Rock On David Bowie

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David Bowie passed away. We lost another person that defined music for a generation. I am supposed to say Rest In Peace for those on the list that is long now and growing, as it must. Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison, Elvis, Lennon, Harrison, Entwhistle, Moon, Bonham, Barret, SRV, Elvis, and many, many more, have shuffled off this mortal coil. If you believe in a God or an afterlife then they are in another realm now. Be this realm heaven, or hell, or another existence of a type I alone imagine it matters little. What seems to be true is this place is loaded with some excellent musicians. As I said I think I am supposed to say Rest In Peace for the fallen but really, to hell with that. David, I say keep kicking ass.

Rock and Roll is not defined by people with a tendency to rest peacefully anywhere. It is a defining movement that screams for attention. It attracts the decidedly non-peaceful among us. Yes Lennon often preached peace but you do not get to his level of fame by practicing rest. You do not entertain a world by being quiet.

For these reasons I say to David keep rocking. Wherever you are you have musicians around you and one great party I am sure. I do not especially believe there is a hell or heaven but I believe there is a somewhere. Further I believe that somewhere is having a damn good time. Thank you for the music.

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