What are the Real Choices When Voting 2016


Seems time for a little truth telling. I know, whose truth you may be asking. Well mine I suppose, as gleaned from varied new sources and discussions aplenty online and in person. I will try to be fair but the time has come to try and decide who we support and more important, why we support them, in this steadily approaching election.

If we boil it down we basically have 3 front runners left in the republican field and still the two in the democratic field. On the democratic side I would say, barring indictment on her e-mail scandal situation, Hilary is a shoe in. While on the republican side it looks like Donald, were he embraced by the party elite, would be the one in the sweet seat.

trump-and-immigration-cartoon-darkowDonald is not embraced by the republican elite however. In fact they hate him. Love him or hate him Donald often says things very non-republican. He has supported planned parenthood, which is one of the republican scapegoats used to garner popularity among segments of society. He has said positive things about the ACA (affordable care act) which the republicans seem absolutely dead set on removing. He has been known to change positions on a subject in very short time spans, sometimes mid-sentence. All this aside though, he still seems to be more popular than any one else they currently have running.

So if Donald does not stand absolutely true to the republican brand, then what exactly is the republican stated brand? What is it they all seem to support? Well, judging by what they say and do it seems to me they support war. They want to go to war in Syria, against ISIS, and seemingly in Iran.

In Syria we have what is known in the common tongue as a Cl%*^&r F#%$. I am in no way a military genius, nor would I claim such ability but, I can listen to what is happening and form an opinion, right or wrong, as demonstrated here in multiple posts. If you look at Syria we have there multiple entities. We have Assad and his Syrian government, they are corrupt and horrific by any western standard. We have his direct opposition, the rebels, who disagree vehemently with being killed by Assad and his government as people are wont to do. We have ISIS who are horrific by any standard anywhere except maybe within the inner workings of ISIS. ISIS is also present in other countries, most notably Iraq. We have Russia making a cameo appearance backing the Assad regime. We have Iran poking in there as anti-ISIS. We have the United States as anti Assad, anti ISIS and anti ground troops to this point. In actuality there are many more aligned against ISIS globally but the list is far to long and does not pertain exclusively to Syria.

Suffice it to say this is a mess. The republicans do not care what a mess it is. They want votes, and they want profits. To this end they cry repeatedly of the need to enter into this conflict full on and face off against the powers that are in the region to destroy Assad and ISIS.

12803239_998696400190196_3770173219783697652_nNow, before your patriotic, America first, we are tough guys, side overwhelms you, think on a few things.

To take on ISIS and Syria we will be in direct conflict with Russia. For those that have forgotten the cold war it was not always so cold. It warmed plenty in lands like Vietnam and Afghanistan where US and Russian troops often found themselves on opposing sides and in direct conflict. Russia still has a formidable military and plenty of nukes, subs, and toys of mass destruction. Our troops and their troops in that regions, while both dislike ISIS, are on opposing sides regarding the Assad regime and the rebels. Our military and their military armed and in close proximity

ISIS is disliked by all the major players but, like the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam conflict, ISIS has an escape. They can always run over the border to Iraq and hide as ISIS also exists in the now pseudo sovereign nation of Iraq. To attack at that point is to rekindle the war with Iraq. Also to bomb ISIS is to fly missions alongside nations like Russia and Syria and Iran that we have no cooperation with at all. Accidents can, and likely will happen. How those nations, and the USA for that matter, respond to those accidents is a potential threat we do not need.

Having said all that the republicans also want to start war with Iran. They want to tear up a deal because it has Obama’s signature on it. This deal was created and entered into by all the nations involved in the sanctions against Iran. The deal is not our to rip up. The other nations will not return to the bargaining table to make a new deal a republican can sign. It is this deal or no deal. No deal means the only viable means of stopping Iran is war.


Now this means voting republican means about 3 new wars, though 2 come packaged in a 2 for 1 deal. Now for those patriots out there crying foul in how the government treats the veterans we currently have. For those patriots that think we need to support our war wounded with respect and dignity and oh, yeah, health care, doctors, nurses, facilities, surgeries, and medicines and the like. For those patriots thinking this, I ask, why do you also think it is a good idea to make more veterans? Why is it a good idea to make more dead and wounded Americans when we do not help those we have? Why in the world would you vote for a party bent on continuing this madness?

12801144_1011137565590606_9164964865465017812_nAs for what else you would be voting for on the republican ticket let us look at reality a little more. The republicans are selling you war, they are selling you corporate subsidies, they are selling you free market principles, they are selling you unrestricted consumerism, and unrestricted financial entities, and unrestricted pollution. They are selling you out of control costs in a nation with tightly controlled, and often reduced, incomes. Now I am also not an economist, but I can do basic arithmetic. If the companies charge whatever they want, and pay whatever they want, I will not be able to afford any of what they sell.

