Make the News News Again

We are all aware of Fox News, the right wing pundits like Limbaugh and Coulter and the countless right wing talking heads. Online we have an endless stream of garbage from the right like Breitbart, and the drudge report pushing their agenda and often flat out fake news. Anyone that knows me knows I loathe them all and have, many times, blamed them for the dumbing down of this nation.  But earlier today I was watching the mainstream media. I know! Bad Kevin! But alas it was MSNBC, and on the show one of the panelists was a a self described liberal media persona. He put forth the notion that the liberal media was, in part at least, responsible for the existence of the right wing media empires rise.

Up until now I have been blaming the loss of the fairness doctrine, which I have written about on this blog more than once in the “Fairness Doctrine” and  “The Fairness Doctrine (Part Deux),” for the rise of the right. However this new thought was, at the very least, interesting. The panelist claimed that the liberal media basically owned the airways before the dawn of Fox news in 1996. The panelist suggested that this created a vacuum that was then filled by the right wing fake news agenda.

I have friends that, over those years, I recall them spouting endlessly about the left wing media. Many had gotten to a point where they refused to watch. I admit, back then I thought they were being idiots but who was I to argue. Truth be told much of the media, especially Hollywood, is loaded with artists, and those artists be they actors or musicians or whatever their proclivity tend to be liberal. I went to school for art. It is hard to locate a conservative in the room. So yes I guess in hindsight it might seem movies and media and music have a liberal left wing bent as likely they do. Art, media, writing, all are a form of expression and anyone, ANYONE, suggesting they can be absolutely unbiased is lying, delusional, or both. As Hunter S. Thompson once penned “So much for Objective Journalism. Don’t bother to look for it here–not under any byline of mine; or anyone else I can think of. With the possible exception of things like box scores, race results, and stock market tabulations, there is no such thing as Objective Journalism. The phrase itself is a pompous contradiction in terms.”

“So much for Objective Journalism. Don’t bother to look for it here–not under any byline of mine; or anyone else I can think of. With the possible exception of things like box scores, race results, and stock market tabulations, there is no such thing as Objective Journalism. The phrase itself is a pompous contradiction in terms.” (Hunter S. Thompson)

There will be a part of the artist in anything they produce. This stands for journalism also. So yes, there probably was a vacuum perceived by the right wing. They demanded a voice and the likes of Rupert Murdoch stepped up and created Fox News. The likes of Limbaugh and the right wing pundits filled the airways. Ann Coulter and her ilk wrote books bashing all that is liberal. And the online presence of the far right like Brietbart and Drudge filled the blogs with their version of reality.

There was definitely an audience in waiting. They fed off this stuff as if it was what their souls were crying out for all along. The problem was the audience didn’t stop to ask if any of it was truth. They merely assumed that, if it is not left wing, if it is anti-liberal, anti-progressive, then it is true. Generously sprinkled in and about the message were cries to end abortion, cries that they, the righteous Christian soul of America, were under assault by the left wing progressive terrorist entity among them. There were wars on their beliefs, their practices, their holidays, themselves and their God. The word of the day was fear. Fear LGBT people, fear women’s rights, fear abortion, fear the left wing agenda, fear gay rights, minority rights. Out your window, they were told, is any and all manner of entities bent on stealing your way of life, your religious freedoms, your very existence.

Truth be told the vast majority of the United States is Christian, about 83% according to google. About 4% identify as “other” like Jewish, Muslim, etc. while 13% identify as no religion which could range from non-denominational to atheist. The vast majority of that 13% consider themselves a believer in something at least, they are merely not willing to term it Christian. That means those little conservatives are lying about the war on their religious freedoms. They have the numbers. A casual observer to this nation during Christmastime will be able to tell you who is winning this non-existent war.

As far as the other things the right loves to talk about merely looking at the fact checking entities online like snopes and politifact will tell you the vast majority of what the right are told to believe is mostly false or downright made up. And yes, the right wing loathes the fact checking sites. They are liberal entities that lie to discredit them. But this is the way of the far right and far left in an age when facts are hard to discern and not welcome in the conversation.

