Trump is no Friend to Charity

donald-trump-john-mccain-comments-cartoon-darkow2I have been reading a lot about Trump and his charity. Seems that some people doubt the man honesty regarding this money he claims he gives. Many are citing the tax returns Trump keeps hidden as proof that he is not giving to charity. Others are looking into his past, interviewing people he has dealt with, searching for the smoking gun as they say.

Trump and charity is very simple for me. This man has an ego the size of a Jupiter like gas giant. Were he actually giving to charity he would be screaming it from the rooftops, advertising it from the moon, climbing the tallest building in NY City in an ape suit and screaming of his philanthropy. The fact that he does none of these things is proof he has no evidence to show anyone.

I fact it seems the opposite might be true. He may be using charity to profit. It seems he gave nothing to charity and instead was [1]”receiving millions in deductions by donating land he valued at somewhere between 13 and 50 times what he paid for it. Back in the 1990s, Trump paid $2 million for two parcels of land totaling 436 acres north of New York City with the hope of building a pair of golf courses.” Through a series of events Trump was denied the ability to build said golf courses. He tried to sell the land and failed. He then donated the land to the city as a park under the normal Trump conditions of splashing his extra large name all over it. When asked the value of said land he told the press 100 million. The land was actually valued by the city at about 15 million. What no one actually knows is whether he wrote that 100 million dollar figure on his taxes as his deduction.

Is this proof Trump is bilking the government of money he should be paying on his taxes by pretending at charity. No, it isn’t. It is a lot of conjecture and he said she said stuff. But, I reiterate, if Trump had evidence of his philanthropy, if Trump had a method to feed that narcissistic black hole at the center of what normal humans call a soul, he would be screaming to let us know.

There is no real need to search further. I am certain Trump is the asshat he comes off ass. My only real regret about him is that his level of crazy is masking Cruz’z crazy. Ted is getting a pass as he cannot possibly match the Trump level of insanity publicly.

Ted knows he is insane and needs to hide some of it. Trump is a soulless piece of dirt playing politics with people unwilling and/or without a desire to pay attention to the con. Cruz is the Zodiac Killer at heart.




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