Nugent Nuts Forevermore


More hate filled bile from our resident expert on insanity, one Ted – I hunt progressives – Nugent. Notice though that, while he may think he hunts progressives and stands for guns and shooting things in general, he was a Vietnam draft dodger, so he only likes shooting when no one is going to shoot back. Ted is a bag of hot air. I saw him in concert once. He spent so much time preaching his farcical idiocy that I do not remember much of the music. He seemed to barely be going through the motions up there as he played a few songs and used his guitar to shoot a limp arrow across the stage. It was a pitiful display from the guy that we used to listen to as kids before he found this desire to preach insanity.

One of his latest rants went something like –

images[1]“He’s been groomed to fool the dumbing-down victims, the self-inflicted, dumbing-down victims of America,” Nugent said of Obama. “Nobody in their right mind, and I do mean correct-educated, conscientious, logical, self-evident-truth-grasping mind, will believe this punk. This guy does want an unarmed public. This guy does want to economically ruin America. This guy hates America, he hates the Constitution and he hates the Bill of Rights. I believe, as so many Americans are learning more and more every day, that the president of the United States hates freedom. He’s the enemy of America.”

Nugent went on to claim that Obama is “the engineer and the ramrod for the worst clusterfuck in the history of America” who was “raised by Frank Marshall ‘Communist’ Davis and adheres to the Saul Alinsky book of destroying America.”

He also put forth the notion that Obama and Hilary should be hanged, and anyone voting for Obama was a liability to America and brain dead.

He says these things after starting with correct-educated and logical – these are among his requirements for the people he feels are, like himself, true patriots. But, educated people do not say “correct-educated” because it is not correct, nor  is it a sign of being educated by anyone that could not have played an extra in Deliverance.

Listening to Ted over the years has gone from mildly ammusing to listening to a confession. The man grabs microphones and repeatedly states his desire to commit felonies of the worst kind. And for those listening, Ted took gaurdianship of an underage girl from her parents and married her and produced children. Ted dodged the draft in the vietnam war and bragged about it in several interviews. Ted is a piece of dirt.



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