Koo Koo, not right, Coo Coo, still no, Coup Coup! That’s it

This world is getting just a bit nuttier like every hour don’t you think? I mean, each hour brings new executive orders, new tweets, new responses, new actions by third parties inspired, I am sure, by recent actions at the top. If you had sat and written this all down 2 years ago and tried to sell it as a book or screenplay you would have been laughed at for the absurdity. Alas, here we sit in this absurdity that has become our reality.

Trump and his people are, well, they are playing an old game. They are distracting us. They are answering the prayers and fevered dreams of their base with Muslim bans, and denial of climate change, and the defunding of planned Parenthood, and the like. Their people applaud and salivate while the left protests and cries foul and impeachment. The media tries to keep up never sure what to say or which action to pay attention too. Often the media still seems lost in the notion that there is something about this situation that is normal, some conversation, or opinion, they can put forth about this Willie Wonka boat ride to hell that seems rational.

I watch them grasp for some rock in the rapids with comments like, “well it is the way he has presented this travel ban that is wrong.”  All the while not realizing that allowing the adoption of the term “travel ban” is playing into the boat ride and clown car procession that is the Trump world. They suggest that the courts are more than likely to side with the President as precedent on immigration implies this is how they usually rule. I ask, why try to make this the normal we accept, why allow it to become the normal we accept.

Plenty of people in this nation know what it means to normalize the abnormal. Many of us have lived in a home with abnormal things happening. Be it bad marriages, bad siblings, out of control anger, drug abuse, gambling, whatever the case. In the environment of that home the abnormal becomes the norm and the secret protected. Around authority and visitors everyone puts on the show. Everyone accepts any lie to cover the secret. But in this case the secret it out. The secret is the one outing himself. Trump is the one screaming from the highest perch that he will continue to do insane things until he wants to stop.

While we, the press, the media, continue to jump at each of his insane proclamations, his seemingly endless supply of inane and insane executive orders, like a cat chasing a feather on a stick, he is doing little things behind the scenes and hoping we do not notice.

Among the things very few noticed is that Trump filed for reelection in 2020 already. This is not normal. Most Presidents wait until the year before. Why would this be important one might ask. Basically it means he can act in either of two capacities. He can act as Trump the President or as Trump the man campaigning for reelection. This changes his ability to deal PACs, businesses and other organizations regarding money and his candidacy. He can claim that any of his actions that would be illegal as president are not because he is also running for President. It also shields him from the negative reactions and comments from non-profits like Planned Parenthood because, as a candidate,  if they criticize him, it is considered campaigning against him and this forfeits their non-profit status. It also plays with the notion of a President using his office for financial gain. This is a very slimy move on the part of the administration merely demonstrating his “the rules do not apply to me” attitude.

Basically Trump and his swamp dwelling cast of freaks are the velociraptors of Jurassic Park fame, throwing themselves at the electrified fences in order too find the weakness in the system. Trump and crew are testing the system for weak points. Testing to see who they can threaten, intimidate, what rules they can skirt, what laws they can repeal or bypass, what employees they can buy and which ones they can fire. All the while keeping us distracted with the Muslim ban and the like.

He fired the Attorney General yesterday, which was mostly a symbolic gesture as she was an Obama appointee awaiting her replacement. He fired her because she would not support his Muslim ban. Not happy enough that he could and had fired her he included personal attacks in the statement to the press that she had betrayed something. He said she was weak on border security and weak on keeping Americans safe. But what did she betray? The American people? I think not. Did she betray Trump? Yeah, that sounds more like it. Now he replaced her with a temporary person until Jeff Sessions is confirmed but he made certain the replacement would rubber stamp his garbage first.

What he also did was send a shot across the bow of every single person in that administration that can be fired. He clearly said to them if you stand in my way I will fire you and put in a puppet more to my liking. He has said in this action in no uncertain terms it will be his way, he is the dictator and no opposing views shall be tolerated. This means he is not my President. He is my dictator.

