What If The Syrian refugee Crises Was Reversed


Syrian refugees are currently being told by 31 governors in as many states that they are not going to be allowed in that particular state. Setting aside that this little pretend protest by these governors is illegal, and unconstitutional, let us examine this further. In a nation where a segment of the population is screaming that the USA is based on Christian principles, ethics, and laws. These same people are screaming continuously that their religious freedoms are being trampled upon and this, to them, equated to a war on Christianity. We have 31 states flatly refusing to aid people in need because of their religion. What may be worse is, a lot of you read that and said to yourself, “DAMN STRAIGHT!”   

lkoriginalimmigration500This isn’t the first time the religious right screamed foul when people came to our nation seeking help. In the recent past there was a huge mess over people, most children, fleeing the Central American countries of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala because of violence. This led to a religious right telling us they were dirty, and may have Ebola, and need to be deported to their homelands. The rhetoric was far worse but the gist was go away.

Under Yellowstone National Park in the United States of America there is a super volcano. In the history of the world it has erupted before and it most likely will again. If it erupts, and I am not saying this will happen tomorrow, or even in my lifetime, it will devastate the United States. It will make some of the United States unlivable and the rest unpleasant at best. It will create American refugees.


Where will these refugees go? To Mexico? We have a presidential front runner calling them rapists, murders, and drug dealers. Do you think they will welcome us en masse with open arms now? How about the Central American nations we just spoke of. Are they going to want to help us by taking in Americans? Canada is currently seeing America’s fear and reactionary rhetoric and are adopting it. They will not want an influx of people they see as arrogant in an environment we created where they feel refugees are a problem.

090815 DarkowTell me how all this plays out because I am interested. There are other disaster scenarios that could occur here. None of the various versions has a different end game. We tell the rest of the world we are different. We tell them we are better than them. We say loudly, America is the best nation in the world. Then when help is asked for we say get out of here.

I do not hope for this scenario. I hope it does not happen. But if it does these nations we belittle and send away will have no reason to be kind to us. It is time to look at how reasonable all this fear we possess really is. it is time to start acting like we are part of the world community. it is time to build some good will.

Kevin Hartranft – kevin@nomoreextremes.com

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