Forget Trump and the GOP if you want America to be Great Do This


Make America great again is the cry of the Trump supporters. I don’t really disagree with the statement but I certainly disagree with what Mr. Trump thinks he should do to achieve this greatness. I disagree with every single one of his supporters and followers in what they seem to think needs to be done to make America great again. I do not have to speak to everyone of them, they have demonstrated their views quite loudly by supporting this baby Hitler.

NY-Daily-News-Trump-CroppedTrump thinks a wall cutting off Mexico coupled with deportation of illegal aliens and American citizens from Mexico will make us great. He thinks demonizing all Mexicans as rapists and killers will make us great again. He thinks closing the borders to any and all Muslims from any and all places on earth will make us great again. He thinks making Muslims that are American citizens wear ID tags or worse yet, locking them in detention camps, will make us great again. He thinks lauding the bible as the greatest book ever written while failing time and again to be able to quote one passage will make America great again. He thinks supporting his followers as they commit violent act after violent act against minorities and dissenters will make America great again. To sum it up, Trump thinks feeding minorities, and groups they already hate, to his seething, rabid, followers time and again to keep his poll numbers high will make America great again.

While writing a previous post though I realized I have a few ideas on what might make America great again. I thought I might see about writing them down to see if any of them make sense. Currently we have a choice between the republicans and democrats. Candidates on both sides so diametrically opposed to one another as to make the choice either black and white or horribly, completely, grey, dependent upon you views and goals regarding this nation.

Most voters, I imagine, think small. They see what is directly in front of them, what effects their lives right now. People working in coal mines loathe anyone suggesting renewable energy. People profiting from the defense industry hate peace, hate an end to the drug war. The 1% hate any mention that they might have to pay taxes. People living on minimum wage applaud any mention of raising this wage to something allowing them to pay bills. Big money wants no restrictions on donations and their ability to buy politicians and politics. Those of us without the cash to manipulate an election or a politician want money removed from politics. People vote in their own self interests rarely looking at a larger picture. Especially when that larger picture, while good for the nation in the long run, will hurt them in the short term.

downloadRight now this nation is neglecting the things that made it great because of the almighty dollar. Short term greed is driving away long term prosperity. We need leaders that can choose to do what is in the best interests of the nation, not just in the white house, but in the legislature, in the states, in the cities and towns. I do not care if you call yourself republican or democrat or anything else for that matter, as long as America comes first.

Where we once had entrepreneurs willing to take on the challenge of expanding this nation there is now little or no profit in rebuilding it. The government is in charge of a great deal of the infrastructure but can never seem to find enough extra in the tax dollars we give to do much but the bare minimum in upkeep. I realize I live in Michigan and they are routinely last or near the bottom in road and bridge repair so my view of this may be slightly skewed.

I think capitalism is a fine system but I am not so enamored that I do not see it needs monitoring and tweaks. Unfortunately the flaw in every system on earth, be it government, economic, religion, be it any system in control of any aspect of human interaction, is that humans are involved. This means the systems are subject to greed, and lust for power, and desire for control, and a constant drive by certain people to better their position in the world at the expense of others.

In WW2 there were Jewish Germans that helped the Nazi’s carry out the holocaust. During the era of McCarthyism there were Americans turning in Americans as communists and sympathizers. Blacks, during slavery, to garner better conditions for themselves, turned in other slaves and blacks in Africa sold their people to slavers. This is an aspect of the human condition. Humans will feed upon their own kind and without regulation capitalism is ripe for these abuses. These abuses are also what keeps America from greatness.


Trump and Cruz feed on this human condition. They do not ask that people rise above their petty garbage and do what is right for America. There is no attempt to inspire on a level akin to JFK when he said, “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Instead they feed their base fellow Americans. They feed the base the poor, and the destitute. They feed the base people with differences in religion and race and opinion. They cater to the fear and say, “join us, we can keep you safe as we purge our nation of undesirables.”

To actually make this nation great again one would need to set aside greed and lust for power. One would need to act in the interests of the many and not the petty fears of the few. The country would need to recognize that temporary pain can, and would, lead to long term prosperity for us all. Greatness lies not in personal gain but in a collective improvement of the human condition. This is where I lose faith though. I do not believe Americans can be motivated thus. Not in sufficient numbers to matter.

