Good is Used to Sell Evil


We live in a world where good is used to sell evil. The concept is as old as time itself and as true as you are willing to allow I suppose. Entities use the promise of safety to sell control, and power, and death. Governments use the promise of freedom to sell you slavery, to sell you control, power, greed, and death. Religion uses the promise of heaven and the absolute terror of hell to sell you control, power, fear, death, and slavery, among other things. For every promise of safety there is an element of slavery. For every good within a system as sold to you there is a darkness, an evil malevolent nature, and the people selling this are not profiting from selling good, I assure you.

I try not to be one prone to conspiracy theories but I do try to be aware of the realities of people and the world in which we find ourselves. The political, and religious, and financial entities around us have histories that explode with abuse and excess. These entities have, since the first leader of a cave full of early humans, sought control through promises of safety. “Listen to what I tell you and I alone will keep you safe from that which goes bump in the night!” they exclaim, leaving off the part where they will also profit from your subjugation.

good and evil 20x24 acrylicWe are sold a God. Not an original God. A mashup, if you will, of previous Gods. A little Egyptian, a little pagan, a little Indian, along with a number of others I won’t take the time to list. This God will keep you safe they tell you, if you listen to what they tell you God says. Often they say God demands obedience, money, sacrifice, for paltry promises of eternal bliss only to be paid out upon your demise. Why is it that the prophets and preachers of these Gods are unwilling to wait until their death to receive the riches promised by these Gods? Why is it these false leaders demand their payment in the here and now in the form of what they term sins of the flesh when you desire them? They need your money, you and your children for sexual purposes, all your earthly possessions, your unquestioning faith and absolute obedience, and they need it now. In return, as long as you give all you have and all you are, you can get some good shit after you die. Seems rational, right?

Governments are no better. The presidential election of 2016 is a fine example. Promises of financial security, public safety, religious freedom, personal well being, a sovereign nation with protected borders, and an elimination of enemies both foreign and domestic, abound. I am 53 years old and I have yet to see a direct improvement of my life resulting from an election. I have however, seen profound negative effects after elections. It is their desire to control. It is their desire to be part of the larger, empowered elite. It is their need for this that drives them to strive for it at any cost. They will sell anyone out, suffer any indignity, oppress any group, empower any evil to achieve their goal of living the life of the wealthy and the powerful. They promise sunshine, and hope, then send your children to war to die on manufactured evidence to perpetuate war industry profits. They sell you a pet rock, and do not even include the rock. Actually, they sell you a pet rock that doesn’t exist then come and take your pet rock away of you happen to have one.


Corporate entities offer you the newest cars, the latest fashion, the best technology. These corporations, in their quest for the almighty dollar, will destroy the environment, they will manipulate the government, they will enslave the people of any nation to manufacture trinkets to sell on the free market. These corporations work in conjunction with politicians to manipulate your world so the few can profit at obscene levels at the cost of the world in which we live. They will fill the very air we breathe, the water we drink, and the earth we live upon, with chemicals, toxins, and pollutants we cannot survive. They will buy government officials that they may create legislation that allows them to continue these actions unchecked. They will feed you just enough information so that you know what wonderful contributions their products make to your, now shortened, existence. They donate money to a park for the children, without mentioning it is built on a landfill. They sell you fairies and unicorns made of nuclear waste.

6521150aa823af4185e0f3267988c1aeWe split the atom, and with this advancement we can provide energy to the masses, instead Hiroshima and Nagasaki disappear from existence along with hundreds of thousands of humans. We develop flight potentially aiding in transportation and distribution of people, goods, and services about the planet and instead deliver bombs, rockets, and death to city after city around the planet. We develop Television, a potential tool for education and entertainment for the world, and we use it to sell lies and political agendas, to sell unneeded products to a world addicted to consumerism, to perpetuate the spread of false notions from false prophets about questionable faiths. The list of abuses and misguided desires is long, too long for me to type at the speed I am capable of.

What we have achieved is dubious at best, and I would love to say unintended, but we have achieved a mindless flock. We have nearly an entire population of functionally illiterate, easily distracted, perpetually frightened, morally and spiritually retarded, and ethically bankrupt humans. Politicians cry terrorist we jump, we oppress, we attack. Preacher cries heretic, we shun, we oppress, we attack. Corporations cry new and improved, we covet, we buy, or we envy. Someone cries out, “it doesn’t work this way.” or “it doesn’t have to be like this,” we beat them down, we discredit their lives, we refuse to listen lest they challenge the status quo.

We are trained from youth to accept the Gods, and ideologies, practices, and beliefs of our parents. We are told these ways are handed down as they are the only ways, the correct ways. We do not search for truth as it is handed to us by those we trust. Why look for something you already have in hand? But we are also urged, forbidden to search because the truth will reveal the lie. The good will reveal the evil. Reality will reveal itself as a complex interplay of various thoughts, and beliefs, and ideas, and possibilities and this is frightening. The monster under the bed is not a monster at all but a vast expanse of information and a wide array of options.


Why are we on this earth for the time we are, with the senses and feelings, and thoughts, we possess if not to use them? Why would we be given two eyes and told never to look? Why two ears if never to hear? Why are we given a brain capable of thought, and love, empathy, awareness, and an endless driving curiosity and thirst for knowledge and told “no, there is no more knowledge than what is here in this tiny, restrictive, area, and you shall not seek more.” Why would this make sense to anyone?

Our thoughts are controlled by the entities that run this world only so long as we allow them to be. This is not to say you shall know all truth. You may never know if Roswell was actually aliens, or if JFK was assassinated by Cuba, or the CIA, or if 9/11 was an inside job. But you can know the truth of yourself. It need not be confined by the definitions, greed, and evil of others. You can look inside to what is important to you. Learn the things that enrich your existence and discard the ones that no longer work for you. These things, I believe, are possible. The first thing that must go though, is fear.

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