Obama’s Plan for ISIS Post Paris


Kevin Hartranft – kevin@nomoreextremes.com

Obama plan not tough enough on ISIS!! cries the right wing pundits, talking heads, and faithful in the wake of the attacks on Paris. As if in a  harmonious and symbiotic relationship an echo of sorts comes from the left urging caution, and restraint in any potential response or call to arms. It is an oft witnessed dance as the right and left opponents clearly depend upon one another, if for nothing else, as examples of precisely what not to do or believe. The internet would be a very quiet place if one or the other died out completely. Or more likely the remaining ideology would simply split and feed upon itself.

In any case Obama spoke at a press conference in Turkey on Monday. He feels that following his current course of action is best and to respond to the attacks in Paris with impulsive rhetoric and troops on the ground is not the answer. This, naturally, angers his many critics who see this stance as ineffectual and weak. The right wing is crying for war. They want tangible proof of dead enemies with absolutely no regard to anything but the votes this dangerous stance will inspire from their rabid followers.

imageThe truth of the matter is likely far more complicated.  Naturally I am speculating when I say that the right wingers, and left wingers know nothing of what the president is actually doing. It is my belief that he will not, can not, and should not, tell any of these people what steps are actually being taken by our government or the governments of our allies.

We have special forces for a reason. Their activities are shrouded in secrecy. We have intelligence gathering entities and their activities are shrouded in secrecy for a reason also. We have methods of hitting the enemy and gathering information that are beyond top secret. None of the results of any of this activity is going to be reported to the voters of this nation or anyone else with no need to know.


Some of the people on the right and left of our political wings are ex-military and they are aware, even more so than the average speculator, what may be in the works regarding our dealings with these enemy combatants. They will still go on about what they will falsely and deliberately interpret as inaction by the president because it serves their larger agenda to gain votes and win elections. It may serve their agenda but it certainly does nothing to serve the larger and more important agenda of us all as the United States of America.

51AEY7Q2B8LIn this respect the government is not for the people any longer. It is for the perpetuation of party control. It is a large contest and the prize is increased personal monetary gain. No longer are the larger visions of patriotism and the good of the people served by what has become career politicians. They know, or at the very least they speculate, that the current administration is probably gathering information daily and coordinating interventions around the globe to keep the people of this nation safe from the enemies this nation has. But to report this in a debate, or in a politically charged rant on some dubious news entity is political suicide as it serves the people and not the party.

There are most likely Americans and members of allied nations in intelligence and special forces units that, since the night of terror in Paris and before, are suited for action and risking their lives. No one will know what these people do, or did, to keep us safe. No one will know how or why they were in harms way last night. No one will know how or why they died if that is what happens. The country will not grieve for them or put flags at half mast. The politicians will continue to spew party politics when they know, directly or otherwise, that such things are being done. They will serve their own and their parties self interests.

It is time this nation stood as one. We accomplish a great deal as two halves arguing in this twisted symbiosis. Imagine what we might accomplish if we could agree for a few minutes on a course of action. If we stopped the rhetoric and talked real about real things.

We have an election coming in a little over a year. It is very likely that we will be voting, not on a political party, or a particular candidate, but on whether or not we plan to send our kids to die in wars, yes wars. The republicans are clearly geared to enter Iraq and Syria and remove ISIS which means a prolonged occupation if we even win the conflict. The republicans are clearly interested in invading Iran. The democrats are seemingly willing to do some of these things but less willing to jump into them as an initial response.


This is not some abstract political policy. It is not a gay rights and marriage equality can destroy the family propaganda. It is not an abstract debate on the increase in the minimum wage or free college. It is not the constant drone of the gun rights advocates professing their 2nd amendment rights and whining that the left is taking their guns despite all evidence to the contrary. This is dead kids. Our nations dead kids. Our allies dead kids, And our enemies dead kids.

Realize when you spout your rhetoric that more is being done on the war with terror and ISIS than you know. What evidence do I have? We have not had another 9/11 on American soil. I assure you that is evidence that something is being done. Try to understand that not everything is being told to you, and much of what is told is lies to scare you into voting in a particular direction. You all like to speak of left wing kool-aid while you devour right wing fruity sugar drinks, you know, like, kool-aid. So sheeple, think, do we really know enough about what is happening to make educated calls?

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