The free market is wonderful on paper but, the republican policies, the government policies prove it either is failing, or is based upon so much personal greed as to be insane in practice. You saw what happened when the republicans let the banking industry run free. It is still happening in that jobs have not returned. Retirements are lost. The effects will dog this nation for decades as people that would have retired by now sit in offices earning paychecks they should have passed to the next generation. They do this because their retirement was wiped out. They need to work to live. This means the new generation is blocked up like my colon on thanksgiving night.

When corporations lie, steal, and cheat, when they obscure the realities of their products from the purchasers, then the free market fails. Put simply, systems on paper often look wonderful and effective. The pie charts and graphs make them pop. But when you include the flawed and greedy humans the graphs and paper mean so very little. They tell me, and I believe, that Bernie is selling fairy tales. Well so are the republicans. They sell me the free market will out fairy tale.

If the free market works so well why do we need to hand out corporate subsidies? This is a simple question. If the free market works so well why do corporations like Walmart, have employees, full time employees, that cannot earn enough and need to be on welfare and food stamps to survive? Why are we taxpayers paying part of the salary of people that work full time? Is it because we love Walmart’s low prices? Because the prices are not so low when we realize we also give them subsidies and pay their employees with our tax dollars. Not such a great deal now is it?

0811wassermancolorAnother republican myth is the notion that Trump is especially evil for not disavowing David Dukes support, for not rushing to the attack against the KKK. The republicans have claimed these groups are about hate and that they will not have that. But the republicans garner votes and support from the likes of far right wing pastors preaching the murder, and execution of LGBT people. They support the rewriting of the 14th amendment to remove American citizenship from American citizens in order to deport them to Mexico and parts south. They stand for the deportation of Mexicans here illegally rather than a more practical solution. They stand for the monitoring and tagging of an entire religion, American or not. They stand for the notion that this nation is based on Christianity and should abide by God’s law over that of  the supreme court or other entities they are in disagreement with. They stand for the demonizing of the poor. The right wing republicans routinely place those on welfare and food stamps at the top of their most wanted enemy list. They cut programs and change rules. Their candidates, Romney in 12, and now Trump in 16, have stated that 50% of the population is sucking this nation dry from those lovely workers in the other half. They have never backed up these assertions with proof but continue to make them. The republicans also routinely attack women. Women’s jobs pay less, women’s health is of little concern as clinics are routinely closed, and women’s right to make decisions regarding their own lives in respect to child birth are attacked daily.

Maybe I am confused but this sounds a lot like the KKK principles expanded. It sounds like a war on the world to be honest. A war on women, the  poor, and those different. A war on the very people this nation was designed to support.

download (1)Now what is it exactly the democrats support? Well frankly the democrats support, according to their words and actions, some level of gun control. They support big money as they come from big money. Do not be fooled by their words when they claim you will get raises, and a rise in the minimum wage, or equal pay for men and women. Obama has been president for 7 years and you do not have this. Before the congress changed it was a democratic congress for many years and you did not get these things.

Democrats voted for the Iraq war. I agree there was faulty information provided to get them to do so but I ask you, how did I then know the information was all lies and they did not? I am not in the house or senate. I am just a guy that smelled that the fix was in, and it turns out I was right.

The democrats like to even the playing field, they also support the notion that people can live and let live. You will be voting for the notion that this is acceptable. You will vote for the idea that your neighbors behavior does not make you a sinner. That allowing your friend to be gay and still be your friend does not send you to hell. That baking a cake in your bakery that says happy anniversary Jeff and Steve will not cause fault lines that cannot sit still, will not cause the fabric of time and space to rupture releasing flying monkeys and dogs of war or any other atrocity currently inconceivable.


This is not to say the democrats are without fault as I assure you they come preloaded with them. They are big money people with big money ideas and big money desires. To this end they manipulate the economy in their favor. They buy these votes with the promises of safety in the form of fewer guns and safer cars, better health care and better diets, fewer guns and treatment for mental health issues. And while these things sound reasonable and positive remember, we live in a nation that likes its freedoms, even when that freedom is detrimental to our persons.

To support the democrats you do support a social safety net. This is abused and expensive have no doubt. The democrats have a segment of their base that is largely liberal. Sometimes liberal to an extent that they rival their far right counterparts. I wish no one telling me what gun I can’t own, or what size pop I can order, or protecting me from myself in any way whatsoever. I will not allow this intrusion. Some of the worst policies in history have started with the best of intentions. Hence the term :the road to hell is paved with them.”


While the republicans want to use me as a cog in their system that produces profit for the elite, and they buy the support for this with God and Guns. The democrats want to use me to support their profits by making me a smiling cog in their system designed to support the elite, and they buy this support with safety and promises of a level playing field.

No one plans on delivering on their promises in their entirety. But if we can stop, read between the lines, and think for ourselves, we may discover we do have real choices. Mine shall be to vote for less war. Mine will be to vote for less pollution. Mine will be to curtail corporate greed if at all possible.

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