FEED ME DONALD!!! Little Shop of Horrors running for the White House!!


Trump, to me and many in this world, is a prime example of where thoughts go to die. His mind is the secret burial ground where once elephants passed and now we find the rotting corpses of common sense and decency. His picture appears in the dictionary as the definition for moot as, all that he is, all that he will ever be, defines the word. The white house, were he to occupy it, would become to the world what the “Little Shop of Horrors” became to Audrey II and Seymour; home to an evil as dumb as a plant and insatiable as any hell on Earth you can imagine. However, Trump is also now the presumptive nominee for the republican party. Yes, Donald Trump. The same man that was the presumptive bigot, presumptive misogynist, presumptive adulterer, presumptive liar, presumptive leader of the KKK, presumptive jackass in waiting and is now Seymour in the flesh about to destroy America not for the love of the beautiful Audrey, not even to feed Audrey II, the gigantic venus fly trap he calls his supporters, but, to feed his own narcissism.

His ego will devour the nation, and if his policies are what he says they are, he will take a lot of other people and places down with him but no, I do not think him an idiot. As a matter of fact he has manipulated, and coerced, and forced his way to the head of the republican party. He spurns any notion of allowing the party heads, or anyone else really, any say in how he conducts himself or his run for the white house but then why shouldn’t he? He has gotten this far on his own.

You do have to give credit where credit is due, and I am certainly willing to do that. I credit the Trump for accidentally falling into the cesspool of hate and vitriol planted and then carefully reared by the republican brand. I give him credit for recognizing it and using it as a means to an end, because that is precisely what he is doing. The likes of Fox, and Rush Limbaugh, Ann Colture, and a whole host of radical right mouthpieces have been fertilizing their bed of hateful little roses with misinformation, downright lies, and fear after baseless fear for some time now. It was time to harvest the crop. But ooops, before they got in there to reap their winnings the Donald snuck in and stole it all out from under them.

LittleShop_smHe turned the ravenous little mob of roses into small carnivorous plants akin more to Audrey II from “Little Shop of Horrors” than any bouquet of roses sent to mom this mothers day. The terrible little Audrey II’s turned on their previous masters and followed the Trump without question as they were trained to do by Fox and crew. It goes without saying they brought along their appetite for hate and their inability to grasp even the simplest of actual notions.

FEED ME!!!!! FEED ME DONALD!!! They yelled. And the Donald obliged. First he fed them Mexicans. Rapist, murdering, illegal, Mexicans along with their American relatives, who would naturally have to go as they were probably rapey and murderey and brown and a host of other unpleasant things. It is their way to be born brown and criminal Trump explained. “Horrible people, absolutely horrible,” he said.

FEED ME!!!! FEED ME DONALD!!! They yelled again as the apatite is insatiable. Feed them he did. This time we are going to ban all Muslims entering the USA. We are going to label all Muslims currently living in the USA, citizens or not. We may even put all the Muslims in detainment camps akin to the mistake we made with Japanese and German Americans in WW2. Again we include American citizens as they are not the right type of American, they are Muslimey and terroristy and must be separated. Oh, and they are also brown and terribly unpleasant he assured us. “The worst sort of people,” he said.


FEED ME!!!! FEED ME DONALD!!! They cried again and again and again. Each time Donald obliged. He fed them Black lives matter, he fed them republican candidate after republican candidate. He amused them by making nicknames for his opponents. Lying Ted he yelled!! Weak and Boring Jeb!! Ugly Carly he proclaimed as he fed them to the little Audrey II’s!! “All dangerous, people, just viscous, nasty people not worth our time,” he stated with an air of certainty.

He fed them ISIS saying he would bomb them, He would eliminate ISIS. The Audrey II’s could have stood and asked the Donald. “How are you going to get rid of ISIS as they are an amorphous entity which does not occupy a single area. Also when you attack them in Iraq and Syria there are other nations, and entities there doing similar things in the same places, so how does this work oh Donald?” But the Audrey II’s were distracted with headlines and anything but desirous of real answers to complex issues that they wouldn’t understand anyway. “ISIS is the worst, the absolute worst,” he said. “I am going to make the biggest military you have ever seen, Isis will not mess with us, I am going to get rid of them once and for all,” we were told.

2-29-16-lil-gop-of-horrorHe fed them Muslims from New York and New Jersey that he claimed cheered the fall of the Twin Towers on 7/11, which we all knew to be 9/11, but the Donald had confused it with a convenience store chain. He fed them Megyn Kelly as she dared challenge the Donald by asking him hard questions and making him look silly. He fed them women wanting and/or in need of legal abortions, saying “they should be punished for such things!” They are “the worst sort of people,” he said. “Dangerous people, a scary group,” he assured us.

He routinely fails to do much more than ignore his followers violence, their bigotry, their hatred. His KKK followers are voicing the notion that Trump is their man in their quest to see Jews wiped from American soil and the planet. The KKK likes his stance against various groups of brown people also. In his rhetoric, in his person, they recognize a kindred soul. But here Trump is less certain that these are dangerous, bad people. He doesn’t cite the KKK as scary, or a threat. Donals assures us the KKK is fine as he does not tell his supporters what to think or say. In fact, he does not require his supporters think at all, and this seems to work for him.

He routinely states that he is sick of the nation being so very Politically Correct in its ways, and its speech. In part I am not so against the statement, but the Donald and I differ on what PC actually encompasses. To me PC limits the ability to talk about real issues by referring to them as they or, or in some cases, referring to them not at all. In Donald’s understanding PC limits his, and his people, in their desire to use hate speech. The Donald wants to say whatever it is he wants to say with absolutely no kickback from society. This will not happen as has been demonstrated by his opposition.

I would love to add a portion to this explaining to Trump lovers that other nations are watching. They see the hate and fear where it will go. I won’t bother because Trump lover’s are not reading this by now for a few reasons, Thus far there are over a thousand words in this piece strung together in sentences and paragraphs as to make and express thoughts and ideas. This is not the environment of the Trump supporter. They crave headlines and excerpts. Paragraphs and complex thought is to them an impenetrable maze, a veritable miasma or things unknowable, unattainable. There may be cheese at the end of the maze but today they starve because to do otherwise is just to hard.

little_shop_of_horrors_by_moon_manunit_42-d30r6z8It may seem I am being mean to Trump supporters. It is the equivalent of making fun of the Amish online, neither will have or desire access to this information, so they will never know. It may seem I am being a little harsh proclaiming all this doom and gloom iif Trump gets into the white house. Maybe so, who knows, the republicans love Reagan and before his run he played with chimps on TV. Will it be the downfall of America we wonder? Well we survived 8 years of Bush and Cheney, barely.

We should keep in mind though that we are an example to the world. At times a good one, at other times not so much. Maybe that doesn’t matter to republicans. They certainly act as if it doesn’t. It should matter to us though. I shouldn’t feel the need to apologize for the ignorance this nation routinely displays in its politics and the supporters of such but I do. I feel the need to explain this ravenous sucking hole that is the Trump support but did Seymour ever explain Audrey II to anyone? Could he have? Or did he just feed it? FEED ME DONALD!!! FEED ME!!!!! Say some more crazy stuff Donald, your plant is hungry.




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