I believe that back when the media was left leaning that they did not realize it. I believe they thought they were reporting things not just as they saw them but as they actually were. I also believe they were somewhat mistaken. I mean yes they reported the stories as they saw them but, as Hunter explained, Objective journalism fails in the end. They could not, did not, actually report them as they were. I write a lot and I assure you I do not attempt to be unbiased. I may attempt to understand where the other side is coming from but often that is merely so I can explain to them why they are wrong. My point though is that, before 96, before the loss of the fairness doctrine, before the dawn of the right wing media empire, I truly believe any real bias was unintentional, or possibly they felt, in check.

The dawn of the right wing media engine however has created agendas. The right wing was clearly on a mission to make their voice heard at the expense of anything and everything, including the truth. Misinformation, exaggeration, outright lies, insults, name calling, anything and everything was on the table as long as it remained filled with the ideology of the right and the cry that they were the downtrodden. In response the left changed and became purposely biased. Spewed their own fears and lies. And here we sit. Two sides hopelessly entrenched in belief systems of fear and hate. Beliefs that the other side is unworthy of so much as an attempt to understand.

The vacuum may have existed. I believe it did. But the content the right filled this vacuum with was still, is still, absolutely appalling. They will stop at nothing to win the discussion. They fill their followers with all manner of things untrue. Their followers then spew this about as if it is actual information. They come off often as soulless bags of hate.  To attempt a dialogue with the majority of them is to bang your head against a wall. In the end you will be bloodied into unconsciousness and they will strut about as if what they said matters, as if they have proven you wrong.

In the end I get the Limbaughs and the Coulters of this world. They saw a niche and exploited it. They saw a ready audience and spewed hatred and the most vile garbage and cashed the checks. Who knows what they really believe. But the Fox news, the Breitbart, the Drudge report I believe they believe what they say. Oh sure there is a paycheck involved for sure and who can say what is really in a persons heart but they come off as believers. And to believe what you are saying when all you are saying is hatred and all you do is incite fear and stir the pot of division, then you are not part of any solution I might recognize but rather part of the problem. I have never met a conservative atheist though I imagine a few exist. Most conservatives I have met call themselves Christian. It is time they stopped and examined themselves and tried to live up to what they claim to find divine.

As far as opening a dialogue with a far right wingnut, a supporter of the right’s media empire, I would suggest, if you value your sanity, you avoid it. But if you ignore my advice then expect all manner of factless information sent your way. If and when you refute these untruths with some information you researched from a credible source stand back. Now comes the vile portion of tonight’s entertainment. They will call you any manner of things usually left on a 6th graders recess playground. if online they may block you or unfriend you as to question their beliefs is to question who and what they are. While you may, at some point, attempt to understand where they are coming from and then to empathize and explain why you see the situation otherwise, they will never, NEVER, go down that road. You disagree, you are the enemy, this is their stance. Now, in fairness ( which they will never say) I have conversed with some extreme left humans and had similar results but I find the right worse by far. More of them and more hatred will come your way. If it is a family member, decide if thanksgiving dinner is more important before you begin.

So I suppose the vacuum was there but they are responsible for the content they filled it with.




Tangerine Trees and Marmalade Skies, Welcome to the new reality

When I was a youngin there was nothing that would get you thinking uhoh faster than the red menace, the Godless communists, the Russians. We all grew up under the shadow of THE BOMB during the seemingly endless cold war. I recall in school one day when one of my teachers explained that the Seneca Army Depot, which was like 10 or 15 miles down the road from the house I grew up in, was one of the top 2 nuclear weapon storage facilities in the United States. He added that, were a nuclear war to start, the base was considered a top 10 target for destruction by the Russians. To me this meant, in the event of nuclear war, I was toast along with anyone and everyone I knew and loved.

In conflict after conflict across the decades we were always dealing with Soviet intervention on the part of our enemy of the day. In fairness we did the same to them but, in fairness again, we had to as they were the Godless communists and their spread, their aggression, could not be tolerated. Reagan the Magnificent was credited with removing this menace, ending the cold war, and tearing down that godforsaken wall.

Fast forward to now and we actually have a president elect kissing Putin’s ass in Russia. We have a series of right wingnut patriots claiming Russia did nothing to hack our election and move on kids nothing to see here, and we have those same patriots building our own wall. How things have changed. The world is now upside down or on its axis leaning towards an alternate reality where tangerine trees and marmalade skies are the norm. Now when I drop acid I see reality, well what fun is that?