I watched him in a meeting on TV yesterday with small businesses. He explained he would be signing more executive orders getting rid of regulations for business across the board. Regulations that protect worker safety, wages, and the regulation of pollutants a corporation or business entity may emit. He said these regulations stifle growth and starve small business which may be true. He said they no longer would which is almost definitely true. He said he understood that, while large corporations, large business can afford to abide by the regulations, those same regulations kill small business. I say, OK I can accept that as fact, so why not remove or relax these regulations for small business and retain them on larger businesses? Why remove anti-pollution measures across the board? He is using the small business situation to justify a sweeping deregulation so large corporations may now pollute and mistreat workers for profit. And Trump people, can you guess who some of those workers are? I can wait. Well, maybe not as long as it takes you to figure it out though. The workers are you as Americans.

Oh, and let us not forget Trump’s constant war with the media. He is taking the Fox News, far right notions to their extreme end in his battle with the news, or lamestream media. Constantly discrediting any organization that speaks out against him in any way. Taking away their white house press credentials. Bypassing the media with Twitter. Time and again using his time at the microphone to repeat the same tired garbage about how mean they are to him, how they lie, how they manipulate. This is taken right out of the Joseph Goebbels’s book of manipulating the population. Control the media control the crowd.

He has also banned his own agencies from speaking directly to anyone but he and his trusted people. Trump and his people are now the tip of the funnel that supplies all their truth, all their alternative facts, the only information Trump will allow to reach the ears of the nation. He and his select few in those offices are manipulating all the information that is normally open to the press and the people.

This manipulation extends to his own appointees. Department of Homeland Security Chief John Kelly, Sec. of Defense James Mathis, and Sec of State Rex Tillerson were all kept out of the loop on the “Travel ban” (say Muslim Ban). Senior staffers instead wrote the executive order behind the backs of their own bosses and were forced to sign NDAs. They kept Kelly, Tillerson, and Mathis out of the loop they said, “so as not to tip off the terrorists and allow them to make a rush for the border to get in before the order took effect.”

That is like a WOW moment don’t you think? I mean essentially it is saying I just appointed these men to lead these departments integral to the security of this nation and I consider them all potential leaks to terrorist organizations. Not a lot of confidence you might say. Or you might say the true power in this administration actually sits not with his appointees but with his lunatic inner circle.

I do not like the appointments personally of Tillerson, Mathis, or Kelly, but I have heard moderate right wingers speak highly of one or all in varying degrees. This would likely mean that, as possible voices of moderate reason, they were left out of the loop so as not to derail the order. Bannon is not a moderate voice, he is a white nationalist at best, a racist manufacturer of false news is more likely. He is an extremist gathering power in this administration and he has Trump’s ear. Now the same must be said of some of the staffers apparently planted or manipulated in various departments. This is a prime example of where this nation is headed.

We did not just witness a peaceful transfer of power. We witnessed then, and are now, the beginning of a coup. The complete and utter takeover of the government of this nation from the inner circle located in the executive branch. Trump, as businessmen are wont to do, will brook no dissent. He has his Goebbels and he has his Goering and he has his brown shirts. This is not an administration any longer but a power grab. Hold onto your seats it will get strange. Just keep remembering there are actually facts and you can still find them, for now.



The Dystopian Nightmare You Ordered Has Arrived

What is our future people must be asking. Both left and right have reason to wonder. Those on the right see change. They see a president willing to gut the government and in this they expect change and hope it will be positive. They have taken a jet engine, a functioning jet engine with faults, and they have thrown a very large wrench into it. The engine will explode as engines often do in these conditions but make no mistake, these jet engines are attached to the USA and we are all passengers.

A similar thing happened on the Hudson river some time back. All the jet engines on the plane went down because birds flew into them, these people were lucky in that they had a competent and experienced pilot that calmly landed them on the Hudson river, thus saving everyone. Well people, our jet engines are going down and we do not have a competent pilot at the helm to save us. Instead we have an orange madman tossing birds into the remaining engines.

On the left the passengers are screaming loudly. They warn of a dystopian future devoid of freedoms. After all we have two things to predict the future behavior of this madman president. One is past behavior and this, I assure you, is not a positive indicator of anything. The other possible thing to look to is comparisons to past leaders here and around the world. Unfortunately the leaders that come to mind are dictators, fascists, and those in the world’s past against the very values, morals, and ethics America likes to pretend exist here.

