Cruz, Huckabee, & Jindal – Kill the Gays


There is a name making the rounds of the left recently. Kevin Swanson is a pastor of some sort. He is, shall we say, profoundly distressed by LGBT peoples and their desire to continue doing things like, breathe. He references Leviticus 18 & 20, and a few other bible passages as his basis for understanding Gods desire to put LGBT peoples to death. He is very adamant that there is no wiggle room here. He is also not alone in his anti LGBT rhetoric.

2015-11-06-kevin-swanson-cow-manure-right-wing-watch-screen-grab-640-668x501The real reason anyone is paying attention to his vile sewage of late is Mr. Swanson, this past weekend, hosted an event called “Religious Freedom.” This event hosted three of the candidates running for the Republican nomination for President of the United States of America. Yes, three people that wish to lead a nation that consists of mutts, and minorities, and many creeds, and colors, and beliefs, and lack thereof, and yes, a nation of people, some of whom are Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, and Transgender. They apparently wish to lead the last portion of these people (and possibly others they find disagreeable) to fire pits to burn them alive. Three Republicans named Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and Bobby Jindal, and two of them currently hold office, one in Washington the other in Louisiana.

I know!!! Doesn’t that sound like I just got crazy weird and spit out some insane left wing rhetoric? It does .. yes! And yet, I didn’t!!! This Swanson fella thinks LGBT peoples should repent or die. It is that simple in his view of the world. Well, simple is an odd way to view it, he does think covering himself in sackcloth, ashes, and feces is like some form of OFF for gays, some terribly disgusting LGBT repellent. I think he will find that this is more of a “humanity as a whole” repellent once he applies it. For myself all I need is the video and I am sufficiently repelled. Unfortunately the video was pulled by you tube so I have to wait.

pat-robertson-says-gays-are-taking-away-everyones-freedomsx750It shouldn’t be exceptionally surprising that other religious leaders chime in on this particular subject as the video above shows Pat Robertson longing for days of yore when he could stone to death gays, and people supporting or practicing abortion. Pat, it seems, has relationships and sex only to procreate and sees any other reason as against scripture. This leads me to wonder why Pat and Adelia, Pat’s wife, stayed married or in any kind of a relationship after their ability to produce children ended. By Pat’s own words this would be against scripture, against the word of God, and worthy of a good stoning. Also, is it just me or does killing someone to prevent abortion seem a terribly ill conceived notion?

Part of the problem here though is those pseudo clever little comments like the ones I wrote above. I take Pat’s words and use them to show his illogical view. They in turn take some bible passage out of context of the written work, add in a healthy dose of, “these are the words of God” and the accompanying self important tone and there we have it, the sides are drawn.

Bible_cycleFor instance, If I say to a Christian that the world is clearly more than 6000 years old because we can see lights in the night sky that, given their distance from us coupled with the speed of light, would take longer than 6000 years to reach earth and therefore be a light in the night sky. That Christian is then probably going to find some quite unscientific reason why we only think we know the speed of light and surmise that if we do not know the actual speed of light then we cannot truly know how far things are away from us. They will cite some useless bible passage as if it pertains to this situation, or can, in any way, be relevant. Both sides will count this as a win and will then consider the matter closed.

What this post is about though is not some argument about the age of the earth or Pat’s desire to remain married after his ability to produce viable progeny. It is about three people that want to lead this nation and see not one issue with their support of a man that would kill Americans for being different than he is.

These people are expected to lead a nation of people with differences and are espousing views saying their way of doing it is to kill the differences that they do not approve of. They will then lead a nation of the purified.


All three of these candidates are Republican. All are right of right of center. All have claimed their religious views are being oppressed many times. All claim wars on Christianity and Christmas, and all manner of rhetoric designed to inflame a mob not win votes. And now all of them say they support a man willing to KILL people because they are Gay or Lesbian. Who is oppressing who here?

I understand that if you kept reading this you are not one of the right wing people that agrees with the above videos. I also know this means I am preaching to the choir. The only thing I can possibly say to this choir at this point is understand how much your vote matters. Do not sit home and wait for someone else to do the right thing but get out and make your vote against this abomination count.
crazy-talk-2This is not alone a pro LGBT sentiment though it may seem so. This is not necessarily an anti republican sentiment though it may seem so. This is a pro humanity and anti insanity post. Make no mistake there are people out there listening to, and believing this pastor Swanson.  These people think like he does. They believe this rhetoric. To dismiss this as one loon with a far fetched, nutty view, is to miss the real point.

Do not let anyone espousing these views near the white house. Do not let anyone espousing these views near any position of authority. Do not let them become so much as a hall monitor or a bathroom attendant.

I so abhor it when the right or the left use Hitler as propaganda speech against one another but it is almost a given here. This Swanson person is advocating a repent or die policy. In this speech he apologizes almost for the fact that he is willing to let them repent before killing. He thinks he needs to explain why he would allow others to live at all before covering himself in sackcloth, ashes, and feces. This means he thinks the followers will not understand. This also means he barely understands himself. This means he wants people to die because he does not approve of them. This also means three of the candidates for the Republican Nomination for the Presidency of this Nation believe also. This means, at least figuratively speaking, we have three candidates covered in virtual feces among other things. This means votes, matter.


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