How did we get here? We got here because truth is dependent upon need. When the world was in the cold war we needed the people to fear communism to support budgets and war efforts and the freedom of those in power to act in our self interests. Now those in power are in need of a different narrative, a narrative of Putin is fine, give him a chance, coupled with the election was not hacked because I need my presidency to be legitimate no matter how many lies it requires.

This is not a new situation, after all the last 8 years the need was to demonize anything and everything that Black guy did in the white  house. I mean think about what an absolutely puritan lifestyle Obama must live that the right wing spin machine never had even a hint of a scandal on the man. Not one. And you know they were trying. Seriously, a group of right wing nuts willing to lie and twist any snippet of information and Obama and the fam walked out clean.

Today’s narrative has changed though to accept the commies. Well I am not there. I was indoctrinated in another era, another narrative. regardless of where we now pretend to stand I will not accept or tolerate Putin. He is KGB, he is undoubtedly old school Russian. He thinks as I think. He thinks America is the enemy as that was his narrative to embrace as a youth. And he is playing nice for a few weeks because he sees a soft ass, often failed,  businessman on the horizon. A businessman that has openly questioned NATO. Openly praised Putin. Openly appointed men with close ties to Russia and Putin himself.

The narrative of the day is forgive. The rednecks will do anything for Trump while they still believe in the wall, the deportation, and banning of Muslims, the deportation of Mexicans, and the promise of jobs. This will fade in time as narratives and campaign promises do. See campaign promises are, as Kansas might say, dust in the wind. More so in this instance. Trump is not a politician. Even now. He has run businesses and in business you fire people that do not do what you want. In politics you slander them, you scandalize them, you humiliate them, but in the end they remain and then return the favor.

Even Trump’s appointees, his inner staff, are having some issues with his Russian narrative. Some of these people are Generals. They served in the military against Russia. Now they are being asked to at best be vague in their comments at worst hypocritical. After all how do you turn your back on a lifetime of animosity because it doesn’t suite the current boss and his desire to lie to achieve, not his goals and policies, but rather to soothe his fragile ego.

It has been said often and not without much variation on the theme that what is happening is unprecedented. In fact it is happening so often, has become so regular, as to make it precedent almost. And I agree with the voices saying we cannot normalize this reality, this alternate dimension. Captain Kirk cannot have a machine in his cabin that vaporizes his opposition and Spock cannot have a menacing goatee. This cannot be real and Scottie needs to get us back to the version of space and time that makes sense.

There is no more sensible space and time to transport to any longer though. Now the narrative of the day is we make the truth up as we go along to suite our needs. There is no longer a need to pretend otherwise. At least in the past they would make an elaborate ruse demonstrating the obvious need to believe as they say in order that we the people get behind them. GW for instance, and his crew of white collar thugs, invented the whole Iraq WMD thing, sold it to the house and senate, sold it to the people, then did as he wished and many in the nation thanked him for saving us from the scary desert man that was about to throw his dangerous sand at us. Now, it is just, Oh I need to do this and you to believe this lie .. and the crowd cheers and it comes to pass for a whole twitter cycle.

If Trump or Kelly Anne Conway show up with a particularly evil looking goatee I am out of here because I know one of them has that vaporizer in their cabin. It is a scary time when tangerine trees are the norm, and marmalade skies the stuff of starry nights. Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly, it is the …. oh damn it is that orange guy and his damn twitter account changing reality again. Today we need to hate everyone that is left handed and shorter than 5’8″, seems we must round them up as they are draining the economy by demanding lifts in their shoes. It is all very confusing, hopefully we will get another tweet soon and .. oh … one is coming in as we speak, they are OK now, more to come I am sure. Where is the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes when you need her?




Welcome to the New Year 2017 PR (Post Reality)

false-reality-he-1-718x400 It has been awhile since I posted anything here. I suppose shock and depression has set in after the election results but fear not, we shall overcome. As you are most likely aware, this nation, well, the seedy underbelly of this nation, has seen fit to put into the office of President of these United States what is likely the most divisive, fact resistant, truth phobic or  alethephobic, thin skinned, twitter addicted, childish, narcissistic, misogynistic candidate since Caligula was made Ceaser of Rome, which brings us to where we are now.

