The Two Party System Has Worn Out Its Welcome

ColeJ20151231_lowAll kidding aside, what is it America wants for America? What future are we in search of as we stumble, drop, and roll our way through this atrocious election cycle? Most of America seems to acknowledge the candidates are appalling. We all seem to know the game is rigged. We acknowledge a need to remove big money from politics to make it useful again in any way. These things and others are pretty common threads when speaking to anyone, anywhere, regardless of the candidate they have chosen to stand by. Why then do we perpetuate the problem?

If we can all agree that what we have is a terribly corrupt system bent on perpetuating itself then why cannot we find a way to blow it up and start fresh? We are not “their people” they are “our government.” We need to reestablish the actual pecking order. Maybe we need to start voting out instead of voting in. When you cannot agree with the people trying to run then is it not time to replace them with viable options?

I know! It seems obvious but, how do we actually do it? Is it possible to rally around a third party candidate and ignore the DNC and RNC? After all these entities are making it abundantly clear they do not intend on listening to the people.

Movements on either side of the table for Trump and Bernie are being thwarted by the powerful among the party elite. Talk of throwing candidates in during the convention that have not even run. People new to the election process think their voice should be heard and are enlightened time and again by party officials and talking heads as to how “the system really works.” When the people cry foul at these frequent epiphanies the elites tell them so much as, “go home, we have this in hand, we never really needed you.”

greenberg-Sanders-Trump-cmykI am personally neither feeling the Bern or willing to vote for Trump but they have done some grand and unintentional things for Americans in this cycle. They have shown the system for what it is. No one ever really got to choose anything. The voting in primaries is merely for show to let us cannon fodder think we have a say in the outcome of our nation. We are but chattel to these elitist, entitled, people running the show from the shadows.

I used to laugh when I went to Oliver Stone movies. Scene after scene with shadow figures never explained hiding in corners of dark meetings on dark issues like the assassination of Kennedy, or the Vietnam war, or the Nixon fiasco. It all seemed a level of paranoia that I was unwilling or unable to partake in but, as they say, “it ain’t paranoia if they’re really out to get you.”

The democrats have their super delegates and the republicans have equally silly methods where some states votes count others not really. The clear message is the shadow in the corner is not your friend. The party will decide who represents it. Such a serious decision can never be left to the people, how utterly absurd you would think otherwise.


Well maybe it is time to exert actual force upon the system. No, I am not speaking of a coup, or a revolution. I am speaking of a movement. It is time to move as a population and take the power back from these parties that control so much of our lives and our future. Remember, the founding fathers created a government for the people and by the people. The founding fathers did not mandate republicans and democrats. We have allowed the system to exist and flourish to our detriment. there is noting written in stone saying we must allow this to continue.

Maybe the Tea Party, with its flawed notion of turn the government of when it bugs me, is something of a blueprint. Maybe if we the people focused more on what we agree on and less on that which we do not, we could accomplish something. Take back the states, and take back the federal government by creating and supporting a viable third party. One not heaped in the money of big business or owing to anything other than the voters themselves.


I have a dream!! I am not so grandiose as to go the MLK route but we have have some answers, especially if we stop the corrupt people in charge from inventing the questions. Bernie and Trump I suppose, have proven to some degree that there is a following out there willing to listen. If we could take those seeds of hope and change and turn them into something useful. Part of the real issue is the seeds are currently diametrically opposed to one another on issues of bathroom ID and marriage equality. They are not opposed at all on the desire to get change. Fix that which is clearly broken. Move in the right direction.

Maybe I will run in 2020, preach some of this. See how it goes. Maybe.

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