Become a Democratic Front Runner 101

Hillary-Clinton-Joe-Biden-and-Bernie-SandersBecoming a Democratic Front Runner could be seen as a bit trickier than becoming the GOP counterpart. The Democratic base is not as easily pinned down as they have a multitude of causes to choose from. There is no blueprint of what particular cause might be at the forefront of any potential voters mind at any given time. There are however, some givens.

Democrats often flock to inequity within the system. That said inequity is real, or imagined, carries little weight in the long run. That said inequity can be stated on a bumper sticker or t-shirt is a positive. If it can also be solved by some elaborate, and heretofore unimagined, utopian societal adjustment is nothing but a positive. This is currently, as of 10/05/15, demonstrated best by the fact that one of the Democratic Front Runners has not even declared that he is running for president at all. The supporters are actually supporting a mythical “what if my favorite person not running would just come and run” platform and if that isn’t utopian thinking then we need to redefine the word.

Primary member of the Big Three currently in play in polls for the Democrats is Hilary Clinton. Her mythical platform, without directly saying it, is that, because my last name is Clinton you all know the economy will be booming just like it was for Billy. Which many in the nation know as Bill Clinton, her former husband and President of the United States. But she knows as, that guy I have an arraignment with making us a power couple in politics. the one I keep around because he is pretty good at convincing people to vote for him and his ideas. She embraces her unicorns and is now willing to fly her rainbow bumper sticker to endear her to her constituency.

Bernie Sanders is her chief rival, and gaining in the polls. Bernie’s appeal comes from his utopian outlook that democratic socialism with catch on in America. That you could fly a flag of socialism and sell this to the average American is especially delusional. If the denial of things such as Climate Change by those on the other side of the aisle can be seen as an avoidance of reality then the notion that Big Money Billionaires will release their grasp on the American political system as well as their own money is just a field of multi-colored unicorns flitting about to a Grateful Dead soundtrack of Truckin’, paired with Buffalo Springfield’s There’s Something Happening Here, because Bernie, “what is is aint exactly clear…” Bernie’s followers though are the college aged among us. the true believers that society can be made fair and the playing field made even. That the needs of the many can be addressed by the simple adjustment of the glaring wrongs in society. This is the dream Bernie sells.

Joe Biden of course, isn’t really selling anything at all. He just exists, and is gaining in polls as the candidate to be named later mostly by those that have a shitty taste in their mouths because of the other choices proffered. I know nothing of Joe or his platforms which means he is probably just another Hilary with a few tweaks. A party mouth that knows, in his heart, he is the right man to save our nation from the swine. His appeal is likely just that of existing and not being the other two.

So to become a Democratic Front Runner we need, a full face cord of inequity in the system. Add in copious amounts “this is how things should be.” We will need levels, many, many levels to adjust the playing field accurately. Very large and accurate scales to balance properly the redistribution of wealth, opinion, and law. We shall need a dash of “nothing is wrong with you, you are not different, you are special.” Add in conformity in our non-conforming style as we all need to speak, dress, and behave as one in our own snowflake like unique way. Blinders are helpful as we shall need to promote a “do not look behind the curtain” policy as you would not like, nor do you have any need to see, what is behind the curtain, just move along, save the whales is in aisle two. We shall also need our own utopian vision to strive for and sell to each and every identically unique snowflake registered as a Democrat.

To sell this to your constituency sounds dangerous. To offer “…tangerine trees, and marmalade skies…” to a human is to risk that one day they will wake up. One day they will see the skies are tangerine in color because of pollution and the marmalade trees are just what trees look like when they die. But when you are selling this ideal, this utopian microcosm where all are one, and one are all, to the “…girl with kaleidoscope eyes…” you remain relatively safe as long as she doesn’t succumb to some half assed intervention before the general election is over. So it is all good, unicorns, t-shirts, and bumper stickers for all. Let’s stop the Vietnam war.

So fire up the commune, pop on some Doors, and crack open Aldous Huxley’s “The Doors Of Perception” because “This is the end … my only friend, the end.”



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