No Violence, Just Votes.

Of late we have had the shooting of a republican baseball practice putting more than one republican in the hospital. Democrat Gabrielle Giffords was shot in 2011 in a failed assignation attempt which injured and killed a number of people in an Arizona Safeway supermarket as she addressed her constituents. In London, in the wake … Continue reading

RIP Chris Cornell

In the wake of Chris Cornell’s suicide I thought I might finally share a little on this particular subject. I do not often go personal because this is FB but I saw a post from one of my FB friends that moved me to do this so here it is for what it is worth. … Continue reading

Koo Koo, not right, Coo Coo, still no, Coup Coup! That’s it

This world is getting just a bit nuttier like every hour don’t you think? I mean, each hour brings new executive orders, new tweets, new responses, new actions by third parties inspired, I am sure, by recent actions at the top. If you had sat and written this all down 2 years ago and tried … Continue reading

The Dystopian Nightmare You Ordered Has Arrived

What is our future people must be asking. Both left and right have reason to wonder. Those on the right see change. They see a president willing to gut the government and in this they expect change and hope it will be positive. They have taken a jet engine, a functioning jet engine with faults, … Continue reading

End the Liberal Whipping Post

Since the dawn of the internet, and the gradual development of what we now call social media the technology, as new tech is wont to do, gets used for the worst reasons humans can possibly find for it. Among the things social media has allowed, even encouraged, are the thought police. This comes in many … Continue reading

Make the News News Again

We are all aware of Fox News, the right wing pundits like Limbaugh and Coulter and the countless right wing talking heads. Online we have an endless stream of garbage from the right like Breitbart, and the drudge report pushing their agenda and often flat out fake news. Anyone that knows me knows I loathe … Continue reading

Tangerine Trees and Marmalade Skies, Welcome to the new reality

When I was a youngin there was nothing that would get you thinking uhoh faster than the red menace, the Godless communists, the Russians. We all grew up under the shadow of THE BOMB during the seemingly endless cold war. I recall in school one day when one of my teachers explained that the Seneca … Continue reading

Welcome to the New Year 2017 PR (Post Reality)

It has been awhile since I posted anything here. I suppose shock and depression has set in after the election results but fear not, we shall overcome. As you are most likely aware, this nation, well, the seedy underbelly of this nation, has seen fit to put into the office of President of these United … Continue reading