I just took a casual stroll through my facebook wall where I retain friends and acquaintances that live in the fact free world of the post reality era which, for now, we can call 2017 PR. In this era we have the likes of Kamal Saleem, a former Muslim Terrorist, now right wing speaker. Kamal claims 45% of the common core curriculum is Islamic Indoctrination. I am sure this is accurate as former terrorists turned right wing pundits are often the best source for factual information about the American education system. And before you ask why a former Muslim terrorist is accepted as a speaker by the far right I will explain. This is a right wing tool where they find the one anti black black guy, the one anti Muslim Muslim, the one Judas, and parade them about as if it validates all the hatred and moronic beliefs they adore.


Another post on today’s wall is the normal repeal Obamacare garbage. It matters little to the right that there is no replacement for Obamacare. Matters little that they will remove a ton of people, quite possibly me, from the health care rolls. In their world meds are cheap because the republicans fixed that rising cost of pharmaceuticals thing by being rich, right? It matters little what happens to people with pre-existing conditions because, after all, they are responsible for the high cost of medical attention as they need medical attention and this will not do. Truth is the republicans do have a plan to replace Obamacare they are just afraid if they say it out loud you will all be quite upset. See the plan is mass graves and early death for the weak and poor. Those with pre-existing conditions, well too bad. As Huckabee said you don’t insure a house after it is burned down. Fear not my friends the republicans are perfectly happy to allow you access to medial attention provided you do not need it. Upon your request for medical attention in any way past the normal checkup you are dropped from the rolls of those allowed access to medical attention. This is the truth of the post reality era.

I have heard some of them speak of vouchers, and just today Rand Paul spoke of low cost healthcare which he says is forbidden under Obamacare. He said this in a manner that inferred this was evil and wrong. He didn’t bother to mention why it might exist. See low cost healthcare, say 50 – 100 a month as figures I just made up, requires deductibles that are so absurd as to mean you have no health insurance at all. I mean, think on it a bit. If I am not making enough money to afford decent health insurance and thus forced to buy one with a massive deductible and huge co-pays, then how exactly do I afford the massive deductible and huge co-pays?

nothinkingAlong with these are the standard climate change denial memes, the memes explaining the horror Obama has brought to this nation, the attacks on Obama’s wife, and occasionally the kids, the anti-gay posts ranging from stop them from having civil rights to kill them in a biblical manner, the pro life garbage, the claims that anyone having rights that conservative Christians do not approve of is a violation of said Christians religious liberty, etc. It goes on and on and on. Their hatred and vile beliefs have been tamped down for some time in this society, the Politically Correct one they so loathe. Trump released the pressure valve and we now have a Mt. St. Helen’s like eruption of a veritable Pandora’s box of hatred, and ill will toward their fellow man.

Trump has run on and with this hatred and ignorance. He has used it to fuel his election and is now abiding by his promises by appointing a radical right wing set of people to various positions in his cabinet and other posts. His appointees invariably seem to despise and/or have legal issues with the departments they are being appointed to run. His sec of education is anti-public school, pro-creation, anti-evolution, and seemingly anti-reality. His sec of Treasury and Commerce are from wall street and Goldman Sachs. Jeff Sessions for Attorney General is interesting as he certainly violates a lot of laws and common decency. The list is long and appalling.

The liberals are under some delusions themselves. They spout online about democrats blocking Trump’s agenda. They had their chance to do that on Nov 9th and failed to rally enough humans to do so. Now they must live with the reality that the republicans control the majority of the states, they control the executive and legislative branches of government and will soon control the judiciary. There is no blocking anything. As I type this the republicans are attempting to pass legislation removing the filibuster and making votes pass with a simple majority. At that point there is no need for a democratic presence in Washington at all. They have lost.

