Are Opposing Views Evil By Default


It never ceases to amaze me that, given similar, if not exactly, the same information, two humans can assemble that information to arrive at polar opposite conclusions. Time and again though we see it. On the same planet we have the likes of a Ted Cruz and a Bill Maher. There is also a Mike Huckabee, and there is an Al Franken. There is an Ann Coulter and there are those out there like Mulder and Scully whose life purpose it is to destroy demon seed of Ann’s makeup. Fortunately very few of her kind exist as no one will breed with her.

e7974a05ae10fb9e69b59bbecfa52cc7Seriously though, to see thinking humans come to draw such dramatically different results is astonishing to me. I purposely did not list the Rush Limbaughs, Donald trumps, and Glenn Becks here because I cannot tell exactly what they believe. I know what they say but I imagine a little cash can change that as it has in the past for at least two of them, and the third one would likely change for drugs.

We live in a nation that thrives off of the trickle down opinion. And while trickle down economics as proffered by the Reagan administration never really worked, opinions seem to trickle down like manna from heaven. One of these right or left wing nuts spews forth some irrational or misinterpreted rhetoric and like baby birds at feeding time the nation swallows it all up. They then adopt and adhere to these opinions, never truly understanding them but fighting for their existence at every turn.

We seem to be under the impression that to change ones opinions is a sign of weakness. People take this as a sign that you do not have the courage of your convictions. We do this in spite of the fact that new information becomes available all the time. It is more a strength to see new data and alter ones view in light of it than it is a weakness. It is a sign of intelligence and humility to demonstrate that you know that, while your opinions are based on current information you operate on as fact, you can acknowledge that accepted facts can, and do, change.

Illegal Immigrants are coming to this country to get free health care and homes and jobs, and the government under Obama gives them all this is one of these “facts” people operate under.. I have seen this crap disseminate so much even my Canadian relatives have posted it to comment on their own leaders. The truth of the matter is much different, as one might suspect. See, an Illegal Immigrant can receive free health care as emergency treatment at an ER or other emergency facility. This is because of the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, which was instituted during President Ronald Reagan’s term. The Act limits those things that can be treated to emergent conditions. You cannot go in for a cold but you can for a gunshot.

As far as housing and jobs and whatever else the government supposedly hands out free to Illegals, they do not exist. The misinformation, or misinterpretation of information, comes from the existence of babies born in the USA to Illegal Immigrant mothers. Once born, the baby is a citizen and allowed access to citizen things. The child then receives those things, care of the mother, because the child has no pockets, or bank accounts, or ability to communicate.

None of this makes it true that free things are handed to Illegals for entering. If you still continue to believe this then I have an experiment for you. Renounce your citizenship and leave the country. Join a Mexican circus for a short time. Wait until they tour the United States. Secret yourself in the colon of the circus elephant and cross the border back into this nation illegally. Emerge and shower. Shower a few more times. Then leave the circus and accept your riches from Obama. When this fails, and it will, write a book about your time in an elephants colon as part of a Mexican circus. You may profit in this way, but this way alone.

Now some of the things people believe, they merely say they believe. The hoard of political candidates and right wing pastors and talking heads claiming that gay marriage will cause anything from the end of the world as we know it to a rise in cholesterol for the average American, which can be bad. Much of this is just crazy rhetoric they hope their followers will believe. They have an agenda. They are about control and do it through fear and manipulation.

Their believing followers however are different. They have faith that what is being told to them is honest interpretation of current events. They do not stop to look around and notice the world is not falling apart any more, or any less than before gay marriage. They just believe as they have been told.


Climate change is another wonderful example. The people espousing climate change have science telling them climate change is real. The people espousing the opposite have big corporations with big money telling them to say it is not real. The truth lies in the motive most likely. Scientists have no real motive to tell you climate change exists. But in this particular instance there is the truth will out factor, because climate change denial will not in any way stop climate change from occurring, if it is indeed occurring. This means that, if you have property in Florida, you will need boats to replace your cars eventually, or you will not. Your belief is irrelevant. But my belief is, learn to tread water.

So in part it seems that, at the very least, on many issues we align with sides. In today’s highly partisan world most go all in with one view or another. This isn’t really necessary as people can, and do, hold opposing ideas in their heads without exploding. Recently in fact, Movie Director Quentin Terentino has come under fire for supporting a cause against police brutality. He is under fire from police and people that believe to be against police brutality is to be anti-cop. This couldn’t be further from the truth.


3854614479_014_stem_cell_research_answer_2_xlargeOne can be aware that some of the police have done bad things while still being pro police. One can also be pro human and realize some humans are criminals and generally bad people. As usual there is a middle ground most seem completely unwilling to explore. I do not support the murder of police, or any harm coming to them whatsoever. I also do not support various police firing on and killing unarmed people. And it is not anti police to say murder is murder regardless of who did it.

I guess in the end, some people will like this writing while others will see it as insane or useless. Such is the subject matter, and such are humans. It vexes me not that people would find my writing questionable or a waste. Critics abound in every walk of life. People can disagree without being disagreeable usually. This is merely a little rambling on the subject of understanding. Take a moment before you go on automatic and bash another’s view to try and understand why they feel this way. What motivates them so. Who motivates them so. It is entirely possible they came to their position without malice but merely have a hard time expressing it that way.



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