Right Wing Hypocrisy: Bathroom Laws Save Kids While They Defend Hastert

13092116_1041604602543902_1619056545262698211_nI am hearing from republicans that there is a safety issue in bathrooms in North Carolina. I am told by the right wingers that child safety is paramount as they feel there are scores and scores, possibly more, of transgender people entering bathrooms and locker rooms and harming children. On top of that there are, according to the right wingers, a large group of adult men and women dressing as the opposite sex in order to take advantage of this loophole in bathroom security we have blindly allowed to exist. These right wingers have assured us all that God is wholly against the abomination that is the LGBT community. They have assured us this is clearly printed in the bible and that we need to pay very close attention to the word of God lest God turn his back on this nation and do it all manner of harm.

Some of these same people tell me we need to support Dennis Hastert in his fight against being called a pedophile and a gay man. Of the 40 letters of support Hastert received for his court hearing no voice was more adamant in his defense than former House Majority Leader Tom Delay. Among the things Mr. Delay had to say about his co-worker were, “we all have our flaws, but Dennis Hastert has very few, He is a good man that loves the Lord.” Which is all well and good I suppose but he also loves little boys, which is not good. Mr. Delay added that “I have observed [Hastert] in many different and difficult situations, He has never disappointed me in any way. He is a man of strong faith that guides him, he is a man of great integrity. He loves and respects his fellow man. I have never witnessed a time when he was unkind to anyone. He is always giving to others and helping anyone including me so many times.” Which, I reiterate, is all well and good but Delay apparently never witnessed Hastert’s coaching style as it was exceptionally unkind.

mqdefaultWhy the defense of this man? Why are there 40 letters of support when it is so clear that gay men and pedophiles are such a clear and present danger in our bathrooms? The right wing portrays LGBT people as a clear and present danger by their very existence. The far right christian conservatives routinely blame atrocities like 9/11 and hurricane Katrina on America’s acceptance of the LGBT lifestyle. The far right christian conservative is nothing if not insistent in its collective view that LGBT people and their equality in marriage, being hired, being allowed housing, is dragging this nation into God’s doghouse. They continue, beyond reason, to insist that all manner of destruction on the level of the fairy tale Sodom and Gomorrah is headed our way if we continue thus.

c6f0494d7b5382d3b51725ce4a901ac9If this was the only republican out there violating the edicts of God, as republicans understand them, one might call it an anomaly, but a short google search yanks a list of names I was not interested in copying in full. It starts with a few recent ones like Josh Duggar, Hermain Cain, Newt Gingrich, Ted Nugent but the list is much longer than these God fearing souls. The members of this long list have one thing in common. The republican christian conservative right either forgives them or ignores them. The republican christian right wing forgives and ignores in spite of the perils that they believe will befall this nation for doing so.

I am not certain what part of this flawed situation annoys me more. On one hand we have christians ignoring the danger their fellow christians pose to children and, well, humanity in general. They are ignoring the problem while at the exact same time screaming from the top of their lungs that we cannot ignore the problem when liberals and progressives do the same thing. But, on the other hand, we have christians doing a very un-christian like thing and behaving like christians by forgiving those that have transgressed. The level of hypocrisy is staggering.

Another example of hypocrisy in this situation is that the far right christian conservatives are demonstrating that they do not believe their own arguments. They do not believe children in bathrooms are in danger or they could not support a Hastert. They do not believe the LGBT existence will bring the fall of all mankind or they could not support a Hastert. They do not believe sexual deviancy as outlined in the bible is important to God in any way or they could not support a Hastert. What they prove is that they will say anything in the moment to get their way, regardless of how it contradicts their last sentence or action.

ultimate computer kirkDecades ago I watched as Captain Kirk was presented with this very issue. He had a computer running his ship that was killing people. The computer was instilled with a moral prerogative it was violating. Captain Kirk forced the computer to confront the hypocrisy in its actions VS its tenets. The computer melted down, smoke emanating from its various parts, lights blinking and beeping as if they tried in vain to justify the actions vs the beliefs within the strange little beast when faced with such a conundrum. Republicans do not shut down when faced with such a situation. They quote the bible and follow it with a string of gibberish demonstrating a lack of reading comprehension skills heretofore thought impossible. They refuse to acknowledge the issue and instead illicit a series of lies they call talking points designed to support whatever position they wish us to accept as either mans law, or Gods. Which matters little as long as they get their way.

I think a true part of the flaw in my view of the christian hypocrisy is my fault. As I passed a small church yesterday and saw a sign saying”goodwill to all” it occurred to me that the problem is not the republican right wing radical christian. I was raised in a christian nation listening time and again to the teachings and bumper sticker philosophies the christian religion puts forth. Love everyone as Jesus would, good will to all mankind, short sayings designed in the spirit of love and forgiveness with an open heart and n open mind as Jesus has taught them. This is the rhetoric they would have people believe they support. My problem is that I believed them.

nature-balances-herselfThe truth of the matter is the religion, like nearly all religions, is designed to hate, and exclude. They have no desire whatsoever in following the tenets they put forth at Christmas time. They do not include the downtrodden unless no choice is given. While they will claim they exclude because of their bible, their teachings, their fear of divine retribution, the truth of the matter is they exclude those they fear. Forgiveness is reserved not even for those they know, but those they know and are famous enough to be able to use properly.

I occasionally hope there is a form of divine retribution awaiting those hypocrites like Hastert as they approach a pearly gates I hope denies them entry. I do not believe in such things, at least not in such terms, but times like this makes it desirous.

Unfortunately I believe Hastert, and his kind, face only a miserable existence here. I believe that the world they have chosen of hate and exclusion and fear is their penalty. The people in their lives will turn on them as fast as a group of sharks at a feeding frenzy will turn on their wounded comrade. In the process however, laws are made allowing them to discriminate at will against any they wish. These laws are touted as a form of religious freedom in spite of the fact that laws about freedom do not exist so that you may inflict your freedoms on me. These laws, if truly about freedom, allow for you to practice your faith without anyone else inflicting things upon you.

!!ueaky-clean-20150531-001Hastert is a gay man, and I do not care one tiny bit. That Hastert is a pedophile is where my concern lies. I know now that he has been sentenced to 15 months in prison. He was sentenced for fraud as he made a payment to one of the youths for his silence. He was not sentenced for the act of molesting children. He could not be as the statute of limitations had expired. Christians have fought to keep the statute of limitations in place in as least one state regarding this crime. In spite of the fact that this crime takes an immense tole on the victim and, those christians tell me, that the entirety of the western United States will fall into the ocean.

Bottom line here, bathroom laws are bigotry laws. If you wish to protect your children as you so loudly proclaim, start by ceasing your defense of the actual problem, pedophiles like Hastert. See there is a difference between imagined crimes and actual ones. On the books you have exactly zero trans assaults on children in your bathrooms. You have real victims of right wing christian sexual deviancy. Try supporting those actual victims.







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