Justice Scalia’s death and the Resulting Furor

Condolences and all things necessary to the Scalia family regarding the passing of Justice Antonin Alito. I knew him not but his co-workers seem to speak well of him. His death leaves us no time to mourn properly though as the sides were drawn the moment his last breath left his body. Already the right and left are prepared to battle over this open spot on the supreme court.

The right wing will, I assure you, spend the next 361 days until Obama leaves office doing anything and everything to prevent the appointment of another justice. They will do this to prevent the replacement of a very conservative justice with anything resembling a liberal or progressive or left leaning entity. They will do this because they want Roe V Wade gone. They will do this to save the American nation from the scourge of marriage equality and voting rights. They will do this because, even in their wildest dreams, they cannot imagine allowing the left to cease control of the court.

12717307_996626650375031_8161633840317715987_nSocial media is littered with the memes and rhetoric of the right and left. There are even right wing theories that he has been assassinated by Obama. Among the theories here is that the family of the judge requested no autopsy be performed, I suppose because Obama holds their 2 youngest grandchildren hostage in some secret location.

The rhetoric is laughable in content but maybe not so much as a demonstration of where the fringes of this nation stand, as polar opposites, in a battle for the witty comment, or the perspective they feel is the only way to save America. Really though, how has it come this far?

Reagan appointed a justice in his final year in office. No one panicked. No one threatened to block any and all attempts to do so. Some of the senators screaming loudly now that voting in a justice in the last year of a presidency is unprecedented and unseemly are also ones that voted in that justice under Reagan. They know the truth. They know it happened before. The voted for it. They hope you do not know. They assume you will not read, or research, anything leading you to their lie. They are not wrong, most of you won’t do anything but believe what they tell you too.

From where we stand as a nation I can only hope this sleeping middle will rise up. Show someone they care enough to stop the extremes from destroying reality.

The left is just as bad here. They see this as an opportunity to control the dialogue in this nation for decades to come. They are somewhat right but should they be? Would the left be fine with a moderate candidate that has a proven record of voting their actual conscience?

The right isn’t. They demonize Kennedy quite often as his votes have not always gone party line. But isn’t the point of a justice that they be willing to set aside personal ideals, and political ideologies, to stand for the constitution? I thought that was the point anyway.

I have heard that one of the greatest things that can be said of a person is that they go to sleep at night comfortable in the knowledge that they have acted in a way they feel is right. This was said in some form by a few people in reference to Scalia. In reference to the fact that these people did not always agree with his right wing votes and conservative constitutionalism. I believe they were saying it out of respect for the man in spite of their frequent disagreements. It was an acknowledgment that people of good conscience can disagree and still remain friendly. But I couldn’t help but think of Hitler and Stalin.

Hitler no doubt slept soundly in the knowledge that his actions were correct. If not for the world then for the German people. Stalin likewise slept soundly I am pretty sure. And yet I would not think these men good people of good conscience. I cannot call the wanton destruction of 12 million in camps a thing where I could accept it as two people with merely differing points of view. Hitler and I clearly saw the world very differently and he was wrong.

I do not equate Justice Scalia with Hitler in any way. Please do not make the mistake of thinking I do. I am merely saying the term of endearment, while well meaning, is short sighted.

In the end president Obama will appoint a justice. The republicans will refuse to bring it to a vote. They will lie and do just about everything to justify this inaction. They will be wrong.

Cruz is already saying any justice and a vote for any democrat, or Trump, will bring an end to the 2nd amendment, make abortions as easily available as popcorn chicken at KFC, and in general bring about the 2nd coming and Gods wrath upon us all. People are already regurgitating this garbage online. They do not know how the government they claim to love works. They have no interest in learning how it works. Fox News will tell them all they need to know for now.

Justice Scalia R.I.P., and to your family, ignore the furor and mourn your loss. I didn’t agree with his views but I can respect his position. We lost a good man, and exposed an entire nation of bad ones in the process.

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