In week one he has signed a number of executive orders. This alone is not troubling as executive orders are a quick way to get things done. It is the content of these orders and the direction it moves this nation that you should find troubling. He has effectively shut down the ability of our government agencies to report useful information, their findings, their data, to the citizens of the USA directly. They are now required to funnel any and all of their information to the President and his staff. This means our lovely dictator in residence has decided to control all information coming from his administration and reaching the public.

Why do such a thing you might wonder. You may simply be doing such a thing because, as his supporters may say, you want what is best for America, and you have to drain the swamp of things like facts to get there. Or you might do such a thing because you are setting up a dictatorship. More likely you might do such a thing because you want absolute control over the information the public hears, so no one in your administration can voice information to contradict your alternative facts, your lies, your misinformation.

In his first week he has proposed and implemented a Muslim ban from 7 nations. Those nations are Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Sudan, and Somalia. Noticeably absent from the list are Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, all of which Trump enterprises does business with, all very much Muslim nations, and one of which 15 of the 19 terrorists of 9/11 came from. Is he protecting you or his holdings? This also avoids the facts that not one American death in these borders is attributed to a single person coming in from any of the 7 banned nations. [1] Also ignored is the fact that the vast majority of attacks in America have been perpetrated by white Christian radicals,[2] or have we forgotten, Timothy McVeigh, of the OK bombing, and Jim David Adkisson, a devout Christian and anti-abortion right-winger that killed two and wounded seven children because they were liberals in a liberal church, or all the history of the KKK and white supremacist organizations, the campaign of terror against abortion doctors and others which are too numerous to list, The massacre at Zion Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C where white supremacist Dylann Roof killed 9 parishioners, and just yesterday in TX a Mosque mysteriously burned in the direct wake of Trump’s Muslim ban (still waiting on cause). These are facts in one world but as we know in this new Trump era up is down, left is right, and facts aren’t facts, the new facts are alternative or, as Websters dictionary has so kindly explained, alternative facts are lies.[3]

In his first week he has vowed to get rid of 75% of the regulations corporations are under regarding such things as worker safety, wages, and polluting the planet we depend upon for survival. He did this to increase profit at the cost of human life and welfare. He has imposed limits on the ability of the EPA to do it’s job and report it’s data to the American people. He has erased any mention of climate change from all sources of government information websites. The line to contact the white house with praise or concern is currently down for some reason. The white house website also removed all assistance offered to people with disabilities and the references to rights for LGBT people.

The border wall is now begun, in principle at least, in the first week. I have seen estimates of 20 billion to build a symbol of American fear and ignorance. In a land of airplanes and boats and tunnels we are spending 20 billion or so on a wall. We have a right wing that has inundated social media with desires to save vets before any refugees. OK, seems we have 20 billion sitting around. How about infrastructure repair, I know where there is 20 billion doing something useless. Education? OH WAIT, health care!! I hear that is an issue. Or prop up the failing Social Security system Reagan borrowed from. Make it viable once again. Or we could build a useless wall. Boats and planes folks, boats and planes.

Don’t let me forget health care. The GOP and president moron have figured out how to repeal health care and have signed orders beginning the process already. Not a one among them has a replace option. Eventually I believe they will just start repealing the ACA, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. They will try to privatize as it is the only thing that comes from their mouths on such subjects like the drone of a broken cog in a previously working machine. Privatize is basically them saying we want ourselves, and our rich friends, to profit from screwing you over. Take Social Security. It is a system all working people in this nation pay into and, if you are over 30, expect to get in your waning years. No one is allowed to profit from it as to profit from it would mean somebody or something loses, and that somebody or something is you.

