Whatever will Trump do when all this is over and he has lost? Apologize?

Donald Trump has been a constant stream of surprises to those that follow the world of politics. originally the talking heads took him as a joke that wouldn’t last more than a short time. They have now grown to the point where they give this carnival huckster a real shot at winning the republican nomination. The ride has been nothing short of amazing, though it has grown less and less amusing.

Trump maintains his popularity by feeding the rabid republican base a continuous stream of hate and fear in the form os scapegoats. Mexican are rapists, killers, drug dealers, and need to be deported even if they are American citizens as the 14th amendment does not apply. He has offended 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide suggesting they be forbidden from entering the United States and if here already they be placed in camps bearing ID’s reminiscent of Nazi Germany’s assault on their Jewish population. He has done the unthinkable in shaking the mighty right wing entity that is Fox News by stealing their following they so carefully cultivated and using it against them. He has lost his television show and he has burned bridges with various entities in America and overseas. Trump has offended other nations to the point that, in the UK,  they are now discussing openly in their houses of  government the possibility that he be banned from entering their nations. He has done these things to gain and maintain his poll numbers time and again.

When his poll numbers threaten to fall or another candidate gets within striking distance Trump employs another level of hate. He feeds the crowds their treats in the form of a homeless Latino man to beat, or a Black Lives Matter protester to assault. He hands them China, or Iran, or some other foreign entity. He hands them religions and freely offers up American citizens. he does all of these things though at his own peril. What does he plan to do if he does not win? How can he return to his previous life of deals worldwide with Chinese, and Muslims, and Mexicans, and The UK?

downloadHe is burning bridges at an alarming rate. He counts among his supporters the KKK and white supremacists. He is followed by the likes of Sarah Palin, and Ann Coulter, and David Duke. Various studies and polls abound saying Trump supporters are uneducated and racist among other things. Other studies say Trump speaks to his rabid throng at a 4th grade level. How accurate these studies are is anyone’s guess as I imagine they come from left leaning entities. Certainly though these followers are not wealthy. They are not entrepreneurs capable of deal making with a multi billionaire.

Trump counts among his celebrity supporters Ted Nugent, Mike Tyson, Gary Busey, Dennis Rodman, and Hulk Hogan, which is quite the list if you are compiling a list of extras for the remake of one flew over the cuckoo’s nest. But again there isn’t much on this list one might imagine as the deal makers of the world. Busey is brain damaged, Nugent spends all his time shooting unarmed animals and playing down his draft dodging past, and Rodman’s best friend is a North Korean dictator.

Just in case you hold out some delusion that Trump can win the presidency there are a few things we need to discuss. He is in no way qualified to do the job President. He has nothing in his background that would suggest he can run this country and the world. He already has countries trying to forbid him entry, this does not lend itself to being an effective world leader. But his numbers are so high you may think. His poll numbers are not even 50% of the republican base, which in this case means registered republicans. The number of registered republicans is listed at about 55 million to 70 million or so depending on what you read. This means half is about 25 to 35 million humans. This means Trump supporters number about 35 million people out of about 350 million. This means Trump should start worrying about the bridges he has burned as he will soon be done with this new endeavor and back in the deal making business.

I am fairly certain Trump has created no such plan as a man with an ego this size is not capable of entertaining the thought of losing. he has lost before though. He has had to face multiple bankruptcies so he is aware, on some level, that loss is an option. How does he gracefully back off his rhetoric after this eventuality?

I guess what this all means is that Trump will once again become a source of amusement to us and the world as he is forced to back off his statements in order to get along with all these religions and ethnicities and nationalities he has decided to offend in his attempt to appease his uneducated base. Like the carnival huckster he is though he will very likely succeed on some level. It will be fun to see what emerges in this incarnation, be it a lovely democratic butterfly or a candle circling republican moth. I am sure we will all tune in once again.


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