Why I will VOTE BLUE!


I have been away for a bit. I apologize but I took a trip and was not really in a position to either follow the news or care much about that. I did catch glimpses, mostly of Trump saying spine curling things as usual. I tried to avoid caring to much.

download (3)On my trip though I was around friends I grew up with. Many of these friends are now somewhat polite about my left leaning politics but probably not in agreement. It occurred to me that either I have spent my entire life choosing my friends very poorly or something is amiss. I gave some thought to why I might see things different than these friends of mine. I do not dislike them for their views. I hope they do not dislike me for mine. But somehow we are drawing different conclusions about much of the same media garbage we come into contact with.

I thought I might clarify some why I see the left as the lean I prefer, as it were. Basically, I think it all breaks down for me to what I see as what America is supposed to stand for. What we as humans are supposed to stand for. I think America is largely about the right to be who you want to be. It is about believing the things you want to believe. It is about expressing your views as you desire short of harm. It is about choices and options free of government intervention yes, but also intervention from fellow citizens as long as no harm is coming to anyone. it is about live and let live.

America is also about a hand out and a hand up in my eyes. Our Statue of Liberty asks those from afar to come here to these shores. Our nation is a nation of immigrants. It is about the amalgam of different cultures and beliefs, not about one homogenized American way.

12376645_10153327102695213_1978758364713402762_nWhen I hear the right wing speak on issues of who we are they, the politicians and the leadership, are  not saying that we all have opinions and we shall fight so all the people are heard. What I hear them saying is there is one American way and it is the way of the bible and the way of the belt. America to them is demanding borders, and separation, it is about punishment and the creation of a sameness acceptable to them and no one else. They are reacting out of fear and ignorance of others. Facts seem as much an enemy as opinions, and expression. They are rewriting history to support false claims. They are creating a future devoid of culture and heritage and opinion. They seem to wish for a sharia law based on the bible, a oneness that eradicates difference.

I know friends of mine that do not share these exact beliefs so I ask myself, why do they not see in this party of theirs the things I see? Many in the republican party are now denouncing Trump and his hate, his xenophobia, and misogyny, his perpetual desire to cater to the lowest common denominator as something foreign to the right wing conservative movement,but what they see in Trump is what I see in them.

I see no real difference between Trump and McCain, or Trump and Lindsey Graham. If you are willing to stand there and tell me all people on welfare are leaches, all Muslims suspects, and wage a war on women, children, and the sick to name a few then I see no distinction between Trump and your ways. The republican party has shut down the government multiple times, made a mission of blocking any and all legislation under the current administration regardless of the good or bad it does for the nation and its people.


There are friends of mine that are conservatives for fiscal reasons. I will admit freely, I have given little thought to that aspect of this situation. I am of the view that the republican notion of cater to wealth so it trickles down is garbage I do not believe. I know I do not believe in these “job creators” I hear so much about. I do not know if raising the minimum wage will help but I know nothing they have done has helped and we have yet to try anyone else’s way.

carto_counties_vote08The basic situation for me is that I believe government is irreparably corrupt. I do not see a way to repair that. I certainly do not see electing a big money, bad hairdo, buyer of politicians as a fix. It is more like hiring a sniper to take out the bullet they just put in you. I do know I will vote on the basis of social rights. I know the left wing is intolerant also. I do not side with them especially. I side with the notion that we can all have our lives and not bother one another constantly.

We must support the opposing sides right to exist in order to be able to live in a free society. If this is not an option then you do not belong in this nation. If you see something that offends you, do not do it. But in order to say you are truly free you must not merely allow the other person to do it you must also support their right to do so.

This is why I vote democrat right now. To do otherwise would be, in my mind, supporting a police state, a theocracy. We would become another middle eastern nation existing merely to support and validate the bible. I cannot sit back and vote in anyone that is of this mindset.



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