Ban all Muslims from travelling in any way to the United States!!! Label and Track Muslims within the United States!!! Ignore SCOTUS on abortion and gay rights as Gods’ law oversees!!! Lock all atheists in camps in northern CA or someplace, and if they try to leave shoot them!!! The rational answer to mass shootings is arm and deploy 20 million armed marshals!!! All gays need to be executed, as the bible says, unless they repent!!! All Mexicans are rapists and murderers!!! Deport 11 million illegal aliens and any American CITIZEN associated with them!!! Muslims, they care about their families, I would go right for their families!!!

Wow!!! Looks the the movie poster for an adaptation of George Orwell’s 1984. The beginning of a sad tale of a dystopian future, bleak in outlook. A black and white landscape where color itself refuses to expose its frightened head. A wary figure walks down the street, features hidden by a dark full length hooded cloak flowing lightly in the faint breeze. Large colorless portraits stretch from the bottom to the top floor of the surrounding high rise buildings and large, stern faced busts decorate the entrances. All the faces are the same. Donald Trump, Master, Savior, Commander, and Provider of all that is. Donald Trump, or The Trump as he is called, is God’s gift to this nation, and now, to this world. Only white Christian conservatives survived the purge of nations which began in 2016 ……

1984I have read 1984 as have many of you I am sure. It was passed out in high school when I was but a lad prancing about a landscape filled with hope and color. The book, published in 1948, imagines a future where history is erased and rewritten on a continual basis to support the political rhetoric of the time. Where freedom of expression is strictly controlled and even the main characters writing of a diary is, if caught, a death sentence. Where the constant monitoring of the population is an accepted norm. Where hate shifts from place to place and people to people dependent upon political needs and whims.

Seems Mr. Orwell was off 30 years, give or take a few, as the comments in the first paragraph are ones taken directly from current republican candidates for President of this nation, one former candidate, and family and close supporters of the candidates. And the list of comments I could add here is so long as to disgust me, as it should any thinking American. I stopped adding for the sake of time and my mental health.

Donald Trump’s current defense of his desire to, lock up all Muslims and prevent the rest from travelling here is that this is no different than what we did to Japanese Americans in WWII. He is partially right in this assertion. We did lock up Japanese and German Americans during WWII out of fear and ignorance and over reaction. We locked up American citizens and we should be ashamed that it happened. I know I am. We should also be ashamed that it is beginning to happen yet again. I know I am.


As far as the alteration of history as in 1984, this is already taking place. Texas is a supplier of textbooks for schoolchildren to the United States. The entire process is a post in and of itself but, Texas christian conservatives do not like aspects of American history and have set out to change them. Thomas Jefferson for instance has been replaced in history for religious icon John Calvin. They would seek to add a decidedly judeo-christian spin to reality. Mentions of slavery are removed, referring to Africans dragged here in chains as simply workers. There is more but say hello to 1984.

The level of rhetoric against LGBT people, Muslims, Atheists, Liberals, Democrats, and others has grown to a level I have never witnessed. As I see it, this began somewhere during the last Bush administration when the definition of patriot went from being a person that loved their country to a person that followed the right wing christian agenda blindly or else. The Dixie Chicks certainly discovered what it meant to question the status quo. They forgot that their country music fan base were “NEW” patriots and paid dearly for questioning George W Bush’s impending invasion of Iraq. They were ostracized from the country music scene. Their careers were over for all intents and purposes.

51JgKBS5XQL._SY445_Admittedly the mistake the Dixie Chicks made was that they were open minded Americans with closed minded fans. They can be excused for this. They were also naive enough to think these closed minded fans would not turn on them like a wounded shark in the middle of a feeding frenzy.

You do not have to be a member of any of the groups they hate to attract their vile, mindless, aggression. Merely espousing a view that is not entirely in line with theirs, YES, ENTIRELY, is enough to generate an assault. Tell one you are straight but you agree with marriage equality and you are a bleeding piranha in a school full of hungry piranha. Tell them you support the second amendment but think some reasonable measures need to be taken in an attempt to curb the level of gun violence, and you become Frankenstein, and they are the angry torch wielding villagers. Any attempt on your part at reason, or middle of the road solutions, will be met with a series of bumper sticker insults like libtard, and sheople, and drink the kool-aid. They ignore entirely that they are guilty of drinking the kool-aid, or being sheep, they merely follow a more hate filled herder.

I saw a meme once that summed it up pretty well. I will paraphrase some, but, “arguing with a christian conservative republican is like playing chess with a pigeon. They are just going to shit all over the board, knock over the pieces, and strut about like they just won something, so do not bother.” I couldn’t agree more except for one small thing. I have friends that are christian conservative republicans, many of whom are not completely insane. We differ on certain subjects which I now avoid, but we seem to enjoy talking to one another.