Over the next 2 years for certain and 4 Possibly, the republicans will enact an agenda that is decidedly anti-human, very much anti-truth, anti-earth, anti-wages, anti-poor people, but very much pro-pollution, pro-deregulation, pro-wealth, pro-religion (if that religion is Christianity in a form they approve of), and pro-Trump and his holdings. As a person that leans left I see the coming days with a very dismal view. It will be up to people like me and those on the left center to watch and speak out when we see these things occurring.

im-off-the-trzo94No, I do not think America is doomed. I do think the American ideal as I see it is going to take a big hit. I see Trump starting wars through twitter. Just today he claimed that North Korea’s statement about test launching a ballistic missile “…isn’t going to happen…”. What the hell does that mean? No one knows. It is Trump talking garbage like a bully in a schoolyard with no interest in or knowledge of the complexity of that particular situation. It is quite possible that WW3 can dawn on the Korean peninsula. The parties involved have nuclear capabilities and China has a lot of humans to send to war. But just tweet threats like all the other presidents in your wake Trump, that will get headlines and cheers from the morons that have no idea what lies in wait over there.

In a society that has no value for factual information, no respect for science, no desire to have the truth be told to them in any manner, what recourse does one have? You cannot argue or discuss a point with the conservatives as they are not in any reality you recognize. Often they are dumbed down to the point that they think and intellectual retort is “that aint true”, they then type LMAO or something equivalent as they just “schooled you.”

In the land of the blind the one eyed man is King they say. This sounds like a rational old saying. It no longer applies as it suggests that the one in the society with the greatest gifts, the greatest knowledge would be revered. Now it is more like in the land of the single digit IQ the man with the loudest voice and biggest platform is king. The gifts do not exist, the knowledge is unnecessary, all you need is to scream the loudest.

How have we come to this you might ask. I would say the world of right wing news is largely at fault. News is no longer news and the right wing has a great number of voices out there speaking the lies, repeating the lies, driving them home in a manner used in brainwashing. Keep repeating misinformation regardless of opposing voices and you will reach someone. Then decry all media that would disagree as the enemy. Any voice of disagreement is a lost kool-aid filled sheep. They followed the Goebell’s playbook to a tea and it worked.


They told the poor the economy was getting worse when it was improving. A simple google search can show this. They believed. They told the Christians that there was a war on Christians and Christmas. 80% of American’s are Christian so how could that be true? It can’t but they believed. They told them Gay Rights was an attack on their religious freedom. How? No one cared to ask they merely believed. They told them Hilary did all manner of horrific things up to and including being a serial killer, a pedophile, a white slaver, and a traitor. Are there charges or convictions? NO, but they believed. I could continue but it is pointless. In two years we will have a vote. If enough of us are finally angry enough to get off our ass and go to the polls, maybe we can take back a little from the republicans. Two years after there will be another chance to get a little back. We must do so again and repeat the process till we get a nation we can be proud of.




Days of the Dominoes

When we are young we are immortal. We take risks as we heal quickly, recover well. Our parents are still young and vital. We look to them for answers as they seem, at least to us, to have them all. But as we age, as they age, perspective changes as we march inexorably to the end of their time, and eventually ours also, upon this earth. Where once the thoughts of life insurance and health insurance were trivial matters at best, we now are on a first name basis with the local emergency room and ICU personnel, and once the dominoes begin to fall in earnest they never really stop.

The bills my parents amassed have come due and it seems my job to watch as they pay. My parents were not health nuts in their time. They were frugal to a large extent and saved money where they could in what we were eating maybe. Choosing the lesser quality hamburg and the generic products over name brands. How egregious of an error is that? I can’t say. Likely no one can really. They were both smokers,  heavy smokers actually. What price does one pay for this? No one seems to have exact facts and figures. We can all point to Uncle Joe who was a chain smoker and lived healthy and happy till his 90’s, or Uncle Tom that smoked a little and died of lung cancer at 43. Both my parents carried extra weight most of their lives. I don’t know that they were obese or what risks this brought but it is there.

What I do know is the dominoes are falling in earnest and many of those dominoes have the title heart failure, cancer, dementia, COPD, kidney failure. I know if you check the medical opinion  of the majority of medical personnel they will tell you the issues of bad diet, smoking, and weight, and lack of exercise, lead inevitably, to the diagnosis written on the various dominoes we see falling by the wayside at this moment.