Over time listening to the various models the GOP has proposed for health and health care I very much see that dystopian future, that moment when Reagan’s shining city on the hill is still shining but now guarded from the terrible flaming “Escape From NY” wreckage at the base under the dark shadow of the scarred wreckage of the wall Trump finally did build. Outside the gates come varied chants like  ‘Ayy! Number Onnee! You’re the Trump! You’re the Trump!  You’re the… Trump. You’re… A-number one. Trumpster!! Come out to play, Trumpster!! Come out to play,” bracketed by small arms and machine gun fire from the darkness at the edge of the ragged tree line. Those outside the wall stare at the graffiti, mostly obscene and elaborate, surrounding the charred and broken letters 57 feet tall, no longer golden and shiny, saying T, R, then a space and M, I maybe, or F, or maybe once a P, as it is broken from years of constant fire from all manner of ordinance. A dog barks in the distance, you hear someone’s baby cry. A rat runs down the alley, and a chill runs down your spine, then someone runs across your grave and you wish the sun would shine but it will not, has not for many years. Sure we all tried to warn you but the GOP health plan is Soylent Green. And as Mr Heston tried to tell you, Soylent Green is you.

The republican plan is you work till you grow ill, get sick, die, then they replace you. Let’s get dramatic here, as if we haven’t already gone there. Let’s say I am a conspiracy nut. Let’s connect some dots. Huckabee is republican we agree, and he so thoughtfully proposed the notion that regarding health insurance, insuring a person with pre-existing conditions is akin to insuring a house after it is burned down. And yes the self proclaimed Christian was talking about humans, like us. Anyway, the GOP have expressed a desire to ban abortion, get rid of or restrict welfare, food stamps, basically anything they deem to be entitlements and an aid to those less fortunate in society, like say a young mother that was forced not to abort  but has no money or viable options to survive and care for her child.

OK, you with me so far? The same administration has promised to remove 75% of federal regulations regarding wages, worker safety, and pollution and has severely restricted the Environmental Protection Agency. This is asking for poor workers with no safety net to help and hazardous working conditions in the name of increased profit. It also means more Flint MI water crises, more toxic air, more toxic food, thus severely increasing your chance at injury and illness. Are you seeing what I am seeing? Yes!! Profit increased across the board as they do not have to pretend to care about your sorry ass any longer. They prop you up, make you work till you no longer can. Then they let you die and replace you with the population they increased by outlawing abortion. Eventually, to feed you they will do what we do with cattle. They will turn the fallen work force into a food product and feed it to those still clinging to existence. Soylent Green, Escape From NY, 1984!!!

I know I know, if you are right wing and read this, you are laughing at my insanity, if you are left wing and read this, you might think, OH SHIT we are in trouble. It may never come to that extreme. Probably won’t come to that extreme. But rest assured the GOP platform is survival of the fittest which I find terribly ironic as they do not believe in evolution or its principles. They currently feel it is up to you to survive in this nation; and government should never play a role. Of course they all think this mostly because they and their friends own everything. They have no intention of giving anyone a leg up but rather a shove down. And the poor upon which they depend for votes will likely not wake up and see what is happening.

I am not so dark as to believe everything I just proposed will come to pass. I know much of it is beginning now. It will be up to us to stand against this agenda so we do not see a horrifying outcome but rather a narrow escape. To be a patriot in this nation in the next 4 years will be to stand against these changes, these actions by this administration and this legislature and likely the future court that go against what America stands for. I loathe Reagan, but be the shining City on the Hill and stand for American principles of hope and acceptance. Values are not values if you abandon them when they are not convenient. It is time to save the jet engines people. It is time we take the birds away from the orange madman before he brings us down and him up.



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End the Liberal Whipping Post

Since the dawn of the internet, and the gradual development of what we now call social media the technology, as new tech is wont to do, gets used for the worst reasons humans can possibly find for it. Among the things social media has allowed, even encouraged, are the thought police. This comes in many forms and from many directions with essentially one purpose, my ideas are right and yours wrong and you shall be punished to the extent of my ability for disagreeing with me. One of the places this seems to be at its absolute worst is at the liberal whipping post.

Make a comment, dress a certain way, have an opinion, do nothing wrong at all, and if the liberal police out there discover your comment and deem it in any way offensive, you will be attacked. You will be fortunate to come out of it with some heartfelt apology and the proper contrition about how you were unaware you were offensive or offending and later you will have a PETA member give you 50 lashes with the whip of self righteous love. Those less fortunate may lose a job, may lose a career, dependent upon severity of the nothing you did.

