Pat Robertson: Halloween is about Satan

I guess it is time to ask ourselves which is more important? To celebrate Halloween as a joyous occasion with costumes and candy and spooky decorations with laughter and joy and too much sugar or, too view Halloween as a historically entity practiced by pagans for their own purpose in their own time. Pat Robertson seems to have that answer for you.

People like Pat wonder why their flocks are leaving the church in droves. It is because of this kind of senseless over reaction if you ask me. What is in your heart and your mind as you celebrate something has more to do with what is actually going on than some useless historical context. A little knowledge can be a bad thing Pat. Or maybe you know that and just like to scare your followers so they send more cash.

I wonder what Pat has in store for the kids when he finds out where Christmas originated? probably more fear, but also more donations.

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