about his ego, his philandering, his constant bankruptcies, his narcissism, his misogyny, but in all his dealings I have never heard him called racist.

Then again he is a wealthy man and employees seldom come out after the man signing their paycheck and call him racist. Also Trump has a clear love of one color, green, and this can override bigotry in men like him in their quest for the almighty dollar. Donald Sterling is a fine example of such a thing. He owned the LA Clippers, an NBA team, and no one in the public had ever heard word one until his wife posted an instagram photo with Magic Johnson. This inspired a racist rant about what she could and couldn’t do with and around Magic Johnson as long as she did not mention it on instagram. Admittedly a strange manifestation of racism but racism nonetheless. But money trumps bigotry in the world of some. Donald had no specific Instagram issues I am aware of but as of his declaration as a presidential hopeful he has certainly sounded off with some pretty specific forms of prejudice.

boston_globe_cartoonHe began with mexicans are rapists and murderers. Probably not all of them he added, as how can every single mexican be a rapist murderer. There would be none left I imagine he imagined. This was ignored and forgiven by his supporters and the party elite as it was in reference to a mythical policy issue about building a wall on our southern border and deporting 12 million illegal aliens no one can find. It could be a platform after all. Deport the murdering rapist mexicans. Not a nice platform, I mean, there are kinder ways to say it and still make your point but sure, it is a platform.

Next he added the detention and banning of Muslims. He decided we needed to ban 1.4 billion humans from entering the United States. He added that Muslims already here should be at best put in detention camps, at least labeled so they can be easily singled out. One could argue, and some have, that this is also a policy of protection. That Muslims, a few, have caused violence and have participated in terrorism and this makes all of them unsafe. The republican elite ignored again, and the Trump supporters howled for him with unbridled love. They did so in direct contradiction to their own arguments that one bad person with a gun should not cause all gun owners to come under scrutiny or increase gun laws in any way. But understanding irony and hypocrisy is on their to do list and they haven’t gotten around to it yet.


Trump displayed misogyny time and again attacking carly Fiorina about her looks and Megyn Kelly about her time of the month. Not racism by definition but in the ballpark as prejudicial. This is forgiven by the party elite as minor infractions as they are not to fond of women either usually. His supporters howled in glee once again as many are devout Christians and the bible tells them women are less than in a world of greater than men types. The bible isn’t real pro-women. After all, Adam and Eve’s children didn’t even use women to populate the world. They couldn’t because there were none. But that is for another time. Suffice it to say the supporters and party heads were still OK with this level of prejudice.

o-DONALD-TRUMP-MOCKS-DISABLED-REPORTER-facebookThere were other moments when a disabled reporter was mocked, black lives matter protesters were attacked, a Hispanic homeless man assaulted, other protesters beaten and removed, and reporters ridiculed, all of which the party elite ignored, and the supporters supported, as, like the human jock straps they are, they are wont to do.

Then Trump becomes the presumptive nominee and simultaneously runs into a snag with one of his many, many lawsuits, this one regarding Trump University. Trump calls out the dogs in a rant that is decidedly not political, cannot be interpreted as a platform or a policy in any way, and specifically calls out an American judge because he has Mexican heritage. Appalled; the party elite say Donald you need to dial this back. Trump doubles down, as usual, saying that no Muslim judge could ever treat him fairly either. The supporters, in their jock strap, I won’t let you down you big scrotum, kind of way howl and applaud their support. The party elites look stunned.

downloadNow let us stop for a moment. The main question here is, is Trump prejudice, is he a racist? His statements say yes. His actions in the last year scream yes. His history suggests no. But, his supporters, the human jock straps supporting his scrotum filled with lies, hate, insane rhetoric, no policies, no platforms, just blind unwavering faith that Trump is the man to allow them to proudly display their racist, prejudice, misogynist, xenophobic, ignorant, soul to the world once again, cheer even louder.

I am tempted to say Donald Trump is not racist, not that list of things I freely ascribe to his supporters. I am tempted to say he is putting on a show for them so they may love him. But, I am also of the mind that, if it quacks like a duck, swims like a duck, craps like a duck, it is a duck. What to do then? Is he or isn’t he? My answer is, I do not care.

jTpIf74NI want him gone. I want him to end up poor and broken after this election. I want the wealthy previously willing to deal with him to be appalled at his mere presence. I want the celebrities that hang out with him to be afraid of the negative press associated with him. I want his golf courses playerless. I want his TV shows cancelled. I want all that is Trump to be listed under a giant sign in 50 foot golden letters saying DEFUNCT. I want there to be a God that tosses him into a hell of his very own where his narcissistic being can find no mirrors, no sycophants fawning over his wealth, no adulation, not even so much as an echo returning when he speaks, for all eternity.

I do however, want to thank Trump also. In his efforts he has shown the republican party that they are not the party of Lincoln. They are not the shining example on the hill. They have courted hate to fill their ballot boxes and now they must face this fact. The hate has won. The hate is now supporting a scrotum of massive proportions filled with all that is wrong in this world. They need to cut the supporters off.




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