Before I go too far with this I will acknowledge that there are some statements that are racist, some so egregious they should be called out but, we are in the boy who cried wolf era now. So many charges, so many in fear of saying one little thing that is misinterpreted or taken out of context, that it obscures the actual villains.

Bottom line though there are so many celebrity apologies out there, so many famous people apologizing for anything from a costume at a party, to a LOL at a joke deemed unacceptable on twitter, it is actually absurd. The liberals have lost their collective minds. Not everything is offensive, sometimes it is just a joke and we, collectively, need to lighten up and get over it. Move on, nothing happening here. It is so bad out there now that”In an interview with Frank Rich in New York Magazine, Chris Rock said he stopped playing colleges because they are too conservative: “Not in their political views — not like they’re voting Republican — but in their social views and their willingness not to offend anybody.”[1]

“In an interview with Frank Rich in New York Magazine, Chris Rock said he stopped playing colleges because they are too conservative: “Not in their political views — not like they’re voting Republican — but in their social views and their willingness not to offend anybody.”[1]

We now live in a world that seems to be spiraling out of control. It matters little if you are far left or far right in your views as each extreme sees things as, well, extreme. There is no middle ground for these people, no rational center, just kill or be killed, burn the bodies and salt the ground ensuring that nothing shall grow here again. And this seems the stance of the offended, and as Chris Rock put it above comedians, and artists are self censoring their act, or at least their location lest they end up in the stocks of social media.

If anyone should be allowed absolute freedom to offend it is the artist, the comedian, the movie star, the musician, the writer. They are societies mirror, they reflect who and what we are as a people and sometimes that isn’t pretty. Forcing truth to be covered up for fear of hurting someone’s feelings is to deny who and what we are as a people. In fact, it is said in many circles that the first step to fixing the problem is to admit it exists. When I hear a comedian like Sam Kinison, or Bill Hicks, tear up everything we hold sacred I hear someone saying “see how silly this shit is?” George Carlin and Richard Pryor held our nose to our prejudice, our irrational views, and we laughed. Now the social media police state waits, records, takes it viral, and carries out the sentence.

How it has come to this is easy to see, the answer is we allow it, encourage it. For the left they see the football team the Redskins, they leap to the conclusion that it is racist and should be changed and take motions to do so. Not many of them bother to ask any of the supposed victims of this name is they care. If this is an issue worthy of their rage. Is this white man guilt? I am sure there is a part of it in there as some white people often feel that to apologize for the horrors of history we must overcompensate in the present, (more often than not this wears off a lot after they leave college). Is it just that, the moment of enlightenment that college brings where your eyes are opened to the injustices of the past and present seems to demand an extreme penance of yourself and everyone else? I am sure this plays a part also.

And make no mistake the right wing are just as easily offended, they merely pick different subjects. For the right it is a simple women’s rights march calls them out as anyone, anywhere asking for civil rights will offend the right in short order. The right act as if rights are finite and that for me to get some rights means they lost some. This is absurd of course but it matters little as they will pump out the memes explaining the absurdity of caring for the rights of anyone not themselves or the few people or institutions they cherish.

Both sides in this PC war, this I am offended state of affairs, claim certain groups as their own, and often the same groups. Both love to love veterans, and both will stand up for their love of veterans when it suites their needs, their position of the moment, but nether stop to think the actual thing that veterans fight and die for is so that both sides can have an opinion and still exist in this land.

I suppose the principle the left has forgotten was summed up nicely by Bill Mahar when he said on his show that “democrats have forgotten to protect people instead of their feelings.” This could not be more dead on. We have to stop being offended and realize it is a free world and people are allowed to say offensive shit. Fuckers like Ann Colture make a living off of saying despicable, offensive, horrible things. When she says them she laughs because she knows she offended you, she wanted to offend you. Wanted your sphincter to ram closed and shit fly out your ears. And she is not in prison because, she is not doing anything illegal. She does not submit to the whipping post because she does not acknowledge either you or your judgement regarding her perceived offense.

It is time to toughen up little lefties. You will never get anything your way again by being thought police. You have achieved nothing by getting a celebrity to apologized for an imagined slight. The world is the world, pox and all. Now get over it, move on, nothing happening here.