It is all a matter of perspective at this point. Stepping back and realizing, in my case, that certain questions, certain aspects of blame, hold no real purpose. Two lives were lived, and now are ending. The who, what, and where of blame is a pointless endeavor that leads to no real useful conclusions.

aaeaaqaaaaaaaar0aaaajgm1njdhowu2ltdkzmqtndg0ni05yzcwlte3owrmoddkmddhmqIt is left to me to follow in their wake and keep as much of this situation tolerable and moving forward as possible. I owe that I suppose as my folks have helped me a great deal at times. I am the lone son left standing so there is no one really to assist me in this endeavor. The time of the changing of the guard is here. I know it soon will pass that I take all decision making away from them. I am not happy about this but I realize what must be. Adulting has never been my favorite activity as there is not much fun in it.

This is a portion of the reason my posts have stopped. And I decided today maybe a portion of the reason for them to start again. I do not look forward to when my bills will come due in full. I will have no siblings, no children, no grandkids, I will have a wife and she will be my age. I suppose the state will step in and decide for me what is and what shall be. This is a bit more grim than the end my parents face as at least I can be there for them. My mother comes from a large family and many of her siblings still remain. But I do not see, outside of a select few, the uncles and aunts, nieces and nephews, here assisting. They say kind words, often wish they could help, but wishes amount to nothing really.

My dad just returned home today after 6 weeks in 2 hospitals and a nursing home. Two of my Uncles were here today to help me get him in the house and this was much appreciated. But while he was away my mother had a bad time where she was nauseous and dizzy and would not rise from the bed even to go to dialysis. My Aunt and 2 cousins dropped by. Wished they could be there for mom. One gave me suggestions of how to help mom, as if I wasn’t the one here doing it for years now. They suggested I get someone to come in and clean as if this were a priority. No one offered to come over some afternoon and actually clean. just that I hire someone as my efforts were inadequate. My aunt cannot help in this manner but both of those with the suggestions surely can.


It sounds like I am blaming them, being petty, I am not. I didn’t go clean my aunts house when  my uncle was dying of cancer. But then again that aunt and uncle have 6 children, where I am alone in this. But still truth be told I went to see my uncle a few times but did nothing to help as I felt it not my place.

Such are the days of the dominoes. Many of us will go through a time similar to this. Where arguments about health care, and insurance, and decisions about the best path for care are hotly debated subjects. Where every day seems like just another set of fallback positions in their retreat from existence. Where good days are marked with no trip to the hospital, no setback in one or the others ability to function at all. We all have to pay the bill in the end. own up to the damage we caused ourselves by losing just a little bit more autonomy. Shouldn’t have had that last drink, smoked that last pack. should have done more cardio and put down that last doughnut. The ills we heap upon ourselves are slow but cumulative and now we sit and watch the dominoes fall and just try to avoid them falling on you.

The Fallacy of Choice


I have seen a great number of memes and posts regarding the fallacy of choice of late in regards to the current election cycle. The fallacy they refer to is dependent upon the person posting I am sure. If you are a Bernie person the fallacy likely likes in the pretend democratic process of electing the nominee. If you love Trump that fallacy bordered on many issues at many times in the process. At times Trump and his people claimed the primaries were rigged, or being rigged, times when the entire republican party seemed aligned against Trump according to Trump, not to mention the constant flow from Trump and crew regarding his mistreatment in the media and, any other person, place, or thing, that seemed to disagree with even the smallest of his utterances. Certainly Hilary fans feel put upon by the scandal creation wing of the republican party as they have invented so many scandals no one knows if any are real. But to top it off now we have the “I will vote no one in this election” person that seems to feel the entire process is so rigged, so useless, there is no point in participating.

i-have-no-choice-is-a-fallacyI sympathize with this particular group to a great degree. Our political system is bought and paid for by people, and corporations, and entities, that exist in the shadows many times. Some crawl into the light and are proud of their influence like the NRA. Most prefer the darkness as they advertise that they are here to help you, their people, their customers, while they pay off politicians in back rooms to do exactly the opposite.


So yes, the game is rigged, the choice is somewhat false, if you believe the choice is what they tell you that it is. If you believe the choice is between two people with your best interests at heart then you are confused and there is no choice. If you believe the choice is between two parties fighting for your best interests, then yes, the game is still rigged and you have no real choice. If you think you are fighting for a wall on the southern border you are terribly confused and there is no choice for you. Likewise if you think you are fighting for free college, your choice is non-existent, but you are right, you need an education.