I have to believe that there are a lot of people like my friends out there. I have to believe that there are enough out there to drown out the loud, and seemingly constant, voices shouting irrational and illegal garbage into microphones and onto all forms of media. As I wrote in a previous post I do believe you have the right to say things I disagree with. I do believe often it makes the world a little more interesting. But I also believe your rights end at harming or trying to remove the rights of others. At this point your rights are forfeit.

The current histrionics over marriage equality, and pro-choice, and Muslims, and Atheists, and LGBT peoples is being stoked on purpose. It is being used to propel a republican party to prominence because, frankly, they have absolutely nothing else to sell. In the absence of any reasonable solutions to anything they offer you headlines. They offer you contradictions across the board. They offer you fear and hate.

edited_constitutionOne of these offerings from them is the need to ignore the 14th amendment to the constitution. Trump says we misread it and it doesn’t mean what we think it has meant for the entirety of the constitutions existence. He says that, until we change it, we should just understand it does not say illegals can give birth to children in America and they then are Americans. If you didn’t see the problem inherent in this assertion I will assist you. If the amendment doesn’t say what we thought it said, and instead does not allow what Trump says it does not allow, why then would Trump suggest a need to change it?

Rubio and Huckabee say we ignore SCOTUS entirely on the subjects or abortion and gay rights. Rubio also has commentary about the 14th amendment. Now, I seem to recall a right wing idea that President Obama is constantly violating the constitution and this was a major problem according to the GOP. Impeachable was the term applied to this behavior. And now, this behavior is called electable?

I normally, in my social media discussions with right and left wingers, refrain from name calling. It tends to infuriate them when you do not sink to the 3rd grade recess level of intellectual interplay. They will resort to it themselves soon enough. But one must ask, just how bad are these people at reading and processing information? How bad are their memories? Do they have no ability to see the things they say they hate, like sharia law, are the things they try to institute, like a nation run on Christianity?

There is currently a group or a few persons in the UK interested in keeping Donald Trump from entering because of his hate speech.

[1]”The signatories believe Donald J Trump should be banned from UK entry for his continued, unrepentant hate speech and unacceptable behaviour. His unacceptable behaviour is well documented, and we feel it foments racial, religious and nationalistic intolerance which should not be welcome in the UK.

The UK has banned entry to many individuals for hate speech. This same principle should apply to Donald J Trump. We cannot see how the United Kingdom can condone his entry to the country when many people have been barred for less.”

Now explain to me what a president of the United States does if they as not allowed to travel to countries we consider allies?

foxnews-children-bus-protestThese though are the current social stances of the GOP. These are fueling, and fueled by, a ravenous hate filled segment of our population. They will set upon you like the rabid dogs they are if you so much as suggest their memorized rhetoric is false or misguided. They will shut down any person or group of people they see as a danger or a dissenter. What started out in their rhetoric some months back as “I will help you pack” in reference to their desire that you leave the nation, has turned to “we will have to put you in camps, and you will be shot if you leave.”

I am one that loathes the constant right wing suggestions that Obama is Hitler, and even the left wing suggestions that George W Bush was Hitler, but, if you cannot look around you and see the corollaries here you need to read up on WWII era history. I am not suggesting that we are headed for a new holocaust, but then again a year ago I didn’t think I would ever have a need or a desire to write a post like this. Times change.

The holocaust happened because not enough good Germans stood up in time. Atrocities happen in very much this way. I think, no, I fear that it will become incumbent on good Americans to stand up over the next year to prevent a very vocal minority from violating everything this nations claims to stand for. Vote against fear and hate. Stand against it when you can. Even a little thing like saying, “no, that isn’t right” is more than many would do. If nothing else, give me a chance to stop writing these types of posts.

Only white Christian conservatives survived the purge of nations which began in 2016 …… the caption reads as the background shows images overlayed of The Trump giving passionate speeches to adoring throngs. The credits begin to roll and the music is queued. The young man rises slowly, legs cramped from sitting so long in those tight, uncomfortable theater seats. He works his way out through the lobby and out the front doors to a bright day, full of sunshine and hope. He strolls home past the home of his Muslim friends and waves hello. He stops briefly at the fence in front of the home of his gay buddy Jeff and his partner William and discusses the arraignments for their upcoming wedding as he is supplying the cake and a guest. He arrives at home and greets his wife with a kiss. They speak briefly of attending Jeff’s wedding  at the church as they are Atheists but they decide it isn’t really about them and they need to support their friend. He tells her of the movie he watched and the bigotry and hatred and horror this country had so narrowly avoided only ten years before. They laugh it off and she says “it is just good that better minds prevailed.” And only good people with hope for humanity survived the attempted purge of 2016 because good people with hope are the only ones truly alive in the first place.            





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