Lottery loser.

Lottery loser.

Americans fight for the wealthy at their behest for one simple reason. Americans have the heart of a gambler, a fisherman, a risk taker. Americans believe that, while the American dream of working hard and becoming wealthy over time may be dead, it is possible to hit it rich by sheer chance. Americans protect the wealthy because this is what they aspire to. They know they would not want their wealth taken were they to win the lotto, or hit it big on Draft Kings, or at the track. They would not want the onus of taxes to fall on them after winning at the casino, or creating the next big product and selling it on shark tank. They would not want to associate with their poor friends of old after they win that lawsuit or find that billion dollars in the couch cushions. Americans have hope. Not the right kind of hope, but, hope nonetheless.

ec9558eeca4e4cdb57901f0adaba657fWhat we need however is the kind of ideas that can propel us forward. Take us off the big oil teat and move toward any and all renewable energy resources. Control big money support of government. Do not repair the infrastructure, improve it. Stop halting progress in space exploration. Invest in it, make it a priority, make it a national goal, give Americans something to be proud of that is more then their local football team. Stop threatening and attacking foreign nations and instead talk to them. Stop this nonsense of building a wall at the Mexican border and set up a method where people can pass back and forth and work in this nation. They do jobs Americans do not want, recognize that and reward it. Legalize marijuana so we can stop people from making money by violating laws and sneaking it over the border. Stop the war on drugs. It is a lost cause and we need to treat addicts like addicts and not criminals. Stop the senseless attack on the rights of women, and LGBT people, and poor people, and those unable to defend themselves. Recognize that, while some Muslims have attacked this nation most do not, and some of the reasons they attack this nation are directly related to misguided foreign policies designed to create profit for the defense contractors and big oil entities.

Cost cutting is one thing but we must stop this desire to cut government costs by taking away welfare and food stamps and other social programs designed to give a leg up to the poor and needy. We must stop taking money away from regulatory agencies like the EPA. We must cease defunding fire, police, and most important, education. We must cease this attack on unions because, while they are an abused system they are also the only power the worker has. We must find a way to make a secondary education affordable, not free, but affordable. We must control the power structure that is insurance. It is a system based wholly on a catch 22, in order to make profits they must deny the service the people pay for, this needs to be addressed with regulations that can control their behavior.

308f6d7730367226230406abe1c7863eI am not pro legislation of humans. I am pro legislation of corporate entities that can, and do, take advantage of humans. I am pro control of any power structure that would seek to manipulate and control humans. I am pro people. Gun regulations are not the answer to the gun problem as I see it. Instead we enforce the laws we have, we improve the mental health system, we give access to more information to the people making background checks, we recognize that people have a right to carry but not let this get insane. Abortion is an issue that isn’t political but alas, it has been made thus. I would never recommend an abortion unless it were a life threatening issue but I would never outlaw it either. Marriage equality is a non-issue as I do not care who you marry or what you marry. As long as I am free to choose a female as my partner you can choose a wombat for all I care, just do not ask me to pet it or watch any videos.

Broken down to the basics the world, and the answers needed for it, are relatively simple. We invented money. Keep that in mind. We invented money and the monetary system and we then let is run the world. This makes us idiots. We need to stop being idiots. The world is simple when you take out money, greed, power, and control you are left with survival. It is not a surprise when a billionaire is told they have cancer that wealth suddenly becomes a means to an end that involves living and not a tool used to perpetuate itself. Give the Koch brothers diabetes, or cancer, or HIV and see how quickly there is an influx of cash in research departments worldwide and fewer politicians with full pockets.

Making America great again also requires one final, exceptionally difficult, act. It requires we mind our own business. It requires that you not force your God or your beliefs on me and I do not do the same to you. It requires not that we love our neighbor but, at the least, we leave them alone. If you think your God forbids marrying a small goat, then do not marry a small goat. It is not requisite in this belief that you make all goats remain single. This is not your call, it is not your calling, it is not your business. It is not required we all agree with everything we all do. It is required, to make this nation great, that we all work together a a group, cast aside our petty differences, and achieve the goals necessary to actually make us great.

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