Zombies at the Gate – Trump and his People


It pains me to type this but Trump is now the republican nominee for president of the United States of America. He has not won this with anything approaching a demonstration of ability to do the job. One would be mistaken however, to dismiss the methods that have gotten him here, and that he will use in his campaign as it progresses.

download (2)Hilary is not equipped for the Trump train. She is not ready for the zombie apocalypse, and make no mistake, the Trump train is the zombie apocalypse. After all a zombie is a half dead human mucking about with no active brain matter. The zombie does not eat, sleep, blink, cough, or breathe, the zombie is without even base autonomic functions, or a need for them. This is the base Trump supporter. In many ways this is Trump himself except for the combover, zombies don’t care about combovers.

Daily he demonstrates for all to see exactly how he gets things done, exactly how he has become what we recognize as Donald trump. And sure, he was given a monster leg up in with daddy money and clout but he made it more I suppose. How he does it is he walks in and tells everyone there he is the greatest, and yes, he believes it. He tells them it will get done. He lies. If any of these things later do not come to pass he makes a new plan that he will assure you he saw coming all along, as he is the greatest.

042916coletoonI watched the talking heads this morning discuss the direction the Trump campaign needs to head in. Embrace the party elite, confront Hilary policies directly, act like a human being. When I finished laughing I changed the channel. I am amazed time and again that these supposed political minds cannot see what is in front of them. Trump will do nothing different than he is already doing. He owns the RNC as he is the nominee. He owes them nothing and will not make peace in any way. He cares nothing about policies and his supporters care nothing for policies. They want to hear him bellow about how stupid everyone is but himself and his people. Trump will give them that time and again. Trump will give them headlines and bombast. They will feed on it like vampires in a blood bank.

Trump’s secret isn’t a secret, has not been a secret for some time. This nation, this world, has a huge segment of humans that love twitter. They love social media, and they grew up on sitcoms on TV. They love the one line comeback. They can listen to a dissertation on the makeup of the universe by Stephen Hawking and if one heckler says “Yeah, Like A Black Holes Man, You Suck!!!” the place will buckle at the knees in an effort to stop from collapsing from laughter. They will ignore everything said by the person in the room with a brain and say, seriously, that “Hawking just got schooled man!”

This is the level of discourse these people are accustomed to. This is the level of discourse they expect from Trump. And this is the level of discourse they will get from Trump because, it is all Trump has to offer them. Put simply we live in an illiterate society. They barely think, barely function, barely exist, and are immensely proud of all of it. Challenge their opinion to hear an insult. Challenge their belief, or the source thereof, and you may get hit.

120315coletoonI watched Trump this morning from in front of some microphone somewhere. He spoke of all the things he was going to do, and some of the things he hopes for. His speech was filled with stuff like “well, you know we have bad people, doing terrible things,” and “you know that there are people, the worst kind of people, that do not want things to move in a direction that is good,” and “we need to make this country, well, you know chuck, there was a time when this country was good and now we have lost that.” Now nowhere in the speech did he say what good was or bad was or who the bad guys are or good guys or anything really. Not one piece of specific information has been passed.

It is like when you read a Stephen King novel. The creature is amorphous enough to allow for your imagination to fill in the blanks. Your imagination is what makes it all work. It is also why, when they make Stephen King creatures into something tangible in a movie they disappoint. The movie makers have to produce a real thing and it doesn’t live to what you had in mind. The same pitfall will eventually befall Trump.

Eventually he will have to actually do something, say something, that is real, tangible, has facts in it. Maybe not until he is, God forbid, elected, but the day will come if that happens. When it does the beast will disappoint. The bad people will not match those the KKK supporters imagined, the good people will not be so, the greatness of America will not be what was imagined by the maddening crowd.

I will say though that till that day comes Trump will garner applause for the dick joke while Hilary is talking about actual things that the government has and can actually do. This is her weak spot in this race. She has a brain and this will not serve her in any way against the Trump supporter.

The dick joke loving, one liner spouting, supporter of Trump cares nothing about the actual role a government plays on a local or national, or international stage. “Bomb ISIS!” “YAAYYYY!!!” “Build a WALL!!!” “YAAAY!!” “The complex nature of the situation in Syria and Iraq, where Isis currently sits, is such that we have to be very careful about how we approach any incursion into that area.” “WHHHAAAATTTTTT?????”

images (4)There are those that claim they love Trump because he “tells it like it is,” but, he doesn’t. When he speaks you might as well be reading today’s astrology report for your sign. Today you will come into money, today you will find love, today we will make America great again. Some say “he is a business man and the government is a business,” but this argument falls short. While I will agree aspects of the government are business like I will add that many are not. Business exists to profit. It exists to generate an income for the people involved in it, a lucrative one if at all possible. Government exists, is supposed to exist, for the good of the people and the nation. Government should be perfectly happy to break even. Government is there for its citizens, maybe not to better their lives but to manage the things in their lives that make society exist and function. This is not the role of a business in any way.

Business is designed to claw, scratch, poison, destroy, to do anything and everything short of getting caught, to generate profit. Business has the ability to fire and hire people involved in it based on their ability to help or hurt the business. Business answers to no one if it is actually good at doing its job. Business buys politics to make way for those horrible things it does. Government is not business though it often acts like it is.

I will admit though I do love the walking dead, I watch it religiously. I think though that people make the mistake of thinking the walking dead are the zombies. I think that, like Trump supporters, the zombies are pylons in a dystopian world. They are mindless drones to step around or destroy. Even if the zombie supporters of Trump vote him in they will never be cognizant of their error any more than the walking dead version is of being permanently impaled. These supporters barely dress themselves and often do so only in an effort to get out of the house to hate their neighbor.

Michael Traynor as Nicholas and Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 3 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Michael Traynor as Nicholas and Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 3 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The real walking dead on the show, in my opinion, are the survivors, those with still functioning grey matter. They have to watch the horror around them as they die a little every day. They surrender more and more of their humanity in an effort to make the best of the horrible state they find themselves in. This is the Hilary supporter as it is the supporter of nearly every republican candidate other than Trump. The thinking human concerned for information and policies and reality left to gape in horror as friend and family are slowly chipped away by the mindless zombie hoard. The walking dead are the ones left alive by the passing throng of zombies.

The thing I will be watching over the coming months is how Hilary handles the insults, and the garbage rhetoric Trump will throw her way. I mean, while I accept Hilary has not dealt with a Trump before, I also accept that Trump has not dealt with a Hilary before. The republican machine has been insulting, accusing, and dragging her and her family through the mud for decades. She will not collapse because of a few Trumpisms as have the republicans before her. She has seen worse.

Buckle up as we have a lady with a mind against and man with anything but. It is wheel of fortune VS jeopardy. It is Mensa vs reality TV. It is anyone’s guess as to how it plays out. One can only hope in the end that we do not hand the United States over to a reality TV star but Mensa has fewer supporters. .




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