The Right Wing War on Religion


Kevin Hartranft –

The religious right in the United States loves to shout about a war on religion. They also claim there is a war on Christians, and a war on Christmas. Surprisingly, given the fact that I disagree with most everything the far right says, I agree with them on this one. I agree there is a war on religion. I just disagree on who is waging this war.

At this point you probably expect me to list religions like Islam or Judaism, or less traditional ones like Wicca, or even Atheism, as many of you would understand, or even support, such an assault there. But the religious rights war is also very much on the religion they espouse to believe. Their war is very much on Christianity.

waronreligionFirst and foremost the religious right wishes to ignore the first amendment. Regarding religion the amendment says simply that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” This is quite simple, the first part says government cannot make or support a religion but the second part is also quite important. It is the second part that government will not interfere with your practice of your religion. This is what keeps your faith yours.

The religious right would seek to remove this separation, this wall between church and state. In doing so they remove this segment of the first amendment. They not only would seek to have religion be front and center in the leadership and education of this nation. They also seek to remove that much needed protection of government interference in your faith.

I hear the religious right preach again and again through social media, and television, and radio that we need smaller government. they tell me the affordable care act and other government intrusions are indeed government overreach. They tell me nothing the government gets involved in goes well. Then they tell me the government should be a guiding force in the religion of this nation.

You cannot have it both ways. The government is either too large, too mosey, and overreaching, or it needs to get involved in every aspect of your life. And we know what happens when it gets involved in every aspect of your life. Our forefathers left a nation with a state run religion in large part because of it.

These people also cite the 2nd amendment as gospel. I say the first is also. It is important to keep your faith your own. it is important the government not stick their noses in it. It is important the religious right stop trying to make this their priority.

Make no mistake, the religious right also attacks Islam, and Atheism, and Wicca, and any number of religions they feel are offensive to them. They do it under the guise that they are being repressed by them. They lie. It is them doing the oppressing.

images (1)But if you continue to pay attention the attack is also on Christianity. If they get their way there will be one faith. One form of Christianity where now there are 35 prominent ones in the United States alone, and I know not how many in total. They will boil it down to one. No more Baptists, no more Catholics, no more Anglicans, or nondenominational. They will meld them all with the Christian faith of their choice. And you will worship, and worship as they say, or you will not be accepted by society, at the very least.

The war on religion will continue with lies like this nation was founded on Christianity. It will continue as they purposely fail to correctly interpret what is happening around them. You will be told the 10 commandments pulled from a government office is war on faith. You will not be told that those commandments on that property violate the 1st amendment. It would not serve their agenda to tell you this. It is time to pay attention to the truth. Your faith is far better served separate from government.


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