The real choice comes in the minutia we can control. That choice is not tomorrow’s change, or even next year’s change, it is much farther down the line. The things no one actually talks about in speeches or to the media on a regular basis is what you vote for, as change is more a long term thing rather than a moment in time.me_463_strawman-1

We point to the fall of the Berlin wall as resounding change but the fall of that wall was at best symbolic of events that were taking place all over eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. We point to the passing of marriage equality as change in this nation and yet these changes have been on the move for a very long time. The Marriage Equality ruling is merely a symbol. The actual change was taking place incrementally every day, in the hearts and minds of young and growing generations.

It is in these subsequent generations where the hope lies. it lies not in the hearts and minds of older people. They, we, have our minds made up. I look around me at my friends, the people I went to junior high school, and high school with, and they are now staunch conservatives claiming they love the pledge of allegiance and God should be in schools. These are names and people I recognize but not actions and opinions. I know these people, have known them long enough to know their hobbies as young men and women. I know the things they now claim to believe are out of fear. Out of a perpetual stream of scare tactics used by the media to drive voters like cattle to a slaughter.

It is the generations of young people that can be educated to make responsible decisions. Change the way a thing is seen. Let a new generation grow in the way it is seen. That thing will change.


We argue that there is to much politically Correct nonsense in this current iteration of America. I do not wholly disagree with that statement. Comedians talk now of no longer playing to college campuses as the students at the show no longer allow anything to be funny. They cannot take a joke lest it violate some PC tenet. But in reality the college campus is often where change is taking place. The minds of the newly educated do not yet have their ideals crushed, their spirit exorcised. They see this new information as issues to take action on, and proceed to do so. This should be no shock to anyone.

The hard part of education is knowing what to do with it. Knowing the Black Lives Matter movement has points regarding the traditional relationship that black people have with the police is one thing. Protesting solely for that aspect of this discussion is another. Likewise the Blue Lives Matter movement and the All Lives Matter ignorance.  There are a lot of factors that come into play in a discussion of this magnitude. There are factions of any organization today that leave the original principles of the movement and strike out with violence, hatred, and ignorance.

It is not really that difficult to understand that a black man laying down, arms raised, and unarmed, should never be shot by the police. Yet this happened. It should not be difficult to understand that petty crimes should not end up in the death of the person arrested. Yet these things happen. It should also be equally easy to understand that police do a tough job. They lay their lives out there daily to protect and serve. They should not be subject to violent, and deadly, retaliation for the behavior of a few bad actors. All of this is solved by understanding both sides are right, and both sides, at times, are wrong. We need to lose the notion that when being arrested for a petty crime, fighting the police, is a plan. Equally though we need to lose the notion that everyone being arrested is a problem requiring the use of deadly force.  Like in society as a whole, the microcosm that is this issue points to the fact that no one wants to address the whole issue. They like screaming for their small understanding of it.


Often battles are between the young, the newly enlightened, and the old and entrenched. The conservatives and the liberals. The old and entrenched see things as they were raised to see things. You have to recognize their position in the context it was acquired. The new generations are just learning these new things in a brand new context. Hence the clash. A 97 year old southern grandpaw may see the oppression of black Americans, and any minority for that matter, as the status quo. He may see this as just as normal as the sunrise because this is the context of his youth. He likely sees the issue just a little nicer than his grandpaw before him who saw the times of absolute horror heaped upon minorities of any type as something to do on a weekend off of work. The new born grankid now sees all these things in the light of the civil rights movement, in the light of a new day and. while some of grandpaw’s old time garbage might sink in there is a chance it will not.

The thing we vote for is to discard grandpaws prejudice. To discard the ways of ignorance and move to the light. I know it is harder for people my age to feel this way. I know because I have only a small number of old school friends, apart from my fiance, that are my age, and hold my views. The conservative ones are entrenched. They may be quiet about it at first but it seems that, eventually, they come out to fight for their ways.

For these reasons I am left to say the vote you hold in your possession counts. regardless of your view, there is something to vote for. It may not be the grand party or candidate of your dreams or of their incessant preaching. It may not be for the nirvana you presume a candidate offers you and yours. It may not be something that directly effects you or this life. But, when you think there is no choice. When you think the candidates are horrible, the elections rigged, the parties a joke. Vote for the future.