Sources: [1] http://www.salon.com/2015/06/10/10_famous_comedians_on_how_political_correctness_is_killing_comedy_we_are_addicted_to_the_rush_of_being_offended/

Make the News News Again

We are all aware of Fox News, the right wing pundits like Limbaugh and Coulter and the countless right wing talking heads. Online we have an endless stream of garbage from the right like Breitbart, and the drudge report pushing their agenda and often flat out fake news. Anyone that knows me knows I loathe them all and have, many times, blamed them for the dumbing down of this nation.  But earlier today I was watching the mainstream media. I know! Bad Kevin! But alas it was MSNBC, and on the show one of the panelists was a a self described liberal media persona. He put forth the notion that the liberal media was, in part at least, responsible for the existence of the right wing media empires rise.

Up until now I have been blaming the loss of the fairness doctrine, which I have written about on this blog more than once in the “Fairness Doctrine” and  “The Fairness Doctrine (Part Deux),” for the rise of the right. However this new thought was, at the very least, interesting. The panelist claimed that the liberal media basically owned the airways before the dawn of Fox news in 1996. The panelist suggested that this created a vacuum that was then filled by the right wing fake news agenda.

I have friends that, over those years, I recall them spouting endlessly about the left wing media. Many had gotten to a point where they refused to watch. I admit, back then I thought they were being idiots but who was I to argue. Truth be told much of the media, especially Hollywood, is loaded with artists, and those artists be they actors or musicians or whatever their proclivity tend to be liberal. I went to school for art. It is hard to locate a conservative in the room. So yes I guess in hindsight it might seem movies and media and music have a liberal left wing bent as likely they do. Art, media, writing, all are a form of expression and anyone, ANYONE, suggesting they can be absolutely unbiased is lying, delusional, or both. As Hunter S. Thompson once penned “So much for Objective Journalism. Don’t bother to look for it here–not under any byline of mine; or anyone else I can think of. With the possible exception of things like box scores, race results, and stock market tabulations, there is no such thing as Objective Journalism. The phrase itself is a pompous contradiction in terms.”

“So much for Objective Journalism. Don’t bother to look for it here–not under any byline of mine; or anyone else I can think of. With the possible exception of things like box scores, race results, and stock market tabulations, there is no such thing as Objective Journalism. The phrase itself is a pompous contradiction in terms.” (Hunter S. Thompson)

There will be a part of the artist in anything they produce. This stands for journalism also. So yes, there probably was a vacuum perceived by the right wing. They demanded a voice and the likes of Rupert Murdoch stepped up and created Fox News. The likes of Limbaugh and the right wing pundits filled the airways. Ann Coulter and her ilk wrote books bashing all that is liberal. And the online presence of the far right like Brietbart and Drudge filled the blogs with their version of reality.

There was definitely an audience in waiting. They fed off this stuff as if it was what their souls were crying out for all along. The problem was the audience didn’t stop to ask if any of it was truth. They merely assumed that, if it is not left wing, if it is anti-liberal, anti-progressive, then it is true. Generously sprinkled in and about the message were cries to end abortion, cries that they, the righteous Christian soul of America, were under assault by the left wing progressive terrorist entity among them. There were wars on their beliefs, their practices, their holidays, themselves and their God. The word of the day was fear. Fear LGBT people, fear women’s rights, fear abortion, fear the left wing agenda, fear gay rights, minority rights. Out your window, they were told, is any and all manner of entities bent on stealing your way of life, your religious freedoms, your very existence.

Truth be told the vast majority of the United States is Christian, about 83% according to google. About 4% identify as “other” like Jewish, Muslim, etc. while 13% identify as no religion which could range from non-denominational to atheist. The vast majority of that 13% consider themselves a believer in something at least, they are merely not willing to term it Christian. That means those little conservatives are lying about the war on their religious freedoms. They have the numbers. A casual observer to this nation during Christmastime will be able to tell you who is winning this non-existent war.

As far as the other things the right loves to talk about merely looking at the fact checking entities online like snopes and politifact will tell you the vast majority of what the right are told to believe is mostly false or downright made up. And yes, the right wing loathes the fact checking sites. They are liberal entities that lie to discredit them. But this is the way of the far right and far left in an age when facts are hard to discern and not welcome in the conversation.

