Trump’s, Not So Mysterious, Poll Numbers Explained


We are now well into December and, in spite of all predictions to the contrary, Trump still leads in the republican polls almost everywhere. I am torn in my feelings about this as the number two in the polls seems to be none other than Ted Cruz. The only thing I can imagine as worse for this nation than Trump is Cruz. However, I also see no real reason for Trumps poll number to drop as he knows precisely how to keep them soaring.

Since his dawn on the political scene Trump has been nothing but a source of confusion for the talking heads and political pundits. These people cover politics for a living and are very much used to the tried and true candidate. They predicted Trumps demise many times and have seen their once accurate predictions miss the mark time and again. “Why,” they ask, “are the people not abandoning Trump? He breaks every rule, says all the wrong things, does all the wrong stuff. Why do the people not abandon him for a better candidate?”

I would love to say I feel their pain but, alas, I do not. I have a pretty solid grasp of why Trump is so popular among the republicans. And a pretty good idea of how he remains so.


See, the talking heads think normally sort of. They think, if a candidate says they think an entire country full of humans are rapists that the people will rise up and say this is bad. They think if a candidate suggests and entire religion needs to be put in camps, and forbidden access to America that people will throw that candidate aside. They think that if a candidate says that, once elected, he will violate the constitution and ignore the supreme court that people will turn on him and cease their support.

donald-trump-pulls-white-working-class-voteAmong the things the talking heads are failing to realize is that it isn’t Trump that is confusing them. It is the type of people that call themselves supporters of Trump. The talking heads do not know these people. They do not have them around in the recesses of their family or friends. They do not see them at Walmart or at the local gun store. They do not hop online and see the things these people post. They have absolutely no connection to this dark, hate filled, stream of thought flowing from these people.

I admit, I do not fully understand the rabid, hate filled, undercurrent, myself. The only real difference between me and the pundits is that I am aware of the rabid rights existence. Right now they feed upon the different. Muslims, gays, atheists, Mexicans, welfare recipients, are all in sufficient abundance that the throng is satiated. Trump knows this. If you pay attention you will notice that if Trump senses or sees a dip in his polls. If Trump sees a contender rise. He attacks not only that contender, but also another group. Mexicans are rapists and killers send them home vaulted him to the lead and he learned. Carson caught up and he whipped out the Muslims in New Jersey celebrated the fall of the twin towers on 9/11. Cruz did fairly well, out comes the Muslims need to be tracked and prevented from coming to America at all.

pundits-10-1-404_667250cThese talking heads are political animals. They see politics are a series of policies and platforms. They see the republican base as the wealthy, privileged, few in America. They know these people do not think Trump and his rhetoric are good for America. They know these people are scrambling to find a way to get him out of the race. They do not know the real republican base.

Republicans have, somewhat unwittingly it seems, been courting hate for a long time now. Through the likes of Fox, and Limbaugh, and Coulter, and Beck, and an entire nation of right wing radio hosts and pastors, the right wing has fostered this response. They have created the rabid right. They have preached hate, and fed on the profits. They have kept the rabid faithful in line by giving them God, Guns, and a stance against anything even remotely progressive on the social front. Gay marriage, health care, climate change, science as a whole, any and all of these things are seen as the enemy. Racism is not a word this faithful will deal with. Racism is over, it has been handled and they are tired of minorities continuing to whine. Gender equality, as in equal pay, and women’s rights, are not important. Ann Coulter herself says women’s right to vote is the problem. She says this because women tend to vote democrat. Women are funny, they like rights.

Anyway, the right has created this mess and are now unable to control it. The rabid herd has turned on the previous master and are following the man offering them bacon bits full of hate and fear. It is what they were raised on and now the little nippers have found a new, and seemingly endless, source of the treats. I am reminded of Ghost Busters 2 when they discovered a river of hate flowing beneath the city. It is a labored metaphor but it is not inaccurate. One needs only a few rabid right friends online to post their memes or spout their rhetoric and you will see the nature of the beast.


There are certain things you can come to expect. The rabid right will call you names while telling you it is just like a liberal to resort to name calling. Pointing out this irony is not going to work as the rabid right know not of irony, or hypocrisy, or the process of thinking rationally. They will mention kool-aid and sheople and other comments barely worth the printing of a bumper sticker. They will attack with comments like, “that is just like the left” which then goes on to explain the left resort to tactics like the right. They fail at every point to understand that while they point these things out they, the right, are doing precisely the same thing. As I said, understanding irony, hypocrisy, and rational thought are not a big part of their life. Facts are even less so as reading may be in question, or, more accurately, reading comprehension may be in question.


It is commonly thought that Americans are, for the most part, a very literate nation. While this statement is essentially true, as most Americans can read, it falls short. Reality is that “the [1]“average” American reads at a 7th or 8th grade level which is also consistent with recommendations, guidelines, and norms of readability for medication directions, product information, and popular fiction” while only about 15% of Americans can read and write at a level of a college undergraduate, and even fewer can read and write complex material like a science paper or an article in a medical journal. This means, though technically literate, America is at best functionally literate.


The rabid right reads the headlines but they do not truly understand the content that lies underneath. You can show them the full write up explaining that the economy has actually improved under president Obama but they only retain and regurgitate the headline saying Obama sucks. You could try to further explain that the president actually gets too  much credit in a good economy and too much blame in a bad economy for their respective existence, but they will repeat, Obama sucks, and add that you are a kool-aid drinking libtard. It is not relevant what level of complexity you present as the headline will be part of the response. Any number of insults and references to sheople and socialism and some repugnant example of hate towards a race, gender, religion, or belief system will surface. In the end you may be asked to perform some act upon yourself that is both physically impossible and/or present only in back road carnival freak shows. Such are the rabid right that they, themselves have created. Such is the rabid mass that they now do not control or understand.

zombie-attackTo the rabid right I would say, be very careful. The beast is currently well fed. Muslims, gays, atheists, welfare recipients, and libtards, are all in such a sufficient abundance now that Trump has enough treats for the throng. But like all groups of humans, eventually they run out of groups to hate. In this time they turn upon themselves. They must cannibalize to survive. I was raised Catholic, and told that meant I was Christian. It turned out I was not Christian enough as a Catholic for the KKK. They like white people but when they ran low on groups to hate or just needed extra, Catholics were included. In spite of my white, German, Christian, resume my supposedly white loving fellows humans did not want me alive. They did, and do, feed on their own.

I was never interested in any way in being part of the KKK so please do not take that wrong. I merely use it to point out that hate needs targets. Hate needs to feed. Hate kills both the target and the soul of the hater. This nation seems to teeter on the precipice of hate right now. It is not Trump that has caused this but it is Trump that is profiting from it currently. The worm will turn. If the talking heads are so intent on what Trump could possibly say that would drop his polls I will tell them. He could say “Muslims are people practicing a religion and it would not be right to hate an entire religion full of human beings for the acts of a few.” He could say “we must explore a reasonable path to citizenship for our illegal alien problem.”  He could say “I think we need to look into gun control as a possible solution to the mass shootings permeating our society.”

Any of the above would drop Trump’s polls like a barrel full of bad ideas careening over Niagara Falls. He is not dumb enough to do this and, as I said, I am torn. I want nothing of Trump in the white house but his obvious front running successor is Ted Cruz. While Trump says crazy because he knows it will increase his poll numbers Cruz says crazy because he believes it. This is far more frightening. So talking heads out there. This is why Trump is in the lead, adn why he will remain there. He feeds the beast the right created. You must understand the beats to understand the Donald. The only curious thing left in this is what he will choose to feed the beast next.





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