Do Not Play Politics With 9/11

download (1)One of the things I see as holding our nation back is the desire or everyone to play the blame game and it’s companion the credit game. Liberals love to list all the bad things the conservatives do and the conservatives like to list all the ills perpetrated by the liberals. Another song frequently sung by both parties is the credit version where the parties tout their achievements in the face of their opposition. Some of these may be valid, others not so much, but in the end it gets quite tedious and certainly childish because in the games we play the real point is lost.

We are supposed to celebrate achievements for the nation as a nation, we are also supposed to be upset about failures in the same way, but one small thing gets in the way. What is an achievement for one segment of society is often deemed a failure for another segment of society. There is though, at least one issue where we should be Americans, united in a single cause, a single purpose, and that is 9/11 and the surrounding events.

Today I was confronted on social media on a liberal site when I challenged their desire to take credit for the death of Bin Laden as a democratic/Obama victory. I merely said it is not an issue to play politics with and received polite corrections explaining the vast ills of the republican party and how they would not hesitate to use it politically of they had the ability. In fact they had condemned the administrations handling of the event I was told.

The replies were not especially rude but they seemed to miss my point so I explained a bit further my point that there are things that should remain out of the realm of playing gamesmanship and it makes someone no better than their opposition to sink to the level of that opposition.

Again I was chastised politely for failing to understand the low levels the republicans were willing to sink to. It seems that the general feeling was that if the republicans are going to behave thus then the only viable option was to demean ourselves by reciprocating. To wit I reiterated that, while I am quite willing to call the republicans out on a host of issues including their never ending Benghazi committee, the Iraq war, their complete lack of concern for the women, minorities, and LGBT people of this nation, and a list so very long I have no time or desire to create it. I added that this particular one, 9/11, and the capture and kill of Bin Laden, was not one of those issues.

JS003391-PI am not certain if it is because Memorial Day approaches, or because because I grew up in Waterloo, NY, which is the birthplace of Memorial Day as I am told. One I am painfully aware of, the other only marginally so, but one thing I am certain of is this tired game of politics absolutly needs to get shut down on certain issues and this is one.

The planes crashed into three buildings that day. One was a political building house democrats and republicans alike, the other two were places of trade for the world housing all manner of people, some were white, black, asian, latino, I know not the specifics. Many were from other nations as they were world trade centers. Likely some of these people were straight, gay, lesbian, affluent, poor, christian, jew, muslim, in short because too many adjectives are involved, they were humans, and they were Americans or on American soil.

No one shirked their responsibility in an effort to help or save people. No one checked their ID to see of they were the sex they were born with, or what religion they practiced or politics they followed. They saved them if they could. Many they could not.

In the end to play political games with such a thing is a travesty as I see it. It makes a mockery of who we are supposed to be as Americans. I have heard various politicians at various times bring it up for what I deem incorrect reasons. I will not speak to them individually as it is a personal issue for us to deal with as we see fit. I will say I will not use it anywhere because, in a world where I hold very little sacred, this is an exception.

On 9/11 and on the day that Bin Laden was captured and killed in some order, we should all be Americans. Nothing more, nothing less. A task was required and the next man up was going to accomplish it.

Happy Memorial Day – not today but soon ….

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