I believe that back when the media was left leaning that they did not realize it. I believe they thought they were reporting things not just as they saw them but as they actually were. I also believe they were somewhat mistaken. I mean yes they reported the stories as they saw them but, as Hunter explained, Objective journalism fails in the end. They could not, did not, actually report them as they were. I write a lot and I assure you I do not attempt to be unbiased. I may attempt to understand where the other side is coming from but often that is merely so I can explain to them why they are wrong. My point though is that, before 96, before the loss of the fairness doctrine, before the dawn of the right wing media empire, I truly believe any real bias was unintentional, or possibly they felt, in check.

The dawn of the right wing media engine however has created agendas. The right wing was clearly on a mission to make their voice heard at the expense of anything and everything, including the truth. Misinformation, exaggeration, outright lies, insults, name calling, anything and everything was on the table as long as it remained filled with the ideology of the right and the cry that they were the downtrodden. In response the left changed and became purposely biased. Spewed their own fears and lies. And here we sit. Two sides hopelessly entrenched in belief systems of fear and hate. Beliefs that the other side is unworthy of so much as an attempt to understand.

The vacuum may have existed. I believe it did. But the content the right filled this vacuum with was still, is still, absolutely appalling. They will stop at nothing to win the discussion. They fill their followers with all manner of things untrue. Their followers then spew this about as if it is actual information. They come off often as soulless bags of hate.  To attempt a dialogue with the majority of them is to bang your head against a wall. In the end you will be bloodied into unconsciousness and they will strut about as if what they said matters, as if they have proven you wrong.

In the end I get the Limbaughs and the Coulters of this world. They saw a niche and exploited it. They saw a ready audience and spewed hatred and the most vile garbage and cashed the checks. Who knows what they really believe. But the Fox news, the Breitbart, the Drudge report I believe they believe what they say. Oh sure there is a paycheck involved for sure and who can say what is really in a persons heart but they come off as believers. And to believe what you are saying when all you are saying is hatred and all you do is incite fear and stir the pot of division, then you are not part of any solution I might recognize but rather part of the problem. I have never met a conservative atheist though I imagine a few exist. Most conservatives I have met call themselves Christian. It is time they stopped and examined themselves and tried to live up to what they claim to find divine.

As far as opening a dialogue with a far right wingnut, a supporter of the right’s media empire, I would suggest, if you value your sanity, you avoid it. But if you ignore my advice then expect all manner of factless information sent your way. If and when you refute these untruths with some information you researched from a credible source stand back. Now comes the vile portion of tonight’s entertainment. They will call you any manner of things usually left on a 6th graders recess playground. if online they may block you or unfriend you as to question their beliefs is to question who and what they are. While you may, at some point, attempt to understand where they are coming from and then to empathize and explain why you see the situation otherwise, they will never, NEVER, go down that road. You disagree, you are the enemy, this is their stance. Now, in fairness ( which they will never say) I have conversed with some extreme left humans and had similar results but I find the right worse by far. More of them and more hatred will come your way. If it is a family member, decide if thanksgiving dinner is more important before you begin.

So I suppose the vacuum was there but they are responsible for the content they filled it with.




Tangerine Trees and Marmalade Skies, Welcome to the new reality

When I was a youngin there was nothing that would get you thinking uhoh faster than the red menace, the Godless communists, the Russians. We all grew up under the shadow of THE BOMB during the seemingly endless cold war. I recall in school one day when one of my teachers explained that the Seneca Army Depot, which was like 10 or 15 miles down the road from the house I grew up in, was one of the top 2 nuclear weapon storage facilities in the United States. He added that, were a nuclear war to start, the base was considered a top 10 target for destruction by the Russians. To me this meant, in the event of nuclear war, I was toast along with anyone and everyone I knew and loved.

In conflict after conflict across the decades we were always dealing with Soviet intervention on the part of our enemy of the day. In fairness we did the same to them but, in fairness again, we had to as they were the Godless communists and their spread, their aggression, could not be tolerated. Reagan the Magnificent was credited with removing this menace, ending the cold war, and tearing down that godforsaken wall.

