Group of Politicians is a Jester

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Kevin Hartranft –

Jester is my word for today. I have decided a jester is a grouping of politicians seemingly at odds with one another, with reality, and with the majority of the humans they strive to lord over. I tried all the other groupings I could think of like herd, pod, flock, congregation, none seem quite right. Obstinacy was close, as it refers to a grouping of buffalo, which I imagine can be quite obstinate, but a new term was called for. Jester seems to fit all to well.

Anyway, there is currently a jester of politicians attempting to run these United States. To lord over us forcing us to submit to their will. As we are currently in the phase of the election process where the actual election is so far away no one knows when it really will occur, the jester is mucking about pandering to their base alone and not the general electorate. This requires they state nutty things into microphones or various sizes to incite people likely off their medication, and already of belief, into further, deeper, belief.

One of the better ways to stoke the fires of belief it seems is to make promises about the myriad things one will do once one is elected as grand jester, or, President, of the United States. Promises now include getting rid of Obamacare, and tearing up the deal with Iran. They include getting rid of all guns in America and giving equal pay and equal rights to all humanity. They include a lot of lies is what they include. But maybe lie is a strong word.

mw1070403_lrA lie is a falsehood given on purpose for whatever reason. What the jester does is tell us things they may actually think they can accomplish. After all, if they win, they will be President. Surely the President can do anything they want. Lke Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory can easily displace and enslave small orange humanoids and force them to work on candy production lines and break into song at the drop of a hat.

The tricky thing about becoming President though is that, aside from the 44 humans on the planet that have actually done the job, no one really knows exactly what they do. No one knows what actual information these people are privy to. No one really knows the actual reasons some of the decisions that are made, are made. Worse yet, no one knows some of the decisions that were made at all. No one is told about them ever.

This is why, when running for the Office of President one can say I will close GITMO and end the war in Iraq but, when one gets elected, one does not close GITMO or cease Iraq. This seems like a broken promise to their valued backers but, it is probably closer to a new awareness of truth. Likely, upon becoming President the person said. “I must close GITMO and pull troops out of Iraq as I promised.” This was followed by a group of other humans entering the office of the new President and saying things like “OH! about that, this is what is really happening there and this is why we cannot really stop GITMO, or Iraq.” President brand new then says, “OH! I see now why we are doing these things so I must tell my voters so they understand.” The others in the room then explain this will not be an option as the information is top secret and any attempt to reveal it will result in a drive through Daley Plaza with the top down on the pretty presidential automobile.assassination_attempts_exercise_1086385

Everyone now thinks that campaign promises are empty, and they are right. But they are right for the wrong reasons. The president didn’t truly lie they just failed to understand president things on president thing levels. No one could be expected too. Our government is involved in shady things all over the globe with varying levels of reasons, both good, and bad, I am sure. You cannot know more than this mere speculation until you are in a place to have to make decisions regarding these things. And this is the Job.

This is why a young virile human enters the office and an ageing grey haired relic leaves 4 to 8 years later. There are secrets never to be revealed floating around in that head. And make no mistake, there are secrets so secret no president is trusted with them because the president is temporary.

So when our Jester of candidates are pandering to the recently off their medication voters we know as our neighbors their rhetoric can safely be ignored. There are two people in the current election that have even a little bit of a taste of the job and that is Hilary and Jeb as both have close association with former presidents. Even then I would suspect they cannot be told what they cannot be told.


In the end it is as safe to assume area 51 houses aliens of the ET phone home variety. Kennedy was killed by Cubans and the mafia, and the CIA. Carter and Reagan both saw UFO’s. 9/11 was an inside job, as was Pearl Harbor. And no one really knows the truth about much of anything the government tells us.

Some think this is a bad thing and the truth must be exposed. But think on it. We actually elect these people to make decisions about things like this on purpose. The vast majority of this country do not want to know the truth. They want to live their lives oblivious to danger, or any information that might shake their foundation. They deny science as frightfully wrong because they fear. They deny new, and different. They run from change. They accept we can no longer take the risk of bringing toothpaste on an airplane. it is just too dangerous because they accept dangerous as a reason things can take place.

This is the reason to let the Jester lie. Let them misinform. Let one of the Jester rise to prominence and learn of the truth and keep us from it. I mean, Jeb Bush recently said, “I know one thing about my brother, he kept us safe.” Now he couldn’t mean he kept us safe from terror. There were 1000’s killed on his watch in the towers, and pentagon, but also overseas in embassies and other American nationals abroad. So what did Jeb mean? What did George keep us safe from? The truth might be the real answer. George kept us in the dark for another eight years. made decisions and justified them with minor truths to mask the real reasons things happen.

A lack of information before entering office is a pre-requisite for the job. We should not be confused when they lie. They are keeping us safe after all.

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