The 2nd Amendment is Outdated


The American obsession with its Constitution, quite often, reaches its zenith somewhere around the 2nd amendment., This amendment reads, A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Which upon first glance seems such a small piece of writing to get so very worked up about, but get worked up we do. The 2nd amendment is also a bit out of date and no longer really applies to modern society.

Now, I am no Constitutional scholar, nor do I pretend to be, but, I can read. I also can look at the time and place the Constitution was written and try to understand why we would think the 2nd amendment was so very important that it make it to number two.

The Constitution was ratified in 1787, which was a dismal years in regards to a few things. Among those things was that we lacked supermarkets, and freezers, and refrigerators. In fact we lacked all modern methods of obtaining and preserving food. This meant we were forced to actually go shopping for dinner in the surrounding woods quite often. City dwellers less so, but any country folk, which was then defined as 30 feet away from the city, would need to stock the shelves thus requiring a musket.

imagesAnother thing this great nation lacked in 1787 was a standing military. We had no real way to repel an invading enemy. Thus having an armed and available population, a militia, at the beck and call of the government was a necessity. We needed to defend ourselves from foes. This is the reason expressly included in the wording of the 2nd amendment.

Another interpretation often offered for the existence of the 2nd is that the people will need arms to overthrow the government if it gets too big for its britches. Put another way, if George and company get too powerful and we do not like it, we the people, being also we the militia, can musket up and take George out as George currently possesses no standing military.

So there you have it. No supermarkets or refrigerators, no army, and maybe we need to overthrow the government.

However, in today’s society we have supermarkets and refrigerators. In fact we can go down to the local market and peruse many types of already packaged and inspected cuts of meat from various types of once living creatures to consume. We can do this at all hours of the day and night even. So reason number one vanishes.

We also now have a standing military. Quite an impressive one actually as it seems capable of killing most, if not all, humans on the planet at any given time if it is so inclined. So reason number two, vanishes.

Last, if you get it into your head that the government is misbehaving and therefore a coup is required on your part you should remember. We also now have a standing military. Quite an impressive one actually as it seems capable of killing most, if not all, humans on the planet at any given time if it is so inclined. So you and your AR-15 are outmatched. Even if you get all your gun club buddies to come with you, you are terribly outmatched. So reason number three, vanishes.

If you have read this far you have concluded most likely that I am anti-gun or a liberal jerk. Nothing could be further from the truth, except maybe the jerk part. I support the peoples right to own weapons. I see no real reason to take weapons from law abiding citizens. I just crave, I need, these people to stop all the garbage reasoning on why it is they need these weapons. You want weapons because they are fun and you like to shoot things. It is all right to feel this way. You do not have to invent elaborate misinformed constructs to be OK with your joy of shooting things as long as those things are not human.

So please, continue to own your guns, just know, the amendment is outdated and essentially useless.

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