Fast forward to now and we actually have a president elect kissing Putin’s ass in Russia. We have a series of right wingnut patriots claiming Russia did nothing to hack our election and move on kids nothing to see here, and we have those same patriots building our own wall. How things have changed. The world is now upside down or on its axis leaning towards an alternate reality where tangerine trees and marmalade skies are the norm. Now when I drop acid I see reality, well what fun is that?

How did we get here? We got here because truth is dependent upon need. When the world was in the cold war we needed the people to fear communism to support budgets and war efforts and the freedom of those in power to act in our self interests. Now those in power are in need of a different narrative, a narrative of Putin is fine, give him a chance, coupled with the election was not hacked because I need my presidency to be legitimate no matter how many lies it requires.

This is not a new situation, after all the last 8 years the need was to demonize anything and everything that Black guy did in the white  house. I mean think about what an absolutely puritan lifestyle Obama must live that the right wing spin machine never had even a hint of a scandal on the man. Not one. And you know they were trying. Seriously, a group of right wing nuts willing to lie and twist any snippet of information and Obama and the fam walked out clean.

Today’s narrative has changed though to accept the commies. Well I am not there. I was indoctrinated in another era, another narrative. regardless of where we now pretend to stand I will not accept or tolerate Putin. He is KGB, he is undoubtedly old school Russian. He thinks as I think. He thinks America is the enemy as that was his narrative to embrace as a youth. And he is playing nice for a few weeks because he sees a soft ass, often failed,  businessman on the horizon. A businessman that has openly questioned NATO. Openly praised Putin. Openly appointed men with close ties to Russia and Putin himself.

The narrative of the day is forgive. The rednecks will do anything for Trump while they still believe in the wall, the deportation, and banning of Muslims, the deportation of Mexicans, and the promise of jobs. This will fade in time as narratives and campaign promises do. See campaign promises are, as Kansas might say, dust in the wind. More so in this instance. Trump is not a politician. Even now. He has run businesses and in business you fire people that do not do what you want. In politics you slander them, you scandalize them, you humiliate them, but in the end they remain and then return the favor.

Even Trump’s appointees, his inner staff, are having some issues with his Russian narrative. Some of these people are Generals. They served in the military against Russia. Now they are being asked to at best be vague in their comments at worst hypocritical. After all how do you turn your back on a lifetime of animosity because it doesn’t suite the current boss and his desire to lie to achieve, not his goals and policies, but rather to soothe his fragile ego.

It has been said often and not without much variation on the theme that what is happening is unprecedented. In fact it is happening so often, has become so regular, as to make it precedent almost. And I agree with the voices saying we cannot normalize this reality, this alternate dimension. Captain Kirk cannot have a machine in his cabin that vaporizes his opposition and Spock cannot have a menacing goatee. This cannot be real and Scottie needs to get us back to the version of space and time that makes sense.

There is no more sensible space and time to transport to any longer though. Now the narrative of the day is we make the truth up as we go along to suite our needs. There is no longer a need to pretend otherwise. At least in the past they would make an elaborate ruse demonstrating the obvious need to believe as they say in order that we the people get behind them. GW for instance, and his crew of white collar thugs, invented the whole Iraq WMD thing, sold it to the house and senate, sold it to the people, then did as he wished and many in the nation thanked him for saving us from the scary desert man that was about to throw his dangerous sand at us. Now, it is just, Oh I need to do this and you to believe this lie .. and the crowd cheers and it comes to pass for a whole twitter cycle.

If Trump or Kelly Anne Conway show up with a particularly evil looking goatee I am out of here because I know one of them has that vaporizer in their cabin. It is a scary time when tangerine trees are the norm, and marmalade skies the stuff of starry nights. Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly, it is the …. oh damn it is that orange guy and his damn twitter account changing reality again. Today we need to hate everyone that is left handed and shorter than 5’8″, seems we must round them up as they are draining the economy by demanding lifts in their shoes. It is all very confusing, hopefully we will get another tweet soon and .. oh … one is coming in as we speak, they are OK now, more to come I am sure. Where is the girl with Kaleidoscope eyes when you need her?