Blame the Victims Mentality


In the current feud between those that love guns and those that do not, lies a certain county in Oregon. It is only known because this is the site of the latest massacre of human beings by an armed member of our society. Once again there are people that were not supposed to be dead, by our standards, but have been made so by the actions of a person we can assume, is not sane, or rational, according to anything the average person understands.

I have absolutely no access to any psychiatric information about the killer but, let us be honest for a moment, I do not really need any. The person loaded multiple weapons, legally owned, and killed nine humans. This to me speaks of mental issues of which I know not, or, a larger conspiracy of which there seems none. I opt for the mental issues.

However, with regard to mental issues, Ben Carson, a current GOP front runner for the office of President of these United States offered on facebook this comment “There is no doubt that this senseless violence is breathtaking, but I never saw a body with bullet holes that was more devastating than taking the right to arm ourselves away.”[1] This is a man that wishes to run our nation, a Dr of medicine that I will assume has seen first hand the gunshot victims, and he would rather see corpses than guns removed from citizens.

It is the new and pervasive blame the victims reasoning put forth by the gun lobby and gun rights people of this nation. I am not anti gun but I most certainly am anti being callous and insane about this issue. I am tired of hearing this situation is the fault of liberals and gun free zones. I am tired of hearing that if everyone in the school were armed all would be well. I am appalled that a current front running candidate for the Presidency of the United States would sneer at the dead people and act as if they deserved it because he thinks they should have charged the gunman.

You all like your guns, we get it. I assure you we all understand that guns are very important to you. But to pretend there is no issue here at all is delusional at best. To recognize there is an issue, but then, in your haste to avoid any dialogue involving reasonable measures you place the blame on victims and uninvolved members of society is reaching a level nearing insanity.

Gun loving members of society cry again and again that I cannot blame the gun, and I cannot blame the law abiding gun owner, when someone takes a weapon and kills nine humans. OK, let us say I believe you. Why then is it OK for gun lovers to, for the same incident, blame the dead people for not being armed, or the dead and injured for not charging the gunmen? Why is it all right to blame the liberals or the government or the community for advocating gun free zones? Why is it so difficult for gun lovers to see that their cry that liberals and anti-gunners shift blame to undeserving groups and individuals in the wake of these incidents is the exact same thing as what they do when they shift blame to gun free zones, and Obama, and liberals, and now, to what should be the horror of America, to the victims of these crimes.

There must be reasonable answers out there. Solutions that can be reached by right thinking rational humans beings Solutions that even those with opposing positions can come to, like compromises, that could, not erase, but mitigate. No one in the nation that is for guns advocates that we abolish the second amendment. Many on the other side of the argument are not of this mind set either. Just reasonable solutions by reasonable people to attempt to curb some of the violence is all.

I do believe in my heart that reasonable solutions exist. My problem is, I no longer have any belief that reasonable humans do